Movement suggestion

I have a suggestion about the movement.

We go back in time:

Sep 03, 2019 12:59 UTC

Funcom releases new DLC and free PvP update for Conan Exiles

Please, change movement before mounts update. Don’t bring the bug about all Treasure seekers thralls to 100HP with it please. Thanks.
To bad you as a team spend hours making new “improved” movement, changes 10 times (figurally speaking) in 6 months.
Why would you change core game mechanics and change it a few times and no improvement, waiting for feedback from community and changes it to what everybody wants?!
Where is your boss? I mean, you already scared players away be changing these mechanics like it means nothing to me as a gamer.

It’s feel like you as team don’t even know what to do, you proved it by changing it every time!

Please hire me, I would have done this job way better (no joke)!

I mean, comon. The dodging.
The animation starts fast, halfway it’s slow motion. Behind the scenes, the hitbox stays for a moment when the animation is almost over, it is pretty bad using dodge and it doesn’t feel natural.
So please where is the PvP mindset, who gave green light about this.
Did no one never ever mentioned in your team that PvP will suffer by these updates?

What is the mindset about the movement anyway, in PvP term it comes down to “number players vs number players” instead “skill vs skill”, where did you guys lost it?

If you want players start playing again / join a new server, there has to be a “skill gap” and not a “invested time gap”. Not interesting to play anymore because it’s more “resource vs resource” instead of “Clan/players vs Clan/players”

Here a nice way saying it, with huge frustrations:

Please, change movement (in name of PvP) where skills is important.


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Ps4 users still waiting on latest patch, =/ (think xbox is too)

Havnt been able to give feedback on new changes to last adjustments. XD

Thou, Slowly gotten use to some of it… (being unable to rollback far, when AI can keep on hammering you is fairly silly) And moving backwards with a Bow cause you to twist your body around all weird to fire bow off to side…

I’m still partial to just roll distance being cut in half(ish) leaving much of older style intact.

Itlest… rrrr. Its hard to speak on it, when your a patch behind. Hoping when we get it, a fix for the ankle…knee… bending/twisting in odd angles and being half sunk in ground is fixed?

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Fix for the whole movement system :slight_smile:

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Change it, dont change it. As a player ill adapt.

I already still roll dodge to avoid attacks, i just manage my stamina pool better.


Yeah, it’s a “work-around”. :slight_smile:

Well, there’s a way to prove this: make a mod. Anyone can say they’d do a better job at it. If you really mean it, seriously, then put your money where your mouth is. Alternatively, send them a job application, they’re hiring.


Thank you for the suggestion, I will take a look and I am thinking about this for 2 years already.
The problem at the moment is that my money is in Bitcoin :slight_smile:

Modding is not proving it, changing icons …

I found my job if I would apply:

You don;t need to work there to use the dev kit. Download, then start “Fixing” the game.

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True, donate/sponsor me a Game PC and I will.

Donate u a gaming pc? Where u play the game ? Asking out of curiosity…

PC & PS4, but it’s an oldie (PC).

So save money and get a pc instead of a ps5, and make game great!!! I am sure the communitty will follow/support u

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It’s in Bitcoin at the moment, not a bad choice :wink:

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