Just some opinions about PVP and gameplay

Hey, my opinion about PVP and gameplay right now days.

State of the PVP gameplay right now is not great. It’s clunky, limited, and the fast phase combat is not there anymore.

The reason for that is wierd updates with no really background to it and that no one really asks for. For an example; Removing the abbility to unwield your first hand weapon ( im not talking about cancelling with 2nd hand weapons like throwing axe, rope etc.) the reason unwield cancelling is that it gives you more room and freedom in your movement and gameplay wich makes the game more fun and challenging in the way of improve your movement and decisions.

2nd example; Healing animations, it’s not forced to be bad with animation healing, but it should exist a less powerful heal with no animation aswell. Like when ambrosia was a heal, if u made it heal but just removed the abbility to heal through damage it would have been more or less perfect. Animation healing should go through damage like in 2.4 update. Because state right now in PVP is if you get low, u run and run and run, away from the actuall fight, is that fun? I dont think so.

Im not trying to rant FC for trying stuff out, I just want to tell that most of the time they just do to much. Instead of doing small changes and see how it goes. And I would appreciate opinions from others aswell (mainly PVP players with some years of experience), because this is mine. :v:


Yes, a “no animation heal” is needed, without having to go max vitality. I agree with you here based on the current combat state.


I love the healing animations, it adds weight to each encounter that just isn’t there when I can spam heal and attack at the same time

I know this is going to be an even more unpopular preference but I would love for them to add animations for all consumables. To compensate the buffs would need to be made longer.

Every one is the exiled land should be morbidly obese with how much we eat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Im not saying they should remove the animation from the pot healing. I just saying that it would be nice if they had an no animation option that’s not as strong and that also gets cancelled if u get hit.

For PVP it’s not really that enjoying to have to run away from the fight for just healing.
And especially when you outnumbered, you have no almost no chance to fight back in a proper way right now.
When they introduced the longer roll, the dev in the stream was talking about giving the abbility for 1 skilled player to take out 2-3 or even more less skilled players. But in the state right now, it’s pretty much impossible, since as soon u need to heal u have to run away or take a huge risk to heal and hope they not hitting u in a slow animation, and even if u success with healing you need to get hit once to have it cancelled. while the opponents can help eachother out to make them heal with almost no risk at all.

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I’m right in line with @OctaviousWrex . I think the healing animations are great, and they haven’t slowed me down a second. But I never used healing as a crutch in PvP.

I want more animations for everything! It looks cool and adds a gameplay rythem (writhem? Rithem? That thing you need to dance which I obviously don’t have).

Eating animations, drinking animations, … Repair animations would be cool… Honestly I feel like any added animations would make all forms of the game better. Having to alot a small amount of time to heal or eat makes combat far more intense.


A heal with animation but without the heal go through damage will still make u have a small amount of time to heal, just removes the need to run across the whole map to find a spot to heal at. It will keep you in the fight. I mean, combat like player vs NPC’s and real players is pretty much 2 different worlds. And in PVP it will just add more fighting than running, now it is like “dang im half hp need to run” with both enemy team trying to catch u for getting the last couple of hits and also your own team running after you to help you. For me conan isn’t a running simulator game, it’s should be a fast phase PVP game like it has been untill now pretty much.

And im still not suggesting them to remove animation healing like I said before. It should just be other options that’s a little bit weaker.

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You have at least one for, I’m definitely against. If I had to stumble through an animation every time this game thought I was hungry or thirsty I might lose my mind.

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I understand, I know that kind of thing isn’t for everyone.

I don’t often find myself eating because I’m hungry, more often it’s just to get the healing bonus, or the special effect of the food.

I’m the kind of person who adds animations to everything I can when modding Skyrim. I also get rid of fast travel and many other options that most players likely use

Fast travel here doesn’t bother me because there is a system to it, as opposed to many games where you just click a spot on the map and boom you’re there

I lean more towards immersion than QOL in my preferences but I definitely suspect I’m on the minority on that

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You’re spot on man. I can’t agree enough.

Problem is, them I would just spam those until full health while I dodged (which is super easy to do). So then the animations become a non existent mechanic. I mean how many people just used stacks of ambrosia when heals first came out but those were missed in that update?

Now, I agree there is some tweaking still need to be done, but animations are a base for that, not introducing something that can override thier existence all together.


1st, if u spam heals untill full while dodging u will end upp with no stam and an easy target and probably not even be full since heal wont stack and will also be able to get cancelled. And also if u spam u will be out of heals pretty fast aswell. I dont want the healing to be as strong as animation heal either. They should just be a fast option to keep on fighting. Let’s say they just heal you 30% (will the possibility to get cancelled).

Like now u cant even heal in the field. You need to get inside or just run away to even have a chance doing it.

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I like to run high grit, 30% heal would mean if I got to 50% health, I only need 2 dodges while I heal. in medium 2 dodges are not overly stam consuming. It’s not like the other guy is just watching, they are attacking so they are using stam as well. And you underestimate how easy it is to spam heal.

Now if you were to say survival 3 attribute (and move the current farm perk to 2nd) gets changed to no animation while healing (or similuar), then I would back that. It means a choice on how you stat out your character. Anytime something to do with health, stamina, and damage come up, it should be addressed with perks as much as possible, allowing for unique player style builds. Not just weapon/consumable that completely ignores my attributes.


Okey, yes If u manage to roll without getting hit yes. It’s pretty easy to time hits between rolls. And if u have 2-3 guys tryin to hit u while doin it u will most likely get hit atleast once, and that would cancel your healing. But yes if u manage to do it without getting hit yes u will be full, but most likely gonna need to roll soon again since people will still tryin to hit you, unless you try to fight back. And in the state now u wont be able to fight back since u gonna die, since u have no option to heal.

I dont underestimate how easy it is, but it has it cost, and for example me, I would have take advantage of you making 2-3 rolls while I probably hit u, wait hit u again and so on. And add that u will need to spam heals, and also antidotes at the same time. And after not to long u will be out of either heals or antidotes.

Im not talking about having like 50x herbal tea like back in the days, im talking about maybe 10x to 20x, and with that spam will just be waste.

But if you attack and miss, I might counter attack. And fight 1 v 3 should be hard, and not just easy heal to survive.
Because I could flip that, animations are too easy when me and my clan 3 v 1 someone. I have all the time I need to heal while the other 2 attack.

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I will also agree with this. We need a no animation heal item. Even if it is only as strong as Weak Aloe Extract.

I would also argue that the decision to return to damage cancelling our Aloe Potion healing effect should be reverted. Players need to be able to heal during combat.


Exactly what I have been saying in a earlier post. And that’s what the dev said should be possible.

IF yes. Okey let’s not take a 1v3 situation let’s take a 1v1. It’s the same there, you can counter me if u manage to do it. But if you can also miss me when u try to counter. In another situation with maybe 1 or 2 opponents it will be the same, but ofc it will be easier to spam heals. But still also like I said it wont take long untill your heals and antidotes are gone since u need to use antidotes everytime you get hit to heal. And if you get hit, u still gonna lose the health.

And 30% healing was just an example. And I didnt even gave an example for how long it would/should take to heal those 30%, let’s say it takes 3 sec, to heal 30%, then if u spam heals, u will probably have time to consume 10 heals during that amount of time since u just spam them without any thought. So in theory u need 6 or less seconds to waste a 20 stack of heals.

This animation might be a bit slow:



I mean, like you point out, there was a time where this was the case. Maybe it would have been better had taking damage cancelled the Ambrosia heal, but maybe not. Animation less heals are just far superior to ones that have animations in the current state of PVP. Ambrosia was the go to. It obvious FC is trying to move away from that and have combat become more risk vs reward rather than a war of attrition. Spamming exotic flesh between spear pokes and rolls was not ideal pvp IMO so im glad to see them move this direction.

Its also worth noting that animation less heals is a massive buff to mounted combat. Which is likely why the dont want to implement them.

They can just make it so it’s not possible to heal on mounts. Personally I didnt count that in because when I play I play on privates with mounts only for traveling. But yes. Like I said, they can just make it so you cant heal on a mount. Because if we talk mounted combat it’s not either nice to be stuck in an animation while a horse is at full charge at you, or?

No more so “not nice” than being hit with a throwing axe, javelin or arrow while trying to heal. In regards to PVP it seems to me we are in a pressure meta. In 1v1s we posture for advantage and poke. If a player scores a hit, and therefore an advantage, it is their job to pressure that advantage and try to deny an opportunity for the opponent to heal. The disadvantaged player is on the defensive and seeking to find an opening to heal to return to the neutral state. This opening is provided by mistakes by the advantaged player.

A result of this is that fighting outnumbered is extremely difficult. This seems to be intended by the devs. That does translate to PVE where NPCs will mob you and I can understand arguments for wanting a better solution there. However, you cannot just add an animation less heal and not see drastic changes in the strategy of PVP engagements.