Healing (food + wraps)


Can you please increase healing from food, and decrease wraps time + do not lock player in the animation?

What is wrong with you? What is the point to avoid the players to play the game? Do you think that is fun to be locked in the wraps animation for more than 5 secs again and again?

We are your customers, I think we deserve a little more respect.

Thanks to fix this.

Since the 20 september, half of the players have left the game.


The healing effect and animations has nothing to do with the people currently playing the game, sure some of them ragequit when they did not figureout how to heal themselves, but the game is still alive and well.

The new healing system is fine, they just need to fix the part where players can’t get out of the wraping animation, that’s all.


Eh… I doubt that the healing revamp alone is the cause for that decline. The graph goes up from roughly 13 - 18th september, the hype phase of the new update and DLC. Now it stabilized again and is still higher than before.
That’s pretty much the same for every game that gets an update.


The healing as is, is probably going to stay. We’ve been asking for these changes for years, now we’ve got them. And most of us are happy with them. We’re not giving them up.

FFS people, the healing is actually better than before. You heal for more per item. You heal faster with potions and bandages than before. The only thing that changed was how and when to use healing. Its not hard, its not complex, its easy, its intuitive, and you just need to learn it at this point.

This is Conan Exiles now.


NOT ALL OF US were asking for these changes. Don’t even go there. I like the change myself, even don’t mind being locked in the animation, I think it is right. Some foods however, should have a greater health effect. I don’t want to make a grindy game more grindy, but maybe they should have some rarer ingredients or maybe you can’t craft as much of something without a larger quantity or something. Make all these food items worth making. Heck, I’d even consider a change for bleed and poisoning that you would need an antidote or bandage in a timeframe to stop their effects.

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in fact, this new healing system is messed up.
Coupled with horses and Pets made conan’s PvP a joke.
It is impossible for you to survive against the combination of an opponent on horseback with a tiger following him.
Which ended up making PvP dependent on luck and resources, taking away all skillplay.

Another thing isi. Now you have no difficulty in removing bleeding, as it wears off when using healing potion. Making this debuff somewhat useless in PvP.
Healing Foods has also become useless. There are several recipes that you have to adventure to find and learn it, some only with T4 minions and all of them are useless now
In this new system, it was not supposed to be able to heal while mounted, but funcom left a bug where it is possible to use ambrosia and heal while mounted. (there is the healing waterskin too, but they nerfed it).

The animation of potion using generates a cripple that makes it practically impossible for you to evade an opponent’s blow, especially if he is on horseback or if he is a tiger.
Wraps only serve to heal in PvE after you have defeated a creature or managed to escape completely. For PvP it’s usefull only when the fight is over or if you flee because you cannot cancel the animation montage.

That is. Funcom never does anything well planned, thought and balanced …

The healing animation was a nice addition, the switch to using potions is also interesting. But the way it was done, it’s a joke. They don’t test the game itself.
Btw they should add an eating animation and turns some foods into a lesser “healing potions” for example. some could still heal debuffs instead of hp.


The healing changes were sorely needed for both PvE and PvP. The game was a cake walk before. It is much more challenging now.

For example, we just had a purge tonight and it was actually challenging. We used to just steam roll purges. That combined with having to watch our backs for possible PvP actually had me sweating it for a change.

These changes to healing were good for the overall balance of the game. Kudos to Funcom!

What are you talking about? Funcom only implemented the suggested changes. The problem you all have is for the past 2 years. You didn’t take those threads and comments seriously.

Funcom only did what we told them to. If you want to blame anyone for the changes, blame me and players like me. For all the good that will do.

Now we have what we want, and we’re going to fight it tooth and nail to keep those changes. How about this. You all had the old way of healing for two years. Give us two years with the new healing.

Look at this way, 2 years ago we both bought the same product and knew what we were buying. I bought a product that I wanted, it seems that you bought a product that you didn’t quite want. Now 2 years later you seem to have the product that you wanted whereas I no longer have the product that I bought. Does that sound like a good thing? I certainly don’t think so.


Sounds good to me. I’ve made my decision on the matter. I care about you as much as you do me. This is just how its going to be.

@Taemien There was absolutely no need for you to make your reply personal in such a way. You assume, falsely, that I care not for you, I was actually pleased that you had got the product that you desired. My disappointment is aimed squarely at Funcom who have changed the product that I bought into one that is very different from the one that they advertised.

@Charouk CE isn’t the only game on the market but it is the only Conan based sandbox game on the market.


Indeed. Amazing virtual environment and wonderfull cinematics, music. I respect the nice work by the Developers. Thank you very much for the hardwork.

Meanwhile, the players had allready paid for the entire Conan Exiles content and the entire DLCs aswell. I would like to underline it. The game is advertised as a survival based game; represented by the infamous character; Conan the barbarian, the adventurer; the hardy tough ass guy.

The Development around the virtual scenery is awesome, narrations, music details at crafting are all awesome and very well worked (although bugs exist). But the rest of the gaming experience part is…

Instead it seems to be a heavy crafting and lazy settling game. When it is pretty much impossible to play the game as a survivor or Barbarian or Adventurer ; without crafting continiously and repeat it where ever we travel or whenever we die or whenever we change a server. Anyone can level up to lvl 60, even with harvesting and dropping and fighting anything Weaker than himself but in the end %60-70 of the power comes from the crafted items and consumables instead of the character itself. Which is a bust.

(Vitality-Encumbrance>Carry your entire Castle and Facilites with you…to Survive)

So when people feel upset, it is because they feel as if they bought the right Cinematic but the wrong game.

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The healing system is not finished. If you have suggestions (other than “put it back the way it was”) EA is the time to make them in a calm, reasoned fashion.


Man, this is what I’ve been upset about for the past two years. For me this is the only positive change I have seen in that time. I just would like to see things tweaked a little more in favor of how healing was.

Like I said, there’s no reason to be upset at them for something we told them to do.

I even gave a compromise. We had it the other way for 2 years. We ought to have it this way for 2 years. After that we can come to an agreement to something different. But no one seems to want to meet in the middle there.

I actually didn’t ask for the changes, but amazingly enough, I like them. The changes made me realize how lethargic I had become at just spamming heals and killing everything in sight. It made me realize that I have to think about my specs and armor. I am actually enjoying the game more due to the changes.


In my experience so far, the game got a little easier, but more engaging.

Siptah was a little tougher start than normal, but flattened out big time after level 30. The Rhino mounts made world bosses easy at level 40 lol. I had to hold onto some keys for a few days just to catch up in levels.

I really don’t think these people are playing the game at all who are still complaining about the healing changes. The heals heal for more, for longer, and you simply have to time them inbetween attacks on bosses and such.

You simply heal instead of attack and heal now. That’s the ONLY change the animations really change. But since you heal for more, you only need to use a potion once, instead of chugging a potion and a aloe soup. The max level potions are like both at once.

I get it, I don’t like there being 20 something food items being useless. I don’t like that either. But putting healing on them isn’t the way forward. Though I think you agree. Just kinda throwing more 2cents into it.

PVE may be easy for you if you think you have to play with all of that. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to play the game like that. That is my problem. You keep asking them to change the game to how you see things, but not all of us see roses.


Im tired…

Im realy really tired…



That try to proof their point with the SteamCharts…

You take conclusions on such a short notice… there also players waiting for some fixes and balancing. They will probably return right after.

Each update and free week gives a peak in players, after a while it lowers a little till the next free week or update.

Conan pve is easy. You can even solo dungeons while naked, without thralls.
But when you start thinking about pvp, things get messed up.
Pvp is harder to balance and more important too. On pvp, the losses are much higher.
Pve if you die on dungeon, you just need to go back and finish it. Depending on server configs you don’t even lose your stuffs
On the other hand, on pvp you lose base, your equipments, your thralls, your sleep and your dignity.
then think with me. it would not be more important for them to find a good balance for pvp mode, since in contrast pve can adapt well.

I’m not asking for them to remove the new healing system, but to balance the game overall. This new healing messed a pvp meta that was already VERY messed. Now it’s a unfair and not fun combat. Almost none of pvplayers liked it.
It’s real hard to even run from a mounted player with a kitten on the old healing system. Now it’s impossible. No matter your equipments, buff, levei or anything.