Eating/healing animation

I was fighting some guys today and whenever they dropped down to about half HP they ran into the water and started swimming while healing up to full HP before going back into the fight. I feel like it is pretty unrealistic if you are able to eat soup underwater for example.

Whenever I fight a guy next to a river or some lake they jump into the water and start using healing items and I can’t shoot them with arrows or chase after them because we are swimming at same speed.

And since PvP in this game is basically whoever has most healing items in the fight wins as you can easily dodge hits from most weapons by running around or swimming, but this could all be fixed by adding a small eating animation, doesnt have to be long and make players unable to eat/heal while swimming. A 1 second eating animation is enough to prevent people to spam healing items in the middle of a fight. If you get attacked while the animation is running, the animation stops and you don’t consume anything.

But there are disadvantages to this suggestion too, one of them beeing if you get attacked without seeing them and they get you down to half HP after a couple hits. Your only hope is to either look for help, try to run away or fight them and most likely die doing so.

Another disadvantage is that the advantage of having power in numbers gets even bigger, adding the animation make it alot harder for players that play solo to fight against multiple targets. If there are 3 clan members attacking a solo player then 2 of the clan members can fight him while the other one heals up and they can switch between healing and fighting pretty easily compared to the solo player as he is constantly getting attacked and has no time for the animation to finnish.

The conclusion is to keep the PvP part of game as it is or make it more skill-based as you can’t rely on healing items as much as you can now.


I could of swore I saw somewhere that the devs would be implementing an eating animation attached too healing. But now I can’t find it.

It in one of their streams in twitch tv

Thanks, I spent 10 minutes checking different threads. I wonder why it’s not here
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I believe the devs plan to implement this change to prevent spamming healing items. Spamming heals has been killing PvP since the game launched. Personally I don’t feel strongly either way.

I do feel that they should remove the previous healing nerf when they implement the animations, however.

I’ve been ganged up on by a clan many times since I play solo, and they haven’t been able to kill me. Since I learned a few tricks. If they wanted a fair fight I’d give them one, but honor is in short supply in PvP so I use every dirty trick in the book now, Including water.

When your out numbered by a group of metagamers in OP gear, I’ve learned
it’s usually a wise plan to run away unless you don’t mind losing everything your carrying.

lol Apparently it’s alot of fun because I’ve seen some try hard.

But seriously I think the animation change is probably a good thing for the health of the game, at least for PvP. It also adds an element of realism.

Survival to me is about adaptation, adapting to your environment, to conditions, to your situation. I bought a suvival game not a building simulator.
And I don’t think it will be that much of a change for Singleplayer and PvE if players learn to adapt.

That would workout fine if there were different branches of the game, based on settings but there’s not. Some of the Land harassment issues, pillar spammer problems and new unbuildable areas that the devs are fixing are largely PvE issues but there fixes will affect everyone.

That’s just the way it is. You can’t please everyone.