The Bleeding effect to OP!

Ok. So im rather disapointed in the change of the bleed effect. There is no way to outlive it anymore it seams.
Before you could take aloe potion or eat something or use a bandage (last one assuming you dont have any weaponds active) to outlive it. But now all healing effects gets cancled once you take any sort of dmg and the bleed dose WAY to much dmg. Its rather sad when you get killed by a lvl 1 dancer cus you get overpowerd by its bleed. There should be a way to have a chanse to outlive it on your own. As it is now me and my friends have to go atleast in pairs to get thralls due to some having the bleed effect. I hope this is a bugg that is gone get fixed so we can get back to beeing able to eat or take a potion without it getting cancled. As it is now there is no way it balanced for any weaponds doing any kind of bleed or posion.

Thank you


Agreed, at this point I’d like to just be able to disable the bleed effect, it’s way over powered, makes it impossible to capture a dancer on your own, I just bleed out. Plus the you cant bandage in combat is a crap mechanic, I can be standing there with no enemy and get that message. I’ve logged over 250 hours between preview and release and this has been the single most annoying bug since the days of building pieces that bugged out and left you falling through them.

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The problem is that bleeding stacks quickly while being attacked by npc’s, but is nearly useless in pvp, because it’s so easy to disengage and heal back to full. So it’s OP when fighting npc camps, but nearly useless in pvp.

You guys say the game too easy, when they make the game more challenger you complain.

People just won’t be satisfied whatever is done.


Capturing is difficult alone on consoles with that wildly drunken swing with the club, so that’s probably where the majority or your frustrations are coming from, but im guessing they want capturing to be calculated and precise, which means dodging and hit and run tactics, so the bleed shouldn’t be an issue if you do that.

It’s not a bug.

Food/potion healing is canceled upon taking damage, but bandage healing is not.
You can bandage to heal and after 5 seconds it will remove any bleed and cripple effects.
This was all in the healing rebalance patch notes a week or so before official release.

Of course this is difficult to do during combat as you have to put your weapons away and hope you don’t get pushed by the enemy, which would interrupt the healing.

It’s not too difficult to catch dancers if you can kill any nearby enemies. I just run up, land one hit and immediately dodge. They have a 0% change to ever hit me. Repeat a few times and the dancer is unconscious.

Similarly, you can easily capture any thrall using a mace. Run up, immediately kick them and follow up with a three hit combo. Get some distance and then repeat. You’ll never be hit.

Use a little strategy and you can overcome anything.


thx 4 the clip mate - having seen how you do it might actually help me, cause I was bleeding massively always and only by chance I was able to bring home my first dancer…

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No problem.
Bleed can be devastating at the lower levels, so it’s best to avoid it.

Thank you for the info on bandages. Thought that was the case, but never felt obligated to try it as I always 1-2 hit dancers, then roll back. Found their rhythm on the 2nd day after release, when a named one killed me and I returned to subjugate him.

Just to add on to this advice, you if time it right and be a bit lucky, you don’t even need to dodge, you can keep comboing until knockout. It get them on a stunlock.

Yeah that’s true. I was just showing the easiest method I could think of at the time.

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I do it the same way. Not only with dancers though…

Does anyone still use those blunted spears?
I liked them as some melee stunning alternative and preferred them over the club, but now…

I’ve never used them. I made one and saw that the damage was higher than a truncheon, so I just tossed it. I didn’t want to risk killing an NPC I wanted to enthrall.

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