About PvP Balance

Editing Karuthebear’s post from reddit, which sums up what I’m thinking about the PvP state at the moment :

PvP balance is in a horrible place atm. Going to drive a lot of people coming back away if it doesn’t get semi adjusted before launch. PvP community has actively tried reaching out.

  • Shields can be used while attacking making you immune to damage.

  • Heavy armor feels no penalty compared to light meaning heavy runs just as fast as light and has just as much stam and can’t be interrupted while using heavy attacks meaning they will just trade at every engagement.

  • Only one weapon with high pen meaning only one viable end game weapon.

  • Healing items stack meaning I can heal 30% a second while at 800 armor.

  • Also no way to catch anyone simply running.

  • No real gap closers, 2 second bow cripple if on the ankle doesn’t cut it for anyone.

List goes on. I love the game and it’s the best survival out currently but the balance feels nonexistent.

yes balance in game bad