Animations for eating,drinking, ... will we ever character talking with dialogue?

just curious anytime in the future?

This is just me but most likely eating and drinking as emotes i could see happening, but I cant see talking character happening as they recently gave us proxy chat on consoles, your characters mouth even moves when you talk😉

Although it would be nice to have some quotes or battle cry’s to yell

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I really hope we get eating and drinking animations someday.

I could have sworn I saw early access footage where your character would move their mouth when you used voice chat, I’m not sure if that was causing problems and so they took it out or if it was some weird fever dream

I would definitely like to see NPCs talk when they talk

Wait, that’s a thing on console now? I solo too much I guess

Ya i was pretty surprised when i saw my buddy’s mouth start moving

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Would affect to pvp
Healing is dangerous imagine eat a set feast, pvp players will be frustrated

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You play/like pvp?

I am a pvp player, just fight and training cause i like this combat system, but say “nobody cares pvp players” is like say “nobody cares on role or pve players”
I know the toxicity around the pvp lands but dont despreciatte others good people cause a few stupid guys is crying

Sorry my english


No worries, i understand that people you refeer

To be perfectly honest, and this is only my own personal point of view, at this point I would prefer that the eating animations did not go ahead. Food just isn’t as effective at healing as it used to be. Back when one click to auto-consume roast haunch, aloe soup and herbal tea was a means of regaining full health in <3 seconds, sure. Food is not unbalanced. The only purpose to adding an animation at this point would be role play value (there are mods for this), or to nerf it. But at this point food has already been thoroughly nerfed, and it does not warrant further handicaps. Also this isnt like power skolling a phial of liquid. You’re not going to power through a big chunk of meat, eggs and berries in <1.3 seconds.

I don’t think eating and drinking should automatically consist of having an animation, just as I don’t think using a healing potion should either. That being said, there are occasions in which having the option of an animation WOULD be nice. For an example, if a character is sitting in a chair / on a bench THEN trigger the animation. If they are standing do not. You are not going to be engaged in PvP or even PvE combat if you are sitting in a chair or on a bench after all. There is value to be had in the animations, but not at the expense of interrupting combat.


Not for 2/3 of players there aren’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Like I said in Drink Potion version of topics… if its quick simple animation like Monster Hunter, Or Banage Wraps of Fornite/PUB etc.

There nice balance between real and quick.

My Character drinking out of waterskin would be great, or eating piece of eat or bread when I eat any food would be nice.

I don’t expect full on…eating of ever item on Lasting Meal plate. XD

No quite, let me fix that up for you. Not for 2/3 players platforms. But Im not here to nitpick. And it is a fair point, which is conceeded. But nonetheless, I stand by my assertion that it would constitute a further nerf to food and make it more unattractive. I could go along with the idea of an eating emote, or an idle eating animation as @Oduda suggested, for example sitting in a chair, but not in combat.

If there was an eating animation then food should get at least a small buff, healing more health during the animation or something like that.

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But some foods like ambrosia or green tea gives a stamina regen + used in pvp
(Im in the make animations while eating anyway)

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