Tweaked momentum-based movement - Feedback thread v2

Here we are again, Exiles,

After the feedback we collected in the previous thread we tweaked the values for the new momentum-based movement. We adjusted the acceleration to levels that should get rid of most of the lack of responsiveness and sluggishness many of you expressed were the main points of contention you had with the new system, while still keeping most of the improvements this new system brings.

These new tweaks are already available on PC (read the patch notes here), and will reach consoles shortly after. For those of you who have tried the new changes, please let us know your opinion on it.
As a clarification:

  • We are interested in your opinion on the new tweaks once you have tried them. At the moment this is only possible on PC. We have already collected enough data about the first iteration of this movement system.
  • This feedback should be focused about the movement system, not the dodge roll changes.
  • As a general rule, please be civil and constructive in your feedback. This does also apply when interacting with other members of our community.

Thank you all for your continued feedback and support.


I feel like you guys reverted back to the old no momentum speed completely.
What i`m seein on official RN looks very different from what was shown on the livestream

running is now to fast and the roll is the same and to slow


Just installed the update, and… well, perfect is a strong word, but it’s much MUCH better. I can honestly say I’m perfectly happy to play with this system now! Well done Funcom.


Feels better to me too.


As a player that dates back to Early Access I wanted to express the following. What I do not get is why Funcom rolls out an update and then rolls it back because of a bunch of whiners. I am sorry, while I still love this game it has been nerfed so much that it is not nearly as fun as it used to be in the past. I loved the new momentum mechanic as it was released. I knew it would not last because I knew there would be the typical bunch of crying about the change. It is a survival game, but all we (my long time playing clan members) do is say how much cooler it was when things were so much more difficult. Case in point, the traps removed from the Black Keep, which is now back in another dungeon, which we absolutely love.

These are my two silver pieces.


Ahhh, feels like SUCH a relief. Feels good to move again. Instantly better in-game. Thank you, thank you!

  1. Base management (moving from station to station/chest) is no longer horribly awkward… Fixed!
  2. Building itself is no longer frustrating, due to the returned ease of movement… Fixed!
  3. Moving from node to node is no longer a painful experience when harvesting… Fixed!
  4. The awful jerky animations when harvesting have been smoothed… Fixed!
  5. ‘Parkour’ around cliffs is now possible and fun again!!!.. Fixed!

*I never had an issue with the new dodge personally.

Overall, it feels like the wonderful freedom of movement CE had is mostly back, while still retaining the momentum system and its more engaging combat… well done, thank you.

Whew! Feels so good, like actually wanting to play the game again.


I would like to point out two things here:

  1. It was not rolled back. It was adjusted, as the momentum is still there just not as extreme. If the feedback keeps coming, we can adjust more as needed. That is the reason constructive feedback is so important.
  2. It’s always difficult to find a good balance in working with feedback as it is impossible to make everyone happy. That is why we are trying to quantify feedback as much as we can (not only from our forums but from all platforms that we get feedback on). Even though something might feel wrong to one side, it feels right for the other. I totally understand that it’s frustrating if you don’t agree with adjustment/changes.

However, with the momentum changes and other previous adjustments: We will add settings to private servers so the owners can decide values for themselves. For our official servers, this is a decision that we have to make based on our best judgement and taking said quantification of feedback into consideration. :slight_smile:


This is a point I can somewhat agree with, but the sluggishness of the system before this tweak was not so much difficult as it was frustrating and plain not fun.

For what it’s worth, it seems like Alex (the lead designer) somewhat shares your view that things are too easy, and he wants to look into upping the difficulty in some places (I’m paraphrasing and referring from memory, my apologies to Alex if that’s not what he said/meant).


If settings are being added so i can get rid of that momentum stuff completely, especially that terrible, unplayable, slow dodge i’m fine with it. I’m not playing online so i don’t care about the official servers. But to be honest, there was no need to add these things in the first place. And the sumo dodge alone actually managed to make the game pretty much unplayable. Can’t go anywhere near multiple enemies without getting destroyed, in places i had no issue whatsoever before. And it pretty much feels like there is absolutely nothing i can do about this, the system simply doesn’t allow me to.


Tascha, I feel like it was rolled back entirely… on official 1999 at least…
There is no momentum building at all and it is very different from what was shown yesterday on the livestream…
Exactly like it was before the riders update

Not really liking to use “literally” much in a sentence as it’s been overused during the last few years, but. This is literally a value adjustment.
Rolling back the whole system would require quite a lot of work at this stage, and it’s something we don’t really plan on doing as we feel this new system brings many improvements -easily noticeable or not.
Should now that value be too low, please let us know as well and we’ll continue to adjust and tweak until we can reach a point in which the majority of our players feel it’s right.


Is it possible for us to tweak it ourselves, via monkeying around with something in the .ini files perhaps (for solo player / private servers only obviously), or is it not yet exposed? It’d be easier to provide exact feedback if so :slight_smile:


Movement feels just about perfect now. It feels responsive and snappy, and keeps us moving quickly. As requested, I’ll leave my opinion about dodge out of it, so for this particular question I’d have to say I’m very happy with the hotfix.


I subscribed to the forums to provide my feedback. I quit this game a few months ago because I was playing on a PvP server, but it did not feel like a PvP game. I got tired of people running loot out of there bases merely by crafting a potion of midnight (after spending hundreds of bombs fighting them) as well as the endless chase on someone every time they decided to disengage from a fight.
When I i was told about and then watched the devstream for this update I immediately reinstalled the game and tested it on testlive when it came out. It felt like PvP was finally getting some attention, and some of the things Alex (I think that was his name?) was talking about made it really seem like they were focusing on the issues alot of PvP player experience in this game.
When the update rolled out fights were intense. Actions chosen mattered, without the ability to just take off and dodge every attack at any moment during a fight. People actually felt danger during PvP, something I had totally given up on after holding onto the game for so long, hoping… And now this patch drops and it feels totally reverted (movement wise) and i don’t notice any build up for momentum what so ever. This could actually feel worse than before roll got changed, because now if you miss a swing on a runner you cant even aggressively roll forward once or twice to correct yourself.

My opinion is that the value was turned back way too far. I would say maybe we should take baby steps with the momentum changes rather than so drastically. Even if its 50% of what it was, please do not “revert” this patch back to what it was. #bringbackmomentum


and i personnaly think alex was right in bringing difficulty, game was more interesting (people turning in circle in doing dodge was not really interesting when fighting)

I like the new movement, much more responsive, Thank You.
Now please fix the roll so the awesome armor I obtained fighting bosses in the unnamed city is usable again. With the current setup I get 1 shot by way too many things in game due the inability to roll far enough away. To think you cant roll farther with 50#s less in armor is crazy.
My suggestions are,
Keep heavy roll as is and increase med and light armor roll to halfway between what they are now and what they were originally.
Buff arrows to cripple more to help with pvp runners. Buff pets that cripple to do the same.
Bottom line, If you want my loot you should have to work for it not just have 3 or more people run up and kill me as I farm, build, or challenge content the game provides. Wearing light armor I should have a fair chance to evade my pursuers.
Thank you for your time.


Tried out the new changes. I only have one issue: Harvesting.
Harvesting between nodes (movement) seems fine.
Actual swinging the pick, axes, so forth, seems a bit clunky (jerky) still.

If people are gathering too much from a resource and you want to reduce harvesting rates (increasing the time spent harvesting), then please change the harvesting rates and not the character swinging animation.


I have to agree with many of the points brought up by Malz. It’s been far too easy to disengage from battle and the previous momentum system greatly alleviated that issue. Now it feels like the changes brought in the last update were completely reverted. I would have liked more of a middle ground.