Turning and movment animations. The current animations look a bit stiff

Just basic turning and movment animations would be awsome. It makes the feel of the Char way mor direct.
Overall the animations could remodeled, exept for the fighting =) they are awsome =)


Not about animations but current movement physics should be IMPROVED.

In combat you can run in one direction, then INSTANTLY turn 180deg and run into another without any penalty like slower rotation and movement speed.

It makes it IMPOSSIBLE to predict movements of your opponent, extremely HARD TO AIM as well as makes combat very UNREALISTIC.

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I Agree that if you play normal controls with keyboard, instead of gamepad mode, there are no turning animations and no terrain elevation detection, and i find that not immersive, they should add turning animations with or without weapons, also fix some animations while you carry some stuff like pickaxe as your character stabs herself, or wearing a torch with a proper animation if you have an empty hand.

I ve realised that if you activate gamepad movement mode, you still dont turn naturally but your character loops animations like injured animation, terrain elevation detect, walking in the water