It's Nerf or Nothing


Last night I got the healing waterskin in a server, and I was really enjoying it. It was a really good alternative. Stacking it with food helped a lot. But people said it was OP and eventually it got nerfed.
Now instead of healing 3HP per second, lasting 10s, it heals 1HP, and lasts 1s.

A notable item I remember being majorly nerfed was the Lifeblood spear. I don’t know how much HP that healed, but it healed a chunk of health as long as you didn’t take damage, and you’d have to re-equip it again. It was handy on thralls too. And that ended up being useless because of a severe nerf.

People saying something is OP is just them thinking it’s too good to use, and needs to be balanced. Play on hard mode. Play something else. Funcom nerfed Sword of Crom too. They nerfed armor penetration on Annihilator. Just let us do what we want. I sound upset because I am.

People speak up about it and ruin the fun for everyone else. This has been an issue for a while with me, and I really wanted to address it. How many things have to be nerfed before people decide to stop?


Yeah this is kind of ridiculous. The healing waterskin was a nice alternative to aloe extract and since you couldn’t make it yourself it was really easy to lose in pvp or to one of the numerous bugs that causes deaths / corpses to vanish.

They took it from a useful tool, to being completely useless now. sigh


My sentiments exactly. Rather than nerf, how about maybe a thought out balance pass, or make other items better, or maybe add a decent counter, etc. Some items are just plain awesome and feel special. Taking that away is a bit of a letdown. Some things in this game should be special.


Funny enough Healing Watersking is a part of Siptah update. So someone in funcom actually made it and it was tested (doubt) in closed beta test.
So for some reason it was an ok item but then it got nerfed because…?
Feels like there is no actual plan with updates and just Funcom’s reactions to stuff happening.
Ah and of course we have good old Funcom’s special nerf.
Why even try to make item somewhat balanced if we can just nerf it into trash tier loot.

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This has always been the plan though. See how people use/abuse the items/mechanics and adjust if needed. It was said not once or twice when new stuff was introduced. If you see people starting to make videos how op a certain item is and how everyone starts using exclusively one item, then a nerf is bound to happen.

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Please stop blaming the players for Funcom’s’ decisions.

Players will complain when something is unbalanced. Hell, players will complain when they perceive something as unbalanced, regardless of whether it actually is unbalanced. And let’s face it, the healing water skin was unbalanced, especially in the context of the new healing system.

But it’s Funcom who decides what to do about it. Not players. Funcom.

They shouldn’t have introduced Lifeblood Spear or the healing water skin in the first place, not the way they were. And I agree they definitely shouldn’t have nerfed them into uselessness.

None of that means that players should stop giving feedback. Feedback is just data. The issue at hand is what Funcom does with feedback.


I could only imagine that they added the healing waterskin before the healing system change and forgot to change/remove it afterwards.


I agree completely with the weapons, armor and items they have introduced over the past with most of the stats, or buffs the way there were…for PVE ONLY.

There are lots of items that needed nerfed because of the huge advantaged they gave in PVP.

This is the problem with a game that tries to offer both PVE and PVP elements, you will NEVER get balance. Even the new map is geared more towards PVE gamestyles imo, and thats fine, but expect some changes to it as well.


i think they have to pay more attention to PvP… because PvE is easy to balance, specially cause Conan Exiles mobs mechanics are not complex. You don’t have patterns to dodge, skills to use or any other complex thing…
You just need to have a good thrall hitting the boss while you heal him. And if it’s possible, you stack poison and bleeding.

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Pff, you got flagged. :woman_shrugging:

Now, I got flagged even though this opinion while unpopular is one of the most reasonable ones. You people are funny :slight_smile:

Someone is upset about this change.

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The way I’ve heard it said, which I think makes it more understandable in general, is that PvP players are much more sensitive to imbalance and changes to balance. It’s not that they’re whiners or jerks, it’s just that the mode that they play makes balance problem much more obvious much more quickly.


Should’ve just been toned down to 1hp every 2-3 seconds over 12-16seconds. Or made it only drinkable 4 or 5 times.

Or make sure its gone a chug animation and slow down healing. Not as good as aloe potion, but can be used in a pinch.


they changed the whole healing mechanics, now you cannot heal while mounted, but you can still do it with waterskin and mitra’s ambrosia.I think this wasn’t the intention.
Healing potions are expensive now and they take a long time to be prepare (the best potion “Pure Aloe Extract” takes 1.200 seconds to craft = 20 min EACH/ 10 min with t4 alch).
So it was obvious that funcom would nerf/change the healing waterskin.

Maybe you don’t remember, but a t4 thrall with an annihilator could 1 hit any player even in heavy armor. This is really unbalanced.

I’m pretty sure that funcom doesn’t test the content they create.

Balancing in PvP is always more important because it involves much greater loss, much greater frustration and even greater complexity.
If a boss kills you, you can return there, get your things and run away. in 99% of cases this works.
if you are killed by a player, you lose your items, your pet or thrall, your reputation and possibly even your base. Because of this, care has to be infinitely greater.


Nerfing this was just dumb… either commit to the full healing/food system or leave it alone… just when we get used to it…they go and move the boundary fences again.

This is getting just sad.

100% know they don’t. As if you were to test any of these latest bugs they occur so easily and repetitively that just says outloud “no QA team exists”.

Example: Start a chaos craft just before a maelstrom starts…you can’t access the bag it drops and when the maelstrom stops and you go back, those who hit E originally can see the glows around the shrine…others can’t…and you lose all that chaos …

Example: The water vaults… glowing retina glowing blooms… HOW DID THAT EVEN PASS QA…

Example: Kill 1x elphant it flew off like a balloon with 2 hits… HOW DID THAT EVEN PASS QA>

The list goes on and on. I counted maybe max 3 QA people on staff at most…via LinekdIn…

Do your jobs Funcom… just do your actual jobs.

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the sad thing is that there are players who would do this type of test with reports and all for free.
In the modder community there are a ton of players who PAY modders to encourage content creation and also beta test the content for free.
If you look at the most established mods like Calamitous, Emberlight, Endgame, Dude’s delightful decorations and etc, you see that they have few or no bugs. and when something happens (usually due to funcom’s devkit update), people quickly fix it.
and these mods are almost created by 1 person or small groups some are not even professionals in the field and started to work on the Unreal engine with the conan devkit.


I, alone, can list a few hundred bugs, map errors, exploits, glitches, imbalances…
imagina a group of veteran players together.


I’d volunteer myself but tbh i dont see Funcom showing any outward signs of actual commitment to the product beyond a DLC ■■■■■■ and grab.

Any time you do question their integrity …posts like this get locked or “community ignored” is applied…

watch…this will happen here to.

As if somehow we don’t see their behaviour?


I completely agree with this. I don’t enjoy the new healing, and at the same time find the healing waterskin bad as it was. Not because it didn’t heal or because it was useless, but rather exactly as you pointed out: “it was too strong in the context of the new healing”.

It was a good way of escaping the healing system that i dislike. But at the same time, thats not how its supposed to be, is it? You either go all in, or you don’t do anything. FC just doubled down.


I hate the healing change and the healing waterskin made the game enjoyable stacking it with food.

cba with the nerf dunno why my character needs to slow down to walkin pace to drink an aloe pot tho.

rp game designer is rp. guy openly admitted during the argossean dev stream he only plays RP servers.

gg no comin back now