Momentum update to the update

TaschaCommunity Director


Hello, Exiles,

We went over community feedback regarding the latest update and discussed it with the rest of the team. It was clear that many of you felt strongly about the newest movement changes.
We also agree that we didn’t leave enough room for testing, which is something that we will work on improving.

The designers feel that the momentum feature is an essential part of the mount experience. However, while we’re keeping it in, we are also making adjustments based on your feedback.

This change will be part of a hotfix going out within the next few days. Please check out the adjustments once they are live and let us know how they feel.

This will also be discussed in our stream later today at 5pm CET. Make sure to tune in on either Twitch , Mixer , Steam or Twitter (Periscope).

We do appreciate all of you and thank you for your ongoing support and for being part of our community.

Thank you so much for listening! I (we) are very excited to see what the new patch brings. This response was greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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