PLEASE fix combat healing

We lost a lot of users when healing got hosed 2 months ago

and i don’t see it in the list of changes (in the process of dnloading testlive now)

please fix in-combat healing so we can heal while in a fight (and no, a 2 second pause to drink a potion is not viable)

It’s not a bug. And they didn’t give any indication that they intend to roll it back, either.

It’s not broke. It’s working exactly as intended at the moment.

If you have an idea on how to improve it without rolling it back to food healing, you are welcome to share it. :^)

I think they buffed food Hp gains, so that now you actually have a reason to cook high lvl food, instead of just munching fat grubs all day long

Hey there,

Combat healing is working as intended as of the time of this writing. However, we’re always looking at ways to continue further balancing the game. Please read our producer’s letter regarding this change:


Maybe speed up the movement when drinking a potion from “being overencumbered” speed to normal walking speed. So we have at least some kind of way to juke bad players and avoid their hits.

Well, maybe you could allow food to still provide a small amount of healing which would, in the early game, be enough to heal you up. without a healing source, it’s a bit rough early on.

the wraps which force you to stand still waiting to get hit… yea, that’s just horrible. at a minimum, give us the ability to break the animation and move away instead of waiting to get killed with no option to avoid it

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