Added Animations for Stuff

Healing could have a bandage animation if you are applying a numbing wrap, or drinking anything could share an animation, aside from maybe the waterskin having its own, perhaps.
Eating could show the avatar taking a chomp out of a generally regular looking piece of meat, so as to not clutter animations with a ton of potential options.

I dunno. More animations seems fun, bjt could be buggy.

Tell me what you think!

Since last year, they said animations for consumables were in the works, even got a reply from @Jens_Erik confirming that in some thread, but it has been a while, im not sure if it will really comes.

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Oh! I must have missed that they confirmed those animations! Oops! Thank you for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re welcome ^^, you missed because there weren’t much talk about that, I guess because a lot of players prefers this way since an animation would make it harder to heal mid fight, even tho it adds more realism (survival) and beautifies the game.

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I could definitely see it being a hassle during a fight. Perhaps a cancel option to the animation? Like rolling or sprinting, or even swinging? I dunno, haha.

Sure thing, also it could be a not so long animation too, like 3 or 4 seconds not stationary but without sprinting, and this would make fights more interesting aswell, making the players having to think when to use heals and not only popping it when health is low.

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