Healing & Numbing Wraps Animation

Okay, so I’m thinking people are confused about how to use these and it does seem silly to stand there like an idiot to use them. So, here is my suggestion:

EVERY game where you heal yourself, there is some type of animation. A good example is Dead By Daylight. When you self-heal, there is an animation of the player wrapping his/her wounds and a progress timer.

In this game, it would literally change and probably satisfy everyone because they wouldn’t be so confused as to why they’re standing as if AFK.

So, add an animation while using the wraps. Then and ONLY once the animation is done, you get the heal points. IF you do NOT finish the animation, the wraps SHOULD remain in your inventory. (You didn’t use them)

This would also solve the “why you can’t use them in combat” question. Frankly, I’m confused as to why food heals you but that’s a different topic. When you cut your hand in real life, you can’t have a snickers bar to fix it. You have to stop doing what you’re doing and tend to your wounds. You SHOULD have to do that in this game. BUT, that’s just my opinion.

The animation though, that is something that we really need to help people understand that you’re actually wrapping you’re wounds.


I was always happy with Fornite (few other games, like pug) were you rolling warps around your wrist. In and out of combat. It made it clear you were healing.

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You can to stop bleeding. I use wraps as much during combat as I do afterward. There is no healing. It only stops the bleed.

Is this true? That’s an interesting note…I’ll try it now. Either way though, the animation needs to be added. It would make sense for the cripple and standing still.

Yup! It’s true. LOL. Can’t believe I’ve never noticed this. Well that’s awesome. Now, full healing effect with an animation would make life complete…for now. LOL

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