Animations, some fixes, some aditions


I play on PC with keyboard, but one day tried gamepad and saw that it has been tried to implement some animations butonly on gamepad is displayed like detection for your char posing, injure animation looped while moving, water walking when its over your knees, many of those if you dont have gamepad or gamepad controls activated you wont reach to see them or the character tries to make them but wont loop them correctly…I guess that is going to be bettericed and it would be cool if those were implemented with walking animations too…

Also some crucial animations are badly done making your character stab with the owned tools for example, or wearing a torch with the right hand empty makes an odd and unnatural movement…

I would love to suggest some animations many would love to see…
Some as eating, drinking and healing animations, being able to make some animations while being sit on the ground or a chair, mouth movement for talking with voice or gestures for that,
more variations of sitting and sleeping ( with eyes closed). Turning animation in general! More animations in general as reading, writing, working stations, coop animations! Also it would be wonderful that you could stop animations properly like making a reversal movement for what you were gesturing, like standing up in case you were sit or sleeping… etc…

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They said quite a while ago, animations for consumables were comming, we’re still waiting.

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Yeah, i think they said it in some of the streams

I’ve seen them while poking around in the devkit, so they at least exist…despite whatever it is that’s prevented them from being added so far.

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