Additional/polished animations

Figured I post this here as well.

  1. Turning the character while standing still currently make the character slide around instead of taking footsteps. This is very noticeable and would be a very welcomed change.
  2. When you get very cold the character could for instance start rubbing his hands together/blowing into the hands etc.
  3. Charge attacks that happens when you sprint and then attack.
  4. Jump attacks
  5. Mouth movement on voip
  6. Broken leg when you fall to far.
  7. Visible gear sheathed on character (bow on back etc)
  8. When you stop while out of stamina go into a rest animation (bow down with hands on your knees for example.)
  9. Thrall stances where you can make them hold their weapon is certain guard positions etc
  10. When you open a door/gate you do a hand animation like you are pushing the door open.

Just some suggestions I really would like to see :slight_smile:


/signed, still waiting for the consumables animations Jens told us about that was comming since last year.


Yes, only problem with eating animations would be that it looks a bit silly if people start eating mid combat, but maybe they could make it so you dont get the eating animation if you have your weapon out.

No, silly is eating mid combat, if you do that, you will perform an animation and you will be punished for that, the only free healing would be by healing arrows, drinking or eating to heal mid combat must be used when you hide or your enemy is distracted / lost.

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Yes I agree that healing with consumables mid combat shouldn’t be free, but from an immersion standpoint I think eating animations mid fight would look out of place ln a game like this, hence if you have your weapon drawn and use a consumeable maybe it should have a bandage animation instead and eating animation otherwise, for immersion sake :blush:

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