Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread

Well I’ll grant you it’s hardly alone in employing that style of argumentation, but two (or several dozen) wrongs don’t make a right, as they say :slight_smile:

However, no-one is doing the game any favors with blind hatred OR blind love for any and all changes, including the recent batch. It’s explicitly not what Funcom has asked for, either, in terms of feedback.

And now I shall stop derailing this thread, and just say that I guess the upcoming stream will tell us more about what they intend to do, at least in the short term.


Since my PC server is at peace, I’ve had to get my ya-yas out on the PS4. Granted this is a nascent system, but if it gets tuned just so, it will feel right for all of us. Being a long-term controller user, this way seems much more fluid on the PS, and somewhat more intuitive. Engagements mean business now, not just a wounding and a dash off to Castle Vainia.

At least @Tascha very kindly let the air out of a conspiracy theory, and assented that the movement system owes largely to the complexity of horse mechanics. Therefore we will inevitably see tweaking and fine-tuning as momentum is branched, for lack of a better term. My hope, my one hope, is that all of the people here who are expressing their discontent continue to do so as the system evolves. :sun_with_face:


We’re also interested in those who like any changes we do to let us know. Sometimes it feels nice!


My sleeping clan-mates look so cute now with the new sleeping animations :slight_smile:


This is the greatest update to the game in the history of Conan Exiles.

My desire is to encourage people to not just simply pop in to voice criticism, but to actively engage in the game on a productive level. I’m glad you invited compliments, though. It’s magnificent, man. The team should be very, very proud.


The mount system is window-dressing and is completely worthless without the ability to have BOTH a horse and a thrall in your party at the same time. Further, it is worthless without the ability to truss a thrall and sling them over the back of the horse, or drag them behind your horse.

Yes, it is fun to ride around and lance elephants and run down NPCs. But doing that for lulz is not sustainable. To prosecute the core game mechanics, you have to leave the mounts behind, and run everywhere just like before. And now running is about as pleasant as sticking a needle in your eye with this momentum “feature.”

People didn’t want mounts for lulz. They wanted mounts for immersion and convenience. Now we have a half-baked version of mounts that is useless for the most important things in the game at the expense of breaking movement and mobility. I’m not sure anybody wanted this.


If I ride my horse to my desert vault and pick up a new trainee, then ride out to the Cimmerian Nightmare territory, it seems natural to send my horse home while the humans do some dirty work. It fits well into my narrative, and seems right. You either ride, or you form a hunting party.

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Riding should be part of the hunting party. They shouldn’t have rolled out mounts without this. You should not be forced to choose.

Yes, it will look lame having your thrall running after you on your horse. But I can live with that. It’s no more lame than thralls teleporting up cliffs or across rivers when they follow you. If it bothers somebody, they can just ride slower.

What I want is to ride with thrall in tow for support, and raid a faraway village. Like the beginning of Conan the Barbarian. I want the ability to park the horse some place, clean up the town with my thrall (kill or incapacitate everybody), and decide which slave I will take and kill the rest. I want to truss the slave and put it on the horse, or drag it behind, and go home on my horse. That engagement is EVERYTHING about the REH / Hyborian universe.

I cannot be the only one who wants this. And I can’t imagine the devs not understanding that people want this immersion and convenience.


I’m totally digging the new changes. That’s not to say maybe momentum could be tweaked somewhat to favor lighter armor or certain perks but overall the pvp is much better. Poke and roll meta garbage is out and running no longer means get away once your heals run low. I especially love mounted combat and the ability to run down and trample those who might otherwise get away. Likewise having a horse makes for a great get away when stuff goes south or the raid gets cut short.

I totally respect that. That’s what’s great, we are here to play our way. If you’ll indulge me, I kind of have a notion of The Leatherstocking Tales, where Hawkeye (part-breed like me) would most commonly use horse for transport but run for combat or rescue. Sometimes 20 kilometers in a day on rough terrain, as epically depicted in The Last of the Mohicans.

Truthfully I’d be delighted if I could outfit my thrall to a horse and have her train her mount. That would be my ideal. Keep reaching for the stars, right? :wink:

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Oh, the momentum-based movement works great for the mounts. Honestly, I love riding my horse and it brought me a lot more fun than I ever expected from it.

I’m extremely happy to hear that the team will be at least tweaking the momentum-based movement, so that running on foot will not be so onerous and cumbersome during non-combat situations.

One question I have is: will the team be able to tweak the movement parameters for humans and mounts separately? Because it would really be a shame to ruin the mounts’ movement.

I assume that this will also be recorded and uploaded to YouTube, as all other streams, right?

You know that saying “don’t shoot the messenger”? Well, there’s no rule for giving the messenger some cake for good news: :cake: :heart:

Thank you! :grin:

I’ve said it before, but now I have the opportunity to do so in a direct reply to you, @Ignasi: I absolutely love the new dodge and the mounts! :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:



I agree, why would a hunting party opt out on taking horses if it’s an option? Imagine some one in a hunting party suggesting to walk half way across the continent, I feel they would be laughed at.

I’m glad the community team understood and agree it feels put out a bit soon.

This is just me, I would suggest reverting the system and taking the new system back to PTR for more testing and more improvements, and when it’s ready, bring it back in. Kind of a “meet me half way” situation, hopefully making people overall happier . Those for the change can be happy knowing the new system is going to come back at a later date and those against, can enjoy things being the way they were, but look forward to a better and more improved system coming that corrects the issues they have with it.

I’m really interested in seeing what thoughts are going to be brought up during the stream. As much as I feel like the current patch created a negative game feel in several aspects, it is not a lost cause that should be abandoned. Balancing asymmetrical gameplay between agile and slow combat styles is difficult, especially when there are so many elements outside of PVP to consider for a game such as this.

The downside to reworking movement and combat elements is that PVE needs to fit those rule sets. There are people who enjoyed the increased difficulty that the patch provided, which is a good thing! However there are also people who found the changes to be frustrating or too difficult since PVE is now working on a different ruleset than what is given to our characters. I think the visual aspect of seeing the enemies running around with the old ruleset while we’re stuck with this new ruleset created another element of bad game feel for players. (Not speaking for others, just speculation).

I honestly wonder if the best way to rework PVP is to rework PVE and have the outcome of those changes be what defines the rework of PVP since in a game like Conan Exiles, it is a bit hard to make large changes to one aspect without offhandedly affecting the other. (Or in this case, several aspects of the game that I mentioned in a previous post.)

Hopefully the game gets to the point where people are spitballing build ideas back and forth instead of agreeing on specific a specific meta. Honestly there’s so many interesting options for weapons and playstyles that it’s disheartening to see agreements in meta.

I’ve left out mentioning horses in my posts on purpose. I saw the introduction of mounts as a backbone frame. I’ve seen a lot of people on here debating the usefulness of mounts at this point in time and I simply felt like right now we’re just seeing the first stepping stone of this feature.

In fact, a lot of what this patch had to offer feels like the beginning steps of framework to be expanded upon over time. Not that that’s a bad thing, I think it just scared a lot of people.

As I said in my first reply, the worst thing about this huge patch was the lack of communication about the new movements features.
Funcom focused too much on horses which was the emerged part of the iceberg and missed how about movements changes will impact players feelings.

But Alex clearly showed us on the stream of today that he really loves the game and wants to give us the best he can.

Adjustments shown on stream today looks pretty neat.

Jens looked a bit sad and I don’t like when Jens is not joyfull.

/Love to all of you Exiles :slight_smile:

P.S : Tascha let me be your Thrall :wink::sweat::flushed:

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You guys need to slow down with all the good news, otherwise there’ll be none left for my birthday :grin:


Dissapointed about the answers. Felt like they listened to the 16 % that did like the new b s movement. Making momentum movement a little bit shorter. Sad.

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Well, I am not saying this because I blindly support any change to the combat system. I am genuinely content with the new movement system. It looks a lot smoother than it was before and it adjusted the PvE difficulty a tiny bit at least. Its still a big problem that all animals and NPCs stop like 2 seconds before attempting to hit you. So even with the running momentum u can evade all attack when you keep moving.

Ps.: I also like the new darkness in caves.

If there’s something I learned from the last few updates, it’s that it’s perfectly fine to be skeptical and leery of upcoming changes that sound bad, but it’s good to give them a try before forming a definitive opinion. Try it first and then you can hate it not only with a passion, but with actual knowledge, too :wink: Bonus hate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if we’re being completely honest, they weren’t listening to 16%, they were listening to 40% (the “like” and the “please adjust this” camps, added up).


How to focus on how to improve. Roll back the flipping, movement and weapon nerfs.