Healing Suggestions and Fixes

I’m all for balance and all that. But after playing solo for a number of hours and seeing how it works, honestly a lot of changes need to be made.

The whole “stop regen when hit in combat” seems overly excessive. I mean, the food or potion is in your stomach, it’s not just going to suddenly stop working because of a jarring impact.

Rather than that, it seems like there needs to be a cooldown applied.


  1. No eating food during combat.
  2. Potions can be used, but there is a 60s cooldown timer that starts once you chug one.

It’s hardly like it’d break the game or anything.

There should be a mechanic with beds or bedrolls that allow you to sleep to recover. With a bedroll giving you x amount of HP regen over 1-3 minutes, and a bed giving you two or three times that amount over the same period.

It’s just not very fun dealing with health regen at all in this game. Especially not when you are lower level and having completely crappy options like standing around 5 minutes slowly eating ten fish.


Im afraid I must disagree with the no food during combat aspect. Not being able to eat food during combat would further disadvantage new and lower level players. They cant even craft a Firebowl Cauldron until level 15. Moreover, this would render the Gluttonous Gains perk virtually useless.

But while we are discussing healing suggestions, I have one. While I am glad that healing has returned for the Golden Lotus Potion, I genuinely feel that it is not sufficient. It seems that even an Aloe Extract Potion provides better healing. Given the level and requirements needed to unlock it, and the difficulty of obtaining the ingredients compared to the Aloe Extract, it just feels innadequate. Put it this way, I brewed a batch after their healing was restored, to try it. However, after they ran out I immediately went back to the Aloe Extract, and have not brewed a single Golden Lotus Potion since. I mean what is the point of even making it, if it is already made redundant long before it is even unlockable? Sorry, I dont like to complain… :confused:

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Give this man a medal!

This has been asked since early access, it was even asked to have a eating animation that would unequip your weapons while you eat, like in other games like ark, rust, scum, dayz, and we got the “stopped healing” mechanic instead.

Honestly, I wish the system were just scrapped entirely.

Realism doesn’t often work in games.

The simplest method is to just go with what has already been established by games like World of Warcraft and the like.

Apply a cooldown to eating and a separate one for potions and just let it go at that.

I like the animation idea. But maybe make it off hand. This would work to reduce the 2H metas some if you want to eat/drink and stay armed with 1h or mining tools.


Ideally, a lot of fixes should be made based around the “hands” system, that seems to be in place here.

  1. Dragging Thralls through Water
    –Why can’t you simply tie the end of the bindings to your “belt/waist” to drag them, freeing up hands so you can swim with them instead of building bridges.

  2. Bandages
    –These need to be reworked completely. After applying a bandage and tying it off, you should be able to move and regen. It’s utterly insane that you have to stand in place for them to work and completely unrealistic. Same with having to completely take off shield and weapons in order to even apply them.

We need a Combat Bandage, that takes up 1H and basically acts as a pressure/compression bandage, holding it over the wound with a slow healing regen for a minute or so per bandage. More importantly, you can move while doing this, no reason you shouldn’t be able to.

  1. Light Sources
    –Seems beyond time that we need a waist slot for accessories. You could equip the Thrall Binding there, as listed above, to drag them while freeing your hands. You could also then craft a small lantern to shed some light around you, similar to a torch, but a little weaker, for exploring dark areas without the need to use a torch instead of a shield or weapon.

The animation idea is good for eating, but honestly the cooldown is more worthwhile because you don’t have to strip weapon/shield in mid-fight to cram food in your mouth, which I mean, let’s be honest, seems like it breaks the immersion greatly.

I mean, think about some of the great action scenes out there.

Luke Skywalker fighting Darth Vader in Cloud City. Oh wait…pause father, I need to take a second to chug my blue milk and recover.
any Metal Gear Solid during the finale epic fist-fights. Oops. Pause to let me eat a ration.

The problem at the core is using food as the primary method of healing. Food should logically only be eaten while traveling or at your base/camp. Not for combat.

What we need are more of the drinks that heal, medicinal things like the Aloe. Something you could chug fairly quickly.

But above all, the stopped regen from damage, needs to be killed. Immediately.

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I think taking a thrall across water is in next official patch due in 2-3 weeks.

On the topic of dragging a thrall, i would like more use out of the camel. Maybe you can drape a thrall across it after knocking it out. And have greater camel to hold 3.

For the other things regarding food, i agree. There should be more potions that heal, and food is only for consumption. Just make Aloe edible, so you can eat a leaf at very low level (under 15), the aloe potion at mid level (under 40), and aloe soup at end game level. And instead of a 1 time hit to regen, it adds a regen over time effect. IE, HP gain per second (based on Tier), over 5 minutes, stack able up to 10 times (so 50 minute bonus regen perk), .If you have 3 vit, then it adds on to it. It kicks in like the current regen system.
Gold lotus and such should be for health burst, and must be consumed with the off hand, and it regens super quickly, with a slight hyper armor for the firs 15 seconds.

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