Alo Soup changed

What happened to the Alo Soup?! Why does it give the same healing as a fat bug? I take a small break from the game and when I get back the complex foods are worthless. What in the hell happened?

Food as healing potions was too powerful (especially on horseback) so all food is just sating you. Use potions and wraps for real healing (but they lock you into animation).

The same reason that Ambrosia and Purified Flesh now confer the same healing values as as a bowl of gruel, human flesh or a handful of insects. Its values were adjusted, but it was over adjusted.


I wouldn’t even say they adjusted the values. They straight up changed the paradigm for how healing works in the game. I personally like the new approach, but I realize that it’s not for everyone.


I can agree, @helium3

As feedback for it, I can see where some foods should have more of a benefit, but to be honest, it probably shouldn’t be the amount healed, but in how long it leaves you sated. Right now, I think all food only leaves you sated for 60 seconds, and lasting feasts, aloe soup and high quality foods could stand to last 5-10 minutes (interrupted by damage as normal).

There was nothing wrong with how food was working. There was also nothing wrong with how fighting worked. Is the new lead director high?

Mitra I don’t believe would approve of these changes.

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I feel that my post has been somewhat misunderstood here. Either that or you are playing on semantics. What I am trying to convey is that: Ambrosia and Purified Flesh now confer the SAME healing values as gruel, human flesh and a handful of insects (ie- 3hp per second). Furthermore, I never suggested that I dont like the changes to how food works. What I am saying is that a hallowed item conjured directly by a God, and which requires both combat and crafting time to obtain, should heal more than berries or a handful of bugs, which only require the player to hit a bush with a stone tool. In other words, ambrosia and purified flesh should offer more than hp per second than 3 hp/second.


Nor Yog for that matter; it may encourage dietary changes among his devout. :wink:

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Hey, long time no see! Welcome back :slight_smile:

Wasn’t really a small break, because the healing changes have been in the game for a while now. I like some of the changes they made, dislike some others, but I can’t argue with people who say that complex recipes suck now, because they’re right. I hope Funcom eventually picks up the cooking again and gives it some love.

That said, don’t hold your breath wishing for them to roll back these changes, 'cause it ain’t happening.


This food is blessed by none other than the gods themselves! Food of the gods you say ?! What wonderous and glorious power should we expect from food wtih such august presence ?! …um nothing special really… ???

I dunno, I didn’t really notice any difference. I liked it the way it was 13 months ago when I first started playing and I like it now. It’s fine. Although if the changes happened prior to that, like I say I don’t really notice any difference. A feast type meal will heal you to 100% from near dead in about 15 seconds, will fill your thirst meter to 100% instantly, and can be used on horseback. Meh, good enough… and the recipe is either built-in with advanced stoves or comes with a T3 cook. I’m good! :slight_smile:

@Croms_Faithful, everything you said would be true if the gods really represented the supreme irresistible force that actively participates in the game.
However, we see that these gods are just monsters who, during incarnation, sometimes cannot destroy even a simple structure.
Accordingly, we see that the ‘sacred’ weapon is not the most powerful, that the ‘sacred’ armor is not the most protective. That is, the gods have nothing to do with it, they are just objects of priestly cult. So why should ‘sacred’ food be different from other food?


All of them has a minute sated status AFAIK. But the HP regen is different, feast range from somewhere from 13 to 17 per every 3 seconds.

Well, as even the game tells you those are NOT the gods themselves. They are simply avatars of the gods conjured by mere mortals and thus would not possess the full power of the gods. The gods are also not “monsters”. Some of them can be considered to be monstrous, yes. But they are not mere monsters.


It is not so important whether they show all the power in the game or only a part. What they demonstrate is very unconvincing - that’s what matters. Their ‘blessing’ in weapons and armor is purely symbolic.
PS For comparison: read the legends about Vishnu’s avatar - Krishna. Complete omnipotence. Ruler of the universe in a human body. This is a real God)))))

I don’t want a roll back per say. I just don’t get why they butchered combat and food. Food is good but it’s not a potion. I get that. However a spoon full of peanut butter is not equal to a literal feast.

Yes animation canceling isn’t realistic but nether is being locked in a pose after every swing for so long the other guy has time to stand up, dust himself off, make a cup of tea, and the hit you back.

Overall both food and combat feel significantly worse then they did before. And I’m not even talking about PvP. Even PvE feels clunky and janked.

And it isn’t in Conan Exiles, either. There are different tiers of food, but the difference is just not that big or noticeable.

The sated buff that you get from food regenerates N health every 3 seconds, where N depends on the food. So, for example, a handful of insects will regen 1 hp / 3 s, some cooked abysmal flesh will regen 7 hp / 3 s, a lasting feast will regen 13 hp / 3 s, and a feast of Jhebbal Sag will regen 17 hp / 3 s.

Those are the differences. I do wish food were more differentiated and had a variety of other effects, but I always wish for stuff like that :smiley:


For me the straight up broke food, I don’t need dozens of recipes if the effect is minimal


Also yeah how you been?