Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread

Hey y’all,

Yesterday we released one of the biggest patches in the game’s history, adding not only mounts, but many overhauls to some of the game mechanics that remained unchanged since launch.
One of them is the new momentum-based movement, which adds acceleration to the player movement to create more meaningful encounter situations in which each movement counts and requires a conscious decision when engaging.

As any big change to a core mechanic, this will be received differently by each kind of player and as such, we’d like to hear your opinion on this new change. But first of all, we would like you to formulate that opinion after having giving the new changes an honest go. We’re interested in constructive feedback that will help us see the reception of these new changes.

  • I like the new changes.
  • I am neutral or I would like to see some adjustments to embrace them
  • I dislike the new changes

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Regardless of your choice, let us know down below why you chose your option in the comments below your opinions on this change and please remember our community guidelines.


For now I dislike. Don’t know if I’ll get used to it at some point, I don’t have played much since yesterday.

I think this change is interesting but you had a heavy hand on the sliders.

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To be a little constructive, the last roll was too fast, ok. But the new one is too slow! May be try adjusting between the 2.

For running it is the same, the first delay is too long. It is too slow. Try speeding up by 50%.


I chose “dislike”. I’m aware that it might be an important part of PVP combat improvements and balance, and I’m prepared to tolerate it for that reason, but I think it really needs adjustments.

No matter how much we all enjoy combat, the truth is that a significant portion of our playtime is spent in non-combat situations. This change makes them really cumbersome and onerous:

  • Mining stone and chopping wood are much slower than before.
  • Navigating around one’s own house is slow and clumsy.
  • Jumping off a cliff and grabbing it on the way down is extremely difficult, to the point of being suicidal.

I understand that trade-offs have to be made and it’s often impossible to keep things the way they were. But I’m convinced that Funcom can tweak and adjust this change to some in-between point that works better for everyone involved.

If I may offer a suggestion, perhaps we could keep the initial acceleration period and current value for top velocity, but simply bump up the starting velocity to where it’s not so cumbersome?


It takes a little getting used to, but may need some tuning to some players. Just like to say i love the patch btw, and the new roll.


I both like and dislike the changes. I don’t think they’re inherently bad™ and must be scrapped, but I do think a round of tweaking (or two) is in order.

Disclaimer: This is from a PvE perspective, tested almost exclusively with a character that was already a well-established level 60 when the change rolled out. I cannot speak for how it affects PvP, or the leveling experience.

Dodge: First off, let me say that the new Dodge roll system - much maligned in advance, and which I myself greeted with some skepticism - is actually not bad at all. It requires an investment into Agility if you want to be effective, but that’s no different from Strength or Vitality which are both also mandatory up to some point for an effective combat build. Verdict: Passed.

Climbing/sliding: This is much, much more difficult, and less fun than it used to be. I have little or no control over anything that happens in the air - realistic, of course, since I lack a Batman cape, but not much fun. Verdict: Failed, in my opinion.

Movement/running: Starting to move is frustratingly slow. Once your character is moving (has some momentum) it’s okay - though you still lack the ability to quickly change direction. Again, I don’t question the added realism of this, and I acknowledge that it achieves the stated goals (making players commit to their actions) but again I find that this all comes at a cost of responsiveness, my character no longer feels like a fit barbarian with razor-sharp reflexes, but more like my actual self, and that is not a change for the better. Contrast this with the descriptions of Conan in Howard’s stories, where he’s usually described as having cat-like grace - the character now feels as graceful as a sack of potatoes. Despite this lengthy diatribe, I think it can work, but… Verdict: Definitely needs tweaking. Sacrifice some “realism” for a snappier/more responsive feel.


The whole game at PS4 feels more slowish… Even running. Like there is on every action a delay.

& this new (bad) movement thing, makes the game feels like you play it at an Pentium I with 133Mhz… :smiley:

PS.: Killed all my animals in my base and went 90m aways to chop some wood for the Stable. Go back to my base and it needed 5 mins to load… That never happened before the patch… I lag again when I pass by chests. Its really bad…


Hey, @Ignasi, a quick question: could you clarify whether your poll and request for feedback are only about the momentum-based movement or they also include the new dodge?

The feedback I posted so far is under assumption that we’re not discussing the dodge. If I misunderstood, I’ll have to go change my feedback so I can gush properly, because the dodge is totally awesome!


I dislike it. The culling was supposedly intended to reduce lag, then these mechanics that feel an awfully lot like lag were added instead. They make even moving around the base between crafting stations and storage obnoxious and are a huge barrier to climbing and jumping. Combat feels like slow-motion and your character’s reflexes are barely existent.

I posted this in another thread that got closed, so I’ll re-add it here.

The “realism” argument for the new mechanics is completely wrong. Even many of those who hate the mechanic admit that it is “more realistic” - it is not.

While humans still are bound by physics and have to overcome inertia from a standstill, they are not like cars that have to shift gears. Humans have three “gears” which are how the bones and muscles operate to be the most energy efficient at certain speed ranges (generally, walking, jogging, and running). People can instantly enter any one of these “gears” from a standstill.

Stand perfectly still, then imagine you suddenly noticed a polar bear is standing next to you licking his lips, you can, no matter how out of shape you are, go from standing to running instantly (assuming you are physically capable of running at all).


I am no fighting specialist and think a lot of the changes are important for PVP. So far i am able to fight and to dodge with the new system, so i am neutral and maybe even positive. The movement acceleration is a bit to slow imho, i am willing to adapt but i think i am a truck now :wink:
The harvesting is bad and i don´t understand it. If this is realism, i am a person who clicks on his mouse and the grind is real to me. It is slower now, and thats bad because i have to do this so often it should be fluid. I have to test it with the harvester perk, but still i grind a lot without it.

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I don’t want to bog down the thread with a lot of back-and-forth on this, particularly as I don’t think it’s all that relevant whether it’s realistic or not: realism should always play a distant third fiddle to fun & balance IMO, unless you’re making a simulation or other game where realism is a goal in itself (CE is not such a simulation).

But I don’t think you can go from standing stock-still to your top speed instantly. Faster than the character can do currently? Certainly possible. Which is why I think the system needs tweaking to allow one to accelerate faster, but I don’t think the idea of a momentum-based system is inherently impossible to make work.

You also acknowledge this (inertia being the key word) so I don’t think we actually disagree. If it makes you happier, you can ignore the “more realistic” part of my argument, as I don’t really think of it as a weighty argument in any case.


Yes, so I’ll only respond once, and only because you put words in my mouth (which I don’t think you did maliciously).

I never said anything about instant top speed, I said instant running. Your actual speed is restricted by inertia, but what your body is doing is running, not the slow falling forward before running like the characters do in-game.


This thread is about the movement itself. There is another thread tackling the Dodges by @Croms_Faithful, although it was created before people could try it out.


I feel that the poll needs to be split into roll changes and running changes. The feedback on the roll is mixed. The feedback on the running is mostly negative. Since for now, as per my understanding, it is about the “running” part, my vote goes to “I dislike the changes”.

EDIT: seems that both me and Ignasis were typing at the same time so then yes, my vote goes to “I dislike the changes” because they affect a lot more than just “disengage from combat” even if this was what they were aiming at.


maybe that speed boost for momentum-based movement should be tune up for light armor, otherwise that’s those change that got me back to the game

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I choose dislike for the reason being I saw nothing wrong with the movement of characters as they were. The feel of it now it that I am experiencing lag, the control feels wrong when trying to engage an enemy. Cosmetic changes, new items, tweaking existing items are all find and something that won’t impact how I move, gather, or handle combat, but the movement change to me is not something that feels right, it takes me out of the game and the experience because again I feel like the game is lagging.


Could you make that more clear in the first post, then?


I like the movement, it has made the game more realistic and tactical.

People just need to get used to the new movement, same as the new dodge, and it will be ok.

I like the new role and that the Agility points offer more choice with the Attribut build. But the movement is so clunky, that farming, fighting and running around in base is too slow and I don’t like it.


I’m loving it, idk why, but I love the movement changes so far, animations are smooth and feel like something a human could do, not rolling 10 meters away doing 3 consecutive rolls, I think now you gotta think twice whatever you’re going to do next. Also @Ignasi , the climb/slide change, is part of the momentum-based movement change? That’s the only thing I couldn’t get used to it right away. It’s almost suicide getting out of my mountain base lol