Can we Eat and Drink while sitting?

On PC Official Server US.

It would be nice while I am sitting by a camp fire that I could eat and drink without disrupting the Sitting Emote. IT would be even nice if it would have a vidual effect for what I am eating and what I am drinking.


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It was said these past days that we’re getting animations for consumables, drinks mainly, I hope food get their own too since its a way to heal while moving during fights and thats kinda unrealistic.

They really should make these animations play together with sitting emotes, both sitting on the ground for camp fires and on chair aswell, it would be lovely to have a fresh cooked meal on the table. :slight_smile:

Food itens being placeables would be neat ! (And they should rot after the timer goes out)

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I second this. It really is immersion breaking when I stand up to eat or drink.


Well I am glad I said something :slight_smile: