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Hi everyone,

The new changes to healing are great!!! However there is a minor thing that I really dislike : now there is absolutely no point in cooking anything since the Sated buff is the exact same for all types of food, so you can just eat insects and that’s enough. Maybe there is something that i’m missing, but apart from making gruel for thralls and keeping you from starving, now cooking feels useless.

My suggestion: Either provide the Sated buff with cooked food only and make is last longer - the better the food, the longer it lasts.

To make the cooking aspect of the game more useful, the market place at Sepermeru could serve as trading meals for gold. Heck, there could even be some free stands for players to sell stuff for gold directly to other players. I feel like things like this would bring more player interaction options (other than just slaughtering each other)

Higher tier food now heals more after today’s patch. Cooking is really useful now.

Savory Feast heals 7 health every 3 seconds. 10 with vitality perk.




You get the sated buff for all foods but you get more hp/s dependent on what you eat. Bugs will give you tiny, tiny amounts while feasts do a lot more.

Jimbo unless you are referring to the effect after the most recent patch, this runs counter to essentially every single piece of feedback I have read thus far. It is what the whole uproar surrounding cooking is; the facted that Gruel and a Honey provide the same flat rate of Sated buff as Feast of Derketo and Roast Haunch. Hence people are now questioning why they would even bother to craft high tier Specialist Cooking recipes when they can just get the same effect from a Handful of Insects or Desert Berries.

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I am not. This is also how it worked yesterday, and the day before.


First of all, thank you all for the feedback. I feel like this Sated buff feature lacks clarity in the Update Patch notes, and could use some testing, which I will do if I feel like it.

Also I know that they buffed the Sated buff yesterday, however I did not know there were different kinds of Sated effects (which would make perfect sense) and in a general way, this whole thing could use a lot more transparency, e.g. in the item descriptions.

Jimbo, thanks for your answer. However, you would probably know that answers like that are not helpful and borderline patronizing, it would be nicer to prove your point with at least some link, testing video or information on the matter.

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Hi again all,

After some testing, it seems like Jimbo is right.
Different meals do provide different effects. The handful of insects provides 1 health regen every 3 seconds, while the feasts provide a whopping 17 HP per 3 second buff. This is awesome, and it is the way it should.

A few things to consider:

  • It seems like eating another type of food doesn’t refresh the Sated buff, so you need to let it expire in order to apply a stronger one. E.g. if you eat insects and right after that you eat a feast, the feast is wasted.

  • Yog’s Purified Flesh is now the exact same as grilled steak, so it’s not really worth it. As a religion, Mitra is even stronger now, since Ambrosia works like a potion without the animation AND can stack with almost all other healing sources.

  • Abysmal Flesh is not as good as before - 7HP/3s, no additional healing - the exact same as exquisite meat.

As a whole, this change is amazing, makes a lot of sense and just misses a few tweaks (e.g. eating another type of food should refresh the buff) apart from that good job Funcom :slight_smile:


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