Locked in combat animations, I feel like I have +200 ping

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I have 32 ping and when attacking the mounds camp alone, I feel like I have +200 ping …

Why are you locking us in combat animations? Switching weapons is slow too. Drinking potions is slow.

The game have to be fun and fast, not lagging like this.

Why? It is like the first version of the movements and roll changes, when we have feets stuck in the mud.

Please review the settings and do not increase difficulty by crippling the player!


Regardless of if un-wielding was intended or not, it made combat so much more dynamic and fun. It feels really bad now. Just slow and clunky. Funcom should’ve went the opposite route when fixing animation canceling, by allowing us more movement instead of locked animations in my opinion.


The snappy nature of the earlier patches really made this game arcade like and unique. I haven’t really had the chance to play this game properly cause I’m stuck running it on a 10 year old dual core, but I just wanted to jump in and say that I miss old Conan already. I wish I had the choice of what happened to a game I purchased 2-3 years ago and loved.

I have some friends still enjoying the PvP after 2.4. So I personally want to play it properly at a steady frame rate before making anymore arguments. If there’s anybody who has some of the most definitive opinions of PvP in 2.4, it would be the active members of “Bubonic Chronic.” Those guys had been fighting and farming at the highest level nearly everyday for probably more than a month now. :clap:


Stop being so reasonable :yum: Really though, they should put more weight behind the opinions of those guys and other players that are putting the time in on officials.

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I would like to chime in here in agreement. As a PVE player, this change impacts me less than, say, a PVP player, but it is still felt.

1h Sword animations, esp heavy attack 1 and heavy attack 4, have an increeeeeedddddddddibbbbblyyyyy long wrap-up time, longer than it used to be.

And the ability to switch from weapon to tool to other tool to weapon was just… well as was said earlier, ‘dynamic’ and much more fun. I get why Funcom might have changed it to prevent a bit of weaponswitch cheese in PVP, but it makes combat and tools usage feel… slower. Kludgier. Significantly more awkward. And less fun.

I encourage Funcom to solicit and review feedback on the animations changes they have made recently, because while some of it may be fixing particular problems, in the end it is not a net good.



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