Damn that healing nerf hurts


the more stuff you folks do to this game the more and more you pigeon hole us into all the same roles and builds

archery dead
no explanation needed

wearing anything other than heavy dead
huge nerf to healing and any damage in combat disables healing

building in the open dead
purge will tear you a new one if you dont log on all day every day

using basic attacks dead
everything knocks back if you dont use hyper armor, which adds to the fact you have to wear heavy since wearing light will hurt very hard very fast and cant heal since of other nerfs… triple dagger in our back

stats…so much here so much dead stats
survival, accuracy, agility, all basicly useless or so undervalued/no dual role/just poor perks vs combat

so basicly
heavy armor with a two hander or axe for hyper armor, no bows or thrown weapons, and drop all stats into str vit grit endur or have a very gimped time in game


lining this release up for a full epic fail, to bad you cant push release back another 4 months an fix everything

taking bets on how long before server shutdowns

just speak for yourself.
Seems to me that you just play PVP?

I dont see this kind of issues expect the archer is much harder now.
Dont expect an easy hack and slay adventure in the barbarian lands :wink:

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thats the problem this forces the easy way, im not one for pvp, i love me some pve on a pvp server tho

so ill be armored to the teeth using a big two hander chopping things and eating 24/7 to cope with all the nerfs, i can go smack around a big dragon no problem and kill it, just now it takes like 10 times longer due to an uneeded buff that is a nerf since its not like they also upped its drops or harvested items also by 10x

alot of ideas half baked and a whiplash of a buff or a nerf and then they dont touch it after the state they leave it in which in most cases is very unhealthy, they seem to be making pass after pass of tweeking things, almost to the good but then not or they do 50% of what is needed and ignore the problems it renders from those changes. like archery they nerf damage JUST so they can give 50% damage headshot perk, but didnt put enough damage into the accuracy stat itself, they see no one is happy with the nerf of damage, nor the combo attack, nor the heavy attack, NOR the speed of attack, nor the energy consumption, nor aiming change…but still it remains and instead there off to nerf something else

did you watch the dev stream about the combat? they said that they work on the balance. so maybe you jsut need to wait and see what will happen.

most issues with combat comes from PVP aspect of the game and I dont see that issue as big as you make it look. :face_with_monocle:

To me it seems like you have problems with using dodge mechanics.
Dunno what kind of PvP you did, but it was pretty low skilled from what i can read from you.

The healings nerf are great. I would even urge them to further NERF IT. There should be cooldown on using any sort of healing [with exclusion of normal food] so people can’t just spam heals.

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did you really play at this game ?

Archery dead ? what are saying, it is absolutly wrong, i even think that archery is much better than it was (+1000 in this game)

Wearing anything other than heavy dead ? Lol, i’m wearing intermediate armor, fighting in melee and i play in a hardcore server (pnj life *2, pnj damage *1.8, and everything at scale 1 for players damage, health, regen etc…)
I even much more love to fight in intermediate because i can better avoid attack, but some of my friend play in heavy just as tank. both is good

Building in open space dead ? Lol, wrong, but if you server has some bad purge control, yep it could be hard, it is not the game, but the server settings that may be are bad. Not a prob of conan but a prob of your server.

Using basic attack dead ? wrong, i’m using a combo of both heavy and normal attack, are you really playing this game ?

Stats dead ? seriously you are lying, stats control are much more better than it was and it is a real improvement to the game.

Concerning healing, it is much better than it was, and there is only one bug about a massive regen you can get at some times, when eating a special kind of meat, but i have no doubt that this will be changed very fast, and even if not, it isn’t preventing me to have a lot of fun atm.

Finally, +1000 hours in Conan, and at that time i came back with so much pleasure, i play in intermediate armor, with bow, sword and shield, swap in two handed some times when i don’t have the aggro, and i have so much fun !


I think you just need to change the way you approach the game. I won’t speak to archery as I do not use use it. Some claim it is broken, some say you just need to use it properly. I personally do not know.

I use Light Armor and Daggers/2 hand swords (I admit I have the Zamorian Thief set) I use whatever food and health pots I can craft, and I have no issues.

With Dagger, Left, left (clicks) Right, Dodge, reengage. Rinse repeat. I do not get hit, even when fighting three or more. This is all PvE, Sadly my life right now does not permit me to play on a PvP server.

2Hander - Kick, left, right, move on. Even if I am fighting 6 or more. Keep moving, use ALL of your abilities and win.

With the light set, I move fast, I can jump 2/3 of the way down a cliff and not take damage, my stam regens very quickly and I can get where I need to go really quickly.

So I would suggest, throwing in some kicks, keep moving, and play to your strengths. It takes some time but I find it a lot more fun being a whirl wind in the midst of several opponents rather than standing there trying to trade blows.

Also, and I don’t know if this is possible or just lag/fluke but I am certain I have jumped over attacks several times as I was re-positioning and got surprised. Again, not a consistent thing, but it has happened.

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Or you can learn to play.


Well… I think they forgot the second gamebreaking resource aside of our hitpoints.

Stamina should be included to that whole light → medium → heavy armor -circle.
So heavy protects our life, but light will protect our stamina.
This way, those two would counter each other out, as heavy will sacrifice stamina and light will sacrifice hitpoints.

But aside of that, heavy isnt as heavily gamebreaking.

That depends.
Sure; if you build on a hill/cliff which only has one natural entry (without climbing), that results in the whole base only needing one reinforced wall. (Like 2-3 rows of foundations with fencefoundations in between.)
On the other hand, if you build in the open, reinforcing the walls at all sides and put tons of archers to work, that might even help with purges.
→ instead of focusing on one single wall, the purge-enemies got a whole wall to destroy, splitting up in smaller forces, while archers will stay the same huge number. This might even be the better way to face purges.

Depends. If you time it correctly, going for light armor+daggers+light attacks might be the better way to fight. Just trading hits wont be good eighter way.

and way weaker compared to melee. (weaknesses: materials, stamina, HP (due to statinvestment), encumbrance (ammo-weight), slower, singlehit (except for avatars), endgame only, sole playstyle actually requiring a certain legendary… strenght: range)

That is true though, which is also why I stopped writing too much about archery and the gap between that and melee. (Not only damagewise.)

I think that would slowly go overboard. If it truly becomes a game for only the best players out there, one single copy would be needed to cost what? … 500 Euros each? (To make up for lost customers.)
Most people will be average skilled. And at least some of those need healing.

I wholeheartly disagree!
I would agree on light combo, but those “heavy” shots are 0 fun right now - plus heavy damage of bows is laughable when comparing it to light combo. But devs already told on devstream they are working to get something like the old mechanic of bows back. If that was combined with current light combo, it would be perfect.

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I dare you to fight me with a 2hander and no bow…

Archer is not a main spec and was never ment to be IMO. I have heard all kinds of horror stories based on the special snowflake that insists on using nothing but a bow. In two words, friendly fire. Problem is those kinds of snowflakes never listen to reason and insist they are Legolas incarnate. Even Legolas pulled out blades and melee most of the time.

Gone are the days you can climb a rock in PvP and dps with a bow while the rest of your team does all the real work. IMO bow is for special situations, clearing a thrall so you can plant explosives. Things along those lines.

Rico once said something like “everybody fights and if you don’t I’ll kill you myself”.

Well, if you are that experienced, and the game still does not work for you, perhaps this isn’t your game? Just a suggestion. You make a pretty comprehensive list of things you feel are broken/wrong and when counter points are made you restate the same thing or disregard valid points because they aren’t what yo want. At some point you have to consider; it may not be the game, it might just be you.

No offense.

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Just my two cents here. This was only one fight. I was in smelly ole leathers at LVL 21 and the other dude was 28 or 29, came at me with a mean-looking spear in rag-tag heavy+medium. My mace and tin targe wrecked his face. Luckily for him he was a higher Grit investment. Also lucky for him I don’t carry no little kid bow – Hyrkanian is my bottom floor. :smiley:

Just as one would rarely use a hunting rifle in combat, I leave the bow at home once I get the first perk. Still have 69 bone arrows left!

My comprehension is just fine, and I do not see the need for thinly veiled insults. All I am saying is heaps of people can make it work, you can’t. Do the math.

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Sounds like you have issues with strategy games and implementing solutions to solve the challenges presented before you. You’ll have to work for what you achieve in this game, and work hard.

Conan does not suffer whiners. Seek him not, for your words will fall upon deaf ears.

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