Made a funcom account just to advocate for a reversal in the momentum and dodge mechanics changes

The title, just wanna know how many of you have as well


Yep, I made an account to reply, the movement is very sluggish and I actually liked the old movement/dodging… I play pve so DODGING is very useful when fighting boss mobs… The new dodge roll is like I ROLLED 2 feet and it took 3 seconds to dodge no attacks and get beat on while I am dodging, what is the point of having that dodge? I can’t even run properly, it feels like I start running then I am slowed down and no longer running just walking fast.
It’s super ridiculous, I dislike the changes.

Funcom killed Conan Exiles for me its no longer a favorite. :pensive:


Please avoid creating duplicate topics, as there are many topics on this already.

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