My whole entire clan quit the game yesterday because of the new movement! WOW

What really wanna make me quit is the constant disconnect, intolerable! Can I get my money back ? :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


If you have troubles playing the game, I reinstall the game completely after every update to prevent crashes and have to say it works all the time, more stable in general.\

Quit the game is the most stable option…

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Hello. Well said. When New Coke came out, some people loved it. most people hated it. And Cola-Cola certainly did not simply tell their customers to “embrace the change” or “get used to it.”

I hope Funcom will see your wisdom.


Trying that :+1:, Bc the single player, offline is not wk

Test forums as well as personal experience since the dlc went live. @WhatMightHaveBeen

So no definite class action suits. Just a personal opinion of yours. Wanted to make sure.

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That is a personal opinion. However it can happen as they accepted money for the product and made changes to it that are buggy and cause connection lose despite knowing the issues existed. They should have had the issues fixed before releasing the product. It’s simple business.

Check the ULA, It defines the process.

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Game is broken, I agree with the cap, I don’t agree with the fact that we must spend a month unbound them and try to find or reach them… good luck with the game funcom, see you.

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I said it before and say it again, split up the 2 different playstyles. Make changes for pvp and other changes ( if needed) for pve. Allways its the pvp community that ruin for all pve players.

And this new roll dodge and running are not good at all. The max thrall i think is good though for official servers, now maybe there isnt buildings all over the map. I played on official 1090 and that one is ruined, now i have my own server. If any is interested visit for more info.

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No matter how often people recommend that, it’s not going to happen. No game studio ever is going to keep developing two games for the price of one. The best you can hope for is that they: 1) find some magic balance between PVE and PVP, or 2) kill one of the modes completely.

Funny, I keep hearing PVP players complain about how Funcom caters mainly to PVE players, while PVE players complain about how Funcom caters mainly to the PVP crowd.

The truth is they try to work on new mechanics, content and balancing for both. Sometimes one mode will get the better end of the deal. Sometimes it’ll be the other. Sometimes both will benefit. And every single time there will be someone grumbling about it, because that’s just the human nature :wink:


well i must said you clan weird then, so much power group, you can easily overcome any changes in game in numbers and continue enjoy the game
game is now more harder to solo-ones, not for clans
so i dont understand logics of your teammates
i hope you all will return

Damn ^^

Was that the 1936 change were colca was removed and everyone had withdraws.
1971 when every one switched to Pepsi. The great Pepsi challenge. I was in high school and most everyone switch to ARK, err I mean Pepsi.

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Same for me. I also switched to ar … I mean pepsi of course! :smile:

(Actually don’t like Pepsi at all but I wanted to go with the joke :wink:)

I think the big buff for thralls with the levelling system is done because of the thrall cap. Now you need a lot less thralls and pets to defend your base against a Purge.
It’s to level to not be levelled !:wink:

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Same. Eventhough I prefer Sinalco Cola.

But back to the topic now :wink:
I fully understand his clan members because PvP isn’t balanced at all rn. This is also one of the reason why I left.

I don’t have any issues with the movement or anything else except the crashes, I’ve been playing for a while and the game never crashed (except when I was on Gportal). Most changes they make are not permanent, they tweek things from time to time as they receive feedback from the players. I know at some point the crashes will be fixed but I also know that the next update or new content will break something else, this is not a guess it is a fact, the history of this game has proven it, but rage quitting is not the answer because they will fix the problem at some point, taking a break from the game, on the other hand, is something that everyone needs once in a while. I don’t think I could ever permanently leave the game, its far to fun and I have had more hours of enjoyment than I have had of frustration or problems, so in my book that makes the game worth coming back to.

Pointing a finger at the Devs or programmers is not productive and solves nothing, giving feedback that is as detailed as possible is productive and will solve the issue, they are not omnipotent so if they don’t know the extent of the issue or the details, it takes longer for them to find it and fix it, just posting that certain things are broken and ranting about it doesn’t help solve the issues. Every game that I have ever played as been like this, new content causes some issue with Mods or other aspects of the game that may or may not have been known before going live, its the nature of the beast, you just have to accept it and try to be part of the solution and not add to the problem.

How can you know this? where do they (Funcom) say this?!

How can I know that the changes are not necessarily permanent and that Funcom might tweak them? Perhaps because they bothered to ask for feedback:

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