Not liking new updates on pc

What’s with the healing? Literally everyone just has infused aloe potions lmao… what’s the point of having all these recipes and food and herbal when they do nothing now . The devs really don’t know how to balance a game the game has some problems and they create big ones after each update … it’s very simple fixes that need to be done and they just make it worse and worse each idea at a time


I agree, would be nice for food etc. to have more purpose in the game, I just use aloe potions now and spam whatever food is around at the time :sweat_smile: I do believe it was mentioned that they were going to do an overhaul though so “fingers crossed” xD

Hi Franszn, you are posting in the “Suggestions” section so what is your suggestion exactly. You seem to know how to balance the game better than the developers so please enlighten us.


Narelle that wasn’t very helpful. Thumbs down.


Hey Franszn,

I have moved this thread to the General Discussions subforum, as it provides general feedback and does not seem to explicitly provide a suggestion. Your thread will be seen regardless.

It was suprisingly blunt but Narelle was correct no actual suggestion here. So heres mine.

I like the Out of immediate combat mechanic of Bandages. If anythign I’d have those a bit more potent but I get the idea.

The issue as was pointed out is that only the most potent Heal potions are now used and they are not fit for purpose given the damage out put of some monsters (lets not even talk aggresive modded creatures!!)

So I propose adding a “Healign multipler” to server settings. Keep the mechanics but allow each server owner an abilty to adjust the local potency of the various helaing itmes - including food.

Though I do agree Food has really been rendered pretty lackluster by this change but that I suspect would be best delat with in it sotwn thread.

Your thoughts good people?


Had the OP made the distinction they had been talking about their particualr game: then yes, as a server admin with an idea of what I wish to achive I absolutly DO know how to balance my iteration of the game better than the Developers. This I fancy was the DEVS intent when they released Server settigns for us ot fiddle with hence the thrust of my suggestion above.

I have also formed the opinion that “Updates” come out peicemeal with inadequate consideration of how they will have “knock on” effects further down the road. SO yes I wholley support the OP’s point if not the exact way they made it.

Funcom have given me a shocking feelign that they really are pretty close to clueless about how individual updates will affect current games. This may not be thier intention, but without the promise that more fixes/balance chnages to follow shortly it is leading to things gong out of whack in one direction then when finally rebalanced they go out of whack in another!

The process just feels horribly rushed and ill thought out at present. If more information was forthcoming - in the specific - this could be much more easily coped with.

So I futher Suggest that it would be a good idea for any future plans to rebalce food use be set out someplace so we can get the overall picture of the Developers intent with thiese game play tweaks.


@Caswallon this hasn’t hit consoles yet but I like your idea of a server setting for private servers. This is going to take a bit to get used to for sure.

For what it’s worth, I like the new healing system. The out of combat aspect of the bandages (or emergency bleed stop) makes ‘sense’ to me. As for the aloe potions - I pretty much only use the cheap ones, they do me fine. Sure, the food aspect needs a bit of re-working, but I believe Funcom has already stated an intent to do just that.

One area that I do feel could do with ‘something’ is healing followers between combats. At the moment, if a follower takes a large amount of damage, even with the best foods it can take a while for them to heal back up. Sure you can feed them potions, but even that is a relatively small amount of healing in comparison to the sorts of hp levels thralls have. I’d like to see something like potions having a proportionate effect on thralls health - if a potion would heal around 25% of a players HP, then have it heal around 25% of a thrall’s hp. I understand the need to nerf the healing arrows - being able to top up that much healing during combat is going to cause problems - but I still feel like we need some sort of suitable out of combat healing for followers as well as players. (Obviously there could be other ways to get that effect, it wouldn’t have to be potions, just something that will be reliably unusable in combat but reduce the waiting time between combats.)


There is a difference though between balancing the game for your server and balancing the game for all modes. I had no issue with the old healing meta, it was cheesy but it was easy. However, I also acknowledge that some are looking for more challenge and healing to full in a matter of seconds with no penalty whatsoever was not ideal for pvp. So my point, if you are unhappy with the healing system this is fine but instead of ranting (like op) you may want to tell the developers what will make it better for you (just the way you did now in your post).


To be clear, I liked the old system too, nothing wrong with fun and easy in my view. And I don’t deny that the newer healing system could be tougher for some - I’d guess it all depends on things like preferred ways to fight etc. I guess I’m one of the ‘lucky ones’ that found the changes positive (for me), but would have been just as happy with it if it hadn’t changed.

A very pertinent point. A fully levelled top tier thrall in decent gear will have now what? Around 10000 hit points?? Or let me rephrase that to illustrate the issue now brought in by the changes - about 10x what a maxed out player can dream to have…

So some mechanic to allow out of combat healign to have a proportionate effect is a definite necessity I would say. The fact there currently is none is the sort of thing that has made me think Funcom is not considering the knock on effects of thier “rebalances”

I mean if they are and its in the works for heavens sake SAY SO, but this is a perfect example of how the changes have skewed other things to my mind.

I like the bandages having a long enough emote to make them usually out of combat items. 100% on board with that as a mechanic. SO how about making a bandage to a thrall roughly 10X as effective so we do not the situation (this is actually what has happend to me) w have a fight that lasts 2 mins and then spend 20 minst activly spamming heal arrows etc to bring our companions back to full health.

That was BOREING but the Thralls had proved they were the ONLY way my companion and I could do that (admitedly Modded) content.

Making your players frustrated and bored is a good way to loose them Funcom. No thats not intended as a veiled threat or any such nonsense, merely observed behaviour. I play games for fun when the Fun drops off I play less then eventually not at all. I submit therefore annoying your playerbase with incomplete mechanics is a very bad idea indeed.

Had we seen faster tweaks to the system or a more detailed roadmap I suspect this would have been flagged sooner.

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Well it used to be fun to go and get all the food recipes and cook up special things after you went and farmed the needed things to make it of course but now why bother getting the recipes or taking the time to farm the ingredient’s and making the food as its all about the same a hit point or two difference so taking the fondness out of food and not saying a freaking thing about when or if it will even be worth cooking again, they just drop the update on us and keep lips shut about if ever be worth while to cook again or what is going on.

NO I do not hate the new system it works ok but it takes the fun and need out of all those top tier recipes and no reason to really bother to use them.

Really why bother running to find the Aloe soup recipe if all it gives you is like a hit point or two in health when used. I really used to enjoy the cooking system but now not much use at all.


I’m not a fan of solving problems with server settings tbh. Its like “look, we want the game to be like this, and if you don’t like it, make your own server and change the intended game design” which doesn’t sound good. That already excludes officials from changes (not that officials are desireable servers to play, but you get the idea).

Hopefully food will become more useful later on, although i find hard to think of a way of making this right. Will food items give different stat boosts? Potions do that. What about food tiers? Certain foods are much easier/simpler.

On a side note, the thing i expected most was to be able to cancel your bandage animation. It always feels terrible to be locked in place. Yes, some games have these mechanics for balance reasons, but they at least try to make it less unconfortable. Some give you a special animation and make your camera go around your character, so you can at least see something different while its happening, and doesn’t feel like you should be playing instead of waiting. If we ever get this feature, naturally the way you heal with bandages should change, so you get a fixed amount of healing proportional to how long you let it happen - Cancelling it would result in less health restored

Completely with you there. Question is: Whats a good way to fix it?

They’ll never to a straight roll back thats obvious (Because it makes the most sence is easier and would be universally welcomed I suspect- But that imples they did something wrong theres no chance!).

There are SO MANY recipes here they could indeed have buffing efects but as you say thats also a function of potions so what can be there to make them different I wonder?

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I think the fix is to delete the food recipes (just have some basic ones), delete them from the wiki, and just gaslight the community that they never existed. Seriously people are way too hung up on some items pretty much only RPers should be using.

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Did you try 40 Vitality ?

Possibly add a trader that exchanges the higher end food for other goods or something?
Bit more on the RPG side than survival though but might get players interested in finding and making the recipes again :slight_smile:

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I think its implied that the old food system was fine, with higher tiered foods healing more then low tiered.

Coming in and saying the new system is terrible and not well thought out nor tested tells me that the OP was happier with the old system. Come to think of it, I dont know that many that are happy with the new system…especially since it makes alot of the old content less valuable.


I like the new healing system, we really needed to get rid of the instant healing during combat, but at the same time the food and drinks system needs a bit more reasons to be used, it doesn’t have to be buffs for fighting, but something perhaps less useful, but unique and maybe entertaining :slight_smile: