Potion and wraps animations

Hi again people, hi devs if you’re reading this (hopefully),

Is there a reason why the potion driking animation is only there for the healing potions? I know that it’s about balancing the combat system, but now that you have the animation, you might as well use it for all potions right? :wink:

Congratulations on the last update , it’s awesome. The only minor issue I have with it is that wraps can’t be cancelled, it’s probably intended to make it a PVE healing item or prevent its usage to stop bleeding effects easily, but it just makes it very awkward to use… Is there a hidden way of stopping the animation that i’m missing? Or is it just intended?

Thank you for reading!!

Edit : I know that I kinda asked 2 things in one post. The potion animation was just a suggestion to the devs, i don’t really mind too much it would just add a bit to the realism. The wraps being a pain to use is a real question though.

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There is a hidden way of cancelling it, by using emotes. Its probably an oversight, and (if FC really want to push this animation lock thing) it will probably be fixed.

Nope it got fixed already :slight_smile:


How about a breathing animation combined with a hotkey, that you have to press in order to regain 10 stamina per keypress?

Have you seen PvP? Where everyone puts reaper poison on his weapon and stacks poison on their enemies? And you want to add ANOTHER animation for drinking an antidote?

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Thanks for the heads up

I don’t want anything. As I said, I don’t really mind the potions animation thing, that wasn’t the debate. But if you want to be agressive, go on :slight_smile: I don’t mind toxicity

You were giving them the idea. It’s like telling your parents that your little brother knows where they hide the chocolate.

But since we are already talking about that, what about waterskins? They might add a drinking animation to them as well.

And ofc food eating animation. Let’s make this game as clunky as it possibly can get for realism sake!

Haha forced even, just like in SCUM. Getting chased by a pack of wolves? Hold on, need to poop first!

I don’t think they have the money to create eating animations. I mentioned the potion animation thing only because it’s already out there.

Keep in mind any change is for everyone, so in the end it’s just a change in gameplay, not necessarily a disadvantage for anyone. It just makes combat a lot more skilled than just spamming consumables, I agree. Is that a bad thing?

One thing is clear though : every survival/realistic mechanism they add to the game adds to the immersion, requires more planning ahead, more strategy and makes hardcore PVPers really salty, which I love.

They SHOULD have those animations. Doing those things SHOULD give you some type of risk or penalty. I don’t know about you but when I’m climbing a wall or anything, I can’t be munching down a “lasting meal” spamming some “herbal tea.”

If you’re doing something that would create activity in real life, it should be in the game. The game is only clunky to toxic players that just want to cause grief in an unbalanced field without any penalty for their actions. Just cause player X carries enough food to support an army and they can spam feed it to themselves for speed healing doesn’t make them good players. It is trash play. Not saying anyone here does that but that is what that type of play is. Actions require activity or animation.

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They already reduced the skill cap with horses. It doesn’t feel rewarding when I 1-2 shot people with my horse.

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