Lets talk about balancing

This is a crosspost from reddit about the silent nerf to the healing waterflask: Yep, nerf fun. Don’t fix actual issues. Force them to use a bandage system that sucks ass because we can’t listen to player feedback. Do they legit have no one in charge of balance? Heres a hint, you nerfed/buff thralls multple times, undermine that by making players feel frail, give us a regeneration system that multiplies that frailty, gives a “bugged” healing item that gives back player sturdiness, nerf that item, making them frail again. Come on, I get this is a “survival game” but its not a suffer or quit game. If you were going to nerf the waterskin, reduce the LOCKED time you have to take to regen via bandages. In no world, fake or real do you sit there bandaging while a rhino charges you saying, “welp, gotta make sure this last loop finishes”. No you dive out of the way. Any real designer would have set it up so either you lost a small percentage of the gradual heal you just did for moving or made them give you a slowing effect like potions. Im at a loss of words for how chaotic your design structure is.


the healing waterskin was nice while it lasted …now its just an item you put in a box and forget about or look at and remember when the game was just that bit more fun …if we could only bandage or chug a healing pot while running or fighting

Imagine a player, running around while doing PvP, with 8 such healing waterflasks. That would ruin the pvp experience and render aloe potions and bandages usless. That was a good nerf and the game is yet again balanced, as it should be. We’re still waiting for the horses and the cats.
The new healing system was implemented to speed up combat and not have 20 players chase each other for hours on the same spot. Learn to dodge, climb, swim, use your environment if you have to.
A fight between small groups should not last more than 10min.

Have to disagree on the good nerf. You can’t call something a healing water skin if it doesn’t heal. Why even add it? There has to be some kind of middle ground. The game is not only pvp.

You can balance this out with say weight … skins do what they originally were supposed to do but they are heavy … so the notion of carrying several of these means your weight issue becomes foreground… or hell … even. Put a cool down on their usage … there are a plethora of practical strategies you can apply here.

What is frustrating is funcom elude they have a master plan around healing and food … they’ve not implemented it nor have they really explained their reasons why … just wait and hold …

They have historically never finished what they start (ergo thrall limits for example … still not finished feature).

I don’t recall anyone ever saying out loud in large numbers “can we fix the heal systems” … so now they have picked this fight with the pvp audience we’re all baffled as to out of all the problems with this game … why this feature is the hill they choose to die on.

The product management and direction for Conan is utterly hap hazard and no clear experienced hand at the helm. Whom ever is running this direction is either incompetent or can’t focus on one thing at a time … ie shiny object syndrome

There is no hint of a visual roadmap for the game and players are left to just fumble around until “one day” a update may or may not occur … which again historically never happens.

So now we have more items in the game that have no purpose beyond random loot table drops and are ignored … yay …

Well, might be time to treat pvp and pve differently. As much as i understand the need for blancing in pvp, it plays out differently in pve. And btw, the new “healing system” made cooking completely obsolete, doesn’t matter if you eat grubs, aloe soup or gruel. If you need to cut out a whole base mechanic out of the game and dumb it down for pvp, then do that, but dont touch it on pve.

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