Healing needs a nerf...or weapons need a buff

Playing around with a friend today with damage and healing…with the meat you get from the last boss in dregs it is possible to outheal any incoming damage somebody does. We tried spears, bows, swords…everything. If you spec fully into vitality it’s even more insane how much you can face tank in pvp, combine this with the fact that potions/bandages and other various forms of healing dont share a cooldown of any kind with this meat and you can literally be unkillable 1v1…please for the love of god tell me this won’t make it to live. Healing needs to have a cooldown on it unless you leave combat for an extended period of time(5 min would be good). They use this idea in various other games and it works perfect. This won’t mean you cant heal in combat just that you can’t heal as often…so if you are losing you will have to run off(which is a whole other issue) and heal.

Edit: This was at level 60 with non epic armor and legendary weapons btw

one more pvp expert, welcome…

healing is bugged atm as it is supposed to be cancelt if you get hit and bandages shouldent even work while moving


^^ this

Healing rebalance TestLive Patch Notes (03.05.2018)

Reduced the effect of the Receptive perk (Vitality 40) from +100% healing to +25% healing
Healing potions now take 10s to heal, increased from 5s. Total healing remains the same
Regeneration from healing potions now breaks on taking damage
Bandage healing does not break on damage and removes bleeds and cripples at the end of the effect
Bandage healing now breaks on movement
Bleeds now stack up to 20 times and lasts for 20s. Up from 10 stacks and 10 seconds. Bleed damage scaling per stack reduced
Removed drop from greylotuspotion that overrode healing
Removed over-the-top-healing from the grey lotus potion that overrode healing
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None of that dressed food however. The healing you receive from the cooked meat of the last boss in dregs is insane…even without specing in the vitality perk at all, so even a 25% bonus will still be too much. As for the damage causing healing to stop…it’s not like it’s hard to dodge and run while you heal. Personally i think a cooldown on healing abilities would better address the issue although at least they are trying.

Try Testlive. A speck (other word was censored weirdly, must a different meaning in another language) of damage removes healing except for bandages, but bandages require them to stop moving and not have a weapon out for the entire duration or it cancels.

If people are dodging and running, use cripples to stop them.

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lol you have to hit them to cripple them…it’s insanely easy to avoid damage in this game…one roll and ur at a far enough distance to run and heal…i know how to play, that isn’t the issue…the problem is the balance…i did try testlive and the meat still heals too much…making a person nearly unkillable. They need a cooldown end of story…that way once u heal you can’t heal again for a certain period of time.