Reverse back to pre-update combat movements?

Please provide us an option to reverse the combat movements back to pre-update old ones, including 1H long sword, 2H great sword and pike. Personally I really don’t like these new combat movements and animations, they look more dull than old ones, not too useful either, I also saw some folks share similar thoughts with me and they pointed out some new issues cause by these new combat movements such as 2H sword attacks can be easily interrupted by enemy attacks now. So please give some of us a choice to change them back, thanks.

I am 100% sure that won’t happen. There were similar requests when the jumping animations changed, they didn’t allow it that time either. In this game, animations are not just eye-candy, they have gameplay meaning - so outside of modding, they will not allow you to choose which set to go with (except in so far as your choice of weapon).

Well, that’s too bad to hear it. Because “animations are not just eye-candy” is exactly why I propose this request, this combat animation changes actually and quite obviously affects the game-play, it affects how I and many players playing combat and combat is one of most important aspects of this game.
2H sword is quite useless now due to the reasons many folks have already said, Pike can only thrust forward with one direction now, pretty dull, and 1H longsword light attacks also become pretty dull which always swings 2 same directions now. It really feels like Funcom didn’t do enough testing before they push out these changes.

I hope they can at least let us roll back to old ones in Single-Player mode, I usually only play SP mode.

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