Is Funcom going to listen?

Regarding the movement / climbing, fall and dodge mechanics, is Funcom going to listen to their community?.. Or potentially let this game take a massive hit in their player base which ultimately might kill the game we all enjoyed so much.


i dont understand the multitude of people voting for dislike and who just change the role a bit? It is clear that people want to have the old roll again


Where is the hit?!


Why should they change the mechanic after only three days?
Also the polls here arent reliable, in the dodge mechanic poll 360 participated and in the after patch poll only 116.
As you see in the steamcharts link Olumat posted, between 10000 and 14000 players still play the game.
If at all they will tweak some things, but dont expect more.


I hope no, those are the usual whiners that come with every patch, they will pass, but the game will stay and the people are playing and love the new mechanics!


I hope they do at least some bugfixes and tweaks before the holidays. They rushed out the patch, they should rush out some fixes too :wink:


WHY WHY have they not changed it yet its not hard. There was nothing wrong with the movement PRIOR to update…If its not broken don’t fix it. Focus on fixing the AI of the game.


Well actually if you take the daily data with the opinion posted on Steam, yes there iq a qpike in the siqlikes, but absolutely nothing compared to the new likes

I have been watching also people on twitch. There are far more people qtreaming and people watching since the update and I didn’t see the trend change since the 5th.

Yes on Reddit and here, a majority of people are pissed. I also expressed my dissapointment with this new system which made me quit several times because I couldn’t get around. Don’t get me wrong I still prefer the previous movement system but now I am starting to get used to it.

We need more days to see what will happen in terms of opinions, but statistically, if you take the entire community and not the ones on Reddit and onthis forum, this update and this change seems to be a huge success for Funcom. Also, saying you like the new system is not well seen on those sites (reddit and this forum) so the people who like it might just choose to shut up and play.

My ppint is, “is funcom gonna listen?”

They will. But from a metadata point of view, I think they have all they need to see this change as good and they will probably keep it or very slightly tweek it. So most probably thzir decisions regarding who to listzn to will prpbably drive them toward not following the complainers. They are liqtening, but they will probably go forward with those changes.

If this was the system the game had on day one and they changed it to what it used to be you’d have the same people complaining about it. The new system isn’t game breaking it’s just different. When people get used to it it’ll be fine.


New patch just came out, it’ll take abit for people to be yay or nay.

I’m not enjoying it myself. Jog/run feels broken and unneeded. Like I got slime in left stick…

and roll is so, weird looking. Like your hit with a spell for slow motion, then bam… your not.
Shorter distance is nice, but I can’t get past what looks like my ps4 dieing.

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I can still kill rotbranch without a thrall. Use a shield… They are very useful.

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You ask why they should change the mechanic after three days?

Ill counter, why did they change the mechanic after almost 3 years?


Because PvPers didn’t like people being able to disengage and run away too easily. At least that’s the sentiment I picked from the dev streams.

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I don’t think this kind of auto-dismissal of people’s concern is any more useful than auto-hating any changes.


Personally, I prefer the new movement and the roll/dodge. I find the roll to be more useful now. I can roll into an attack, take no damage, and come up swinging. What’s not to like?

As for the movement… the only way I can explain it is that it feels like it has weight now.

You can still slide down a mountain, you just need to be a bit more mindful of how you do it.

So, all in all… I’m for it. Like frilly toothpicks in my sandwich (let me know if you get the reference).

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You like the way your character now stumbles about for a few steps after trying to stop moving like a dizzy drunkard? Just curious.

And I agree to the new system having some weight to it, which I too also like, however when my character starts becoming less athletic than me irl I start to question some of the changes, for instance being able to leap forwards from a standing position, you try standing still and then see how far you can leap forwards without needing a run up, now compare that to when you try with your character and tell me which of you is able to leap further.


I hope they do listen but keep the changes, game is better now, the game before this was actually broken, it was kinda stupid and unrealistic, i know it’s a game and being realistic isn’t that fun at all but it adds a lot of immersion and strategy.

After all we’re all testing the new game mechanics and they will probably fix a thing or two in the future, i only hope they won’t roll back to the old system.

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True, we don’t need the fighting style post release, give us back the fighting system we had in early access, it was dope back in the day.

Ofc player count is better, its just like a week after a big update. But when ppl are done, the player count will go down.


Where do you get this is a success? “Cut out reddit and these forums” so where are you getting your info then?

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