Healing Rebalance is Amazing

I cannot be happier how grisly and intense combat feels now with this change. Its made weapons that knockback or cripple infinitely better to give you some precious time to heal.

Straight up feels like the Estus Flask from Dark Souls, I love it!


My server has the opposite feeling, everyone hates it, it takes way to long to heal up after every fight, just a massive time sink just to say its a time sink. Bandages weight more than a brick of iron, lock you in an animation, dont heal near enough for all the drawbacks. Food is now useless, might as well remove it from the game.



Thats the internet. Never stop being the internet, internet.

No matter what a game dev does, he will get yelled at. And people will use words like worthless.

Its definitely not easy mode. Its made our solo players mad because they can’t solo the game as easily anymore and hard games are not something many people like.

I like hard games (dark souls player here) so to me the changes are good. Also the pvp players seem to enjoy the changes as well so far from what i’ve read (not all of them, there are a good chunk annoyed that they can’t just spam a heal button to get their hp back anymore, they have to disengage, and that upsets them)


Our server finds the new healing mechanic to be a burden. Passive healing after leaving combat is now gone and makes healing a boring chore that takes away from the fun of playing. Give us something that lets a person heal slowly while sleeping on a bedroll or bed (might give some actual reason to create a better bedroll if the healing were slightly better). Having to carry healing items that weigh more than construction materials is not cool either. And what is the use of food now? To become sated so that you can earn back 10 points of health before the sated buff disappears? Food is an unnecessary anchor now. No, the new Healing system is not Amazing. It’s a pain in the ■■■ and I see it leading to a lot of people moving on to other, more enjoyable, experiences.


its just different… they need time to … adjust to the change however the starting game is horse sh it… where the late game is god like. a new clan of 10 gets wipe by 1 level 60 because they heal 1 point of hp every 3 seconds but the 60 can heal crazy amounts… shoot don’t even have to move let em all hit ya don’t mater…
kinda make the starting game that much slower but can level quickly… level 20 in a hour solo on pvp in the new map…meh same sh it different way of doing it

I find that the new healing is a shocking alteration to previous game play. People will get used to it in time I am sure, but because it is such a stark contrast to the old system it is not easy to quickly adapt to it. I feel that it has made healing a much longer process with more down time.

I play on PVE so all this really doing is causing more of a time sink. Not much reason to disengage so the mobs you are fighting have a reprieve on a PVE server. This makes fighting things more of a chore than an adventure.

I am all for challenging and rewarding, or consequential game play mechanics. Especially on PVE games, but IMHO this is neither challenging or rewarding. Eating during a battle and trying not to get hit so you can heal was much more challenging and if you succeeded it was rewarding. What is the reason to need to wait longer to heal from a bandage in between fighting different mobs? What is the new challenge or reward from that? The only thing that has changed that I can see it the time it takes to initiate the next fight based on your health percentage.
And as for the food system, why have all the different types of food now? They have become redundant for the most part. At least change it up so different foods give different buffs or status. Maybe have different timers for the sated effect or something. It seams like such a waste to the food system now IMHO.

And lastly please change the weight of the bandages. The weight makes no rime or reason. It is one of the few ways to heal now and you can’t carry a decent supply to use from. Juts another pointless hurtle for the player to overcome.
Thanks for the game our family has enjoyed it for over a year now!


I was not happy at first, but it’s just a new mechanic to adapt to. Potions for combat. Wraps for after. Leave Leroy Jenkins to his chicken.


Exiles Survival Server fully supports new healing mechanics

Good morning @everyone. This is a beta/test live at the moment. Funcom will likely fix the bandages weight and tweak the use of healing supplies .


you’re on some good stuff if you think the changes to healing was anything but negative

fights are now nothing but hit and run. if you need a heal, you have to leave the fight and hope they don’t leash & regen before you get back. if they catch you while bandaging, you’re gonna eat it. the ability to stop healing would be something but NOT desirable over healing while in the fight.

fighting more then 2 targets at once becomes unrealistic fast.

note: i don’t use thralls to fight my battles


Yeah I am not a fan of the new healing system, food feels useless now. like why make an exotic feast when Gruel does the same exact thing or just get a bee hive because a stack of honey last a really long time and eating honey does the exact same thing as the feast …so whats the point in the higher tier foods?


That’s IMHO, the main issue. “Feels”

Funcom, pretty please ! Do communication ! (Not the locomotion, communication)

How does the system now work ? New players will guess how it works, others, the majority, will be bored in 4s more or less. Same issue with armours, same issue with food. In the 90’s we had TFM. When we bought a game, we just had to RTFM to get the main mechanics. When there was an overall to a system we just have to RTFM to know what changed.
Nowadays there no need for printed manuals but, at least, when you completely overall a system, here, to force people to use survival stat. Please describe how things work with detail. Like when we had the good old manual in the 90’s. :slight_smile:

Now I just have to create a mod to modify wraps (edit : bandages is not english) (weights and recipes)

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My main issue is the fact that now even more food items became obsolete. Before there were many food items that were just too expensive and hard to craft and then didn’t even give much healing, now even the highest tier of food, like the feast of derketo, is kinda useless because as it was said above, gruel or honey have almost the exact same effect. The feast might have the regeneration buff for a short amount of time but if you compare the amount of items you need for this item and the amount of items / effort you need to craft gruel or even honey, the high quality food item becomes heavily overpriced and barely does anything new.
And yeah, the expiration time is also out of proportion now, gruel and honey last for ages while being crafted near instantly, the other food items still only last an hour or so.

This should be rebalanced, the high tier food items should heal more but maybe as a drawback, give them a longer animation. Simple things like a steak get eaten as fast as you drink a potion while the feasts (who have a plate and a chalice on their icons) would take maybe as long as bandaging, by having the character eat from a plate and take a sip from the chalice.


Neither do I. Aloe extract works just fine to heal during a fight.

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I’ve always used the aloe soup and it works just fine. Also healing arrows still work.

I always found the poke, run around while spamming the roasted haunch and potion combo to heal up in milliseconds “tactic” cheap. And sadly what I’ve seen on youtube or other video platforms, 99% of the players do this runaround thing instead of intense head-to-head combat. So it’s a good thing, spices up the game even in single player, and makes more sense.
But on the other hand, making the high grade foods equal to a single fat grub is a bit ‘overbalancing’. Of course, you can’t just sit down in a middle of a gang war and consume a feast, but I hope the devs will give more than 2HP/3s sated regeneration to them precious foods.

Healing arrows still work for you? Because on our server they barely do anything for us or thralls now

You mean standing in front of each other and spamming right click ?

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oh was this planned? I figured something just got broken during the update cause surely removing all the healing from foods can’t be right? All these different types of foods that offer different healing are now all useless?

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They work, not as well as before, but still help. Looks like they cut the timer in half.