No healing from food?

Multiplayer, online, private server, no mods, default everything.

Did healing from food get removed? Was not getting any healing from misc foods I tried…

It’s not gone, gone, it’s just so slow from food that it’s barely noticeable. There are other means of healing for you to discover, and it won’t take long :slight_smile:

Think Aloe to start and look at your schematics.

Enjoy the thrill of discovery !



Please clarify… when satiated there is a very minor buff. That is not the same as getting healing from consuming food. Eat, look at status and there’s no healing effect. So was it removed or is this a bug?

Food now gives sated buff which is low regen over long period of time. It is intended. Wraps+potions are the new way to heal.

Some foods which had double effect (food+potion) give sated + regen but I am hoping for them to be fixed (animation added). Aloe Soup + Herbal Tea are probably the only ones that slipped through and not working as intended. For the moment they provide burst heal with no penalties.

Ambrosia also provides a heal over time with no animation. Not sure if that’s intended or not.

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Thanks for the heads-up.

Aloe soup and Herbal tea still heal as before, making the new bandages/aloe potions usless.

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@GodlyVoice @helium3 It has been passed to the devs to look into it. Thank you for bringing it up.

Odd, I tried aloe soup and got nothing. Hmm. Guess that’s why it’s test live XD.

Lol. I’ve been leveling up on testlive and just haven’t gotten to aloe soup and herbal tea yet.

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Funcom, can we get another pass at food? I’m actually quite ok with the lack of healing from food, but we have a plethora of choices for food and drink, and most are now effectively for show. Why not have foods do something commensurate with their difficulty/time to craft? I.E. have lasting meals provide a buff for 30 minutes that reduces your exposure to thirst and hunger? IDK, just spitballin here but there’s gotta be a way to make all these wonderful choices actually useful.


Please yes please

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Yeah. There are only a few foods that do something useful at this point. Though I suppose the options are there for rp and flavor.

Personally, I like walling myself in with a well, a compost bin and and a vault full of branches and living off bug kabobs until the branches run out.


Why wouldn’t they be working as intended?

Herbal Tea and and Aloe Soup both provide lower healing which is stopped by taking damage while the heal from potions will persist through any damage, after the animation is complete.

Why would anyone use the potions or bandages if they can just slot aloe soup and use that in combat without any penalty?

No one will ever use bandages, because they are still trash.

Potions heal for more, persist through damage, and last longer. The animation isn’t that long, and it would be easy to disengage long enough to use one.

I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use Tea and/or Soup along with potions to stack the effects.

I don’t really understand why they changed the food healing system. Crafting expensive foods like the feast of derketo was a very good tradeoff for having to gather lots of things and then combine them into a strong healing item
But now? I don’t see a reason why I should ever craft other food than the savory cooked meat from gazelles. There is barely any point to make all the others that require a long crafting process and stuff from several different sources.

As it is now, there isn’t a reason to craft a specific food unless it provides some other effect (like cleansing brew), you need it for warming or cooling or you want to use it for leveling a thrall or pet.

Ok, so idk what was going on with me last time i tried it, but i triple checked aloe soup and herbal tea again, and this time they worked at providing a huge amount of healing. this has to be an oversight. makes no sense for food/drink to not heal except those two when considering the rest of the healing overhaul.

I also notice, Lasting Meal is now Lasting Feast, and Violet Cureall is not Violet Curative. Wonder what else has been tweaked…

There’s some weird new stuff showing up in alters.

But yeah, it makes no sense for aloe soup to heal so much based on the other changes they’ve made.