Lets talk about cooking!

I vote for the Herbal Tea and Aloesoup to give healing again!

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I’ve noticed recipes sometimes drop from the thralls at wild surges, keep an eye on the dead thrall inventory.

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I got the Aloe Soup Recipe, was super excited…gathered all the mats made 200 right away, to find out it just gives the Sated buff. Yup there is no point to it now, completely worthless, and it even says “Healing” as a effect still. So I agree it should give healing.

Could be a bug.

It’s not really a bug perse. More like an oversight.

They went and changed the function of food from a healing item to a more passive role with the sated buff. Not a bad idea, IMO, but as far as I know they didn’t do anything to replace the healing part. So every food that doesn’t buff a stat somewhere has just been reduced to the lowest common denominator. Meaning things like aloe soup is about as useful as shredded roast now.

Would be nice if the different dishes got some attention so they all had some good reason to use them over plain dog meat charred in a campfire.


I dont like what they did, I think food should heal but just nerf the healing. As it is food is largely pointless as they effectively removed it from the game.

As you say, there really is no reason to eat anything but bugs or raw meat as cooking is a waste of time beyond role playing for example.

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Yeah, I don’t like that all food is the same now, I feel like it removed a lot from the game. If they don’t want food to give healing, then have food give something along with the sated buff. Like a +1 or a +2 to a stat, or a +1 to multiple stats for as long as your hunger stays green.

Of course, rarer food should be the only one to give +1 to multiple stats. And the tier 1 food can give small boosts like it does for the thralls – based on the diet you give them, you can influence which stats have a higher chance to levelup. Something like that would work just as well.

The best foods could give things like additional stamina regen or even damage mitigation. It’s such a loss to make it all linear. It’s either +1 healing / +3 healing / +7 healing. That’s really watered down.


The good news is that the devs did comment that the hunger/thirst system is something they want to overhaul because it hasn’t been touched for years. So the way I’m viewing it is food is definitely a bit meh right now, but it’s probably not going to stay this way.

AFAIK there is also a slight difference between the value of different tiers of food, with the best stuff healing a bit more. But there does definitely need to be a lot more variety within that, or some other effects, to make the cooking worthwhile again. (And yeah, aloe soup is a particular disappointment - it was great before, now it’s just watery green soup, lol)

Lets not act like 95% of food wasn’t already RP related.
Aloe soup, herbal tea, Hearty Stew were the main easy crafted foods, the rest was useless as far as healing goes.

Now if they work on it, then maybe it will change. But food is mainly about filing hunger (and aloe still gives 10 points in thirst back) so it is still useful with the new thirst/hunger changes as far as temp goes.

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I have dropped about 2 or 3 recipes also from slaves.

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