Dodge & Momentum setting for PvE vs PvP

Since most people in favor of the new mechanics are PvP and most against it are PvE. Seems it would make sense for Funcom to make a toggle in server settings for switching between the two mechanics.

Yes, I am aware that they have said they will probably offer some settings to adjust the level of momentum on private servers and SP games, but so far, nothing about the horrible dodge.

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“Since most people in favor of the new mechanics are PvP and most against it are PvE.”

Excuse me, but can u please tell me where u got that from? Tell me what a PVE do in game that a PVP player dont do? Farming? Building? Killing mobs? We do all that + fighting.

Actually the adjust they did on momentum is pretty fluid now. The only thing they need to tweak a bit is the roll. Make the distance a little bit further and make it a bit faster in medium/light.

the Dodge roll is the big problem and it is frequently PvP players saying how great it is, by preventing enemy players from escaping battle so easily as before with the old dodge.

I made several wine cellar runs and the dodge is overall better… You are sometimes undamageable, compared to the other.
When the boss makes his blue rings, you can be IN THEM and roll at the right time and get 0 dmg.

And as the new movement patch-fix is still not out for PS4, I cannot say much about the newest version of it.
What I find horrible is that start/stop all the time in my base. When you run around it isnt that much of a problem…

I am only PvE and have no complain about the dodge. Maybe its a problem if you never use any thrall at all.

My opinion is that ‘this is it’. Yes old dodge was better to the old players but we didn’t have it on heavy armors and it was wrong. Now i wear champions armor and i can dodge. Look at the bright side and keep playing, we love the game, we love funcom for making it and ‘this is it’.

I’m probably the minority, but I’m a PVE player who loves the new dodge roll. I don’t really understand what the big problem is. My opinion on the new dodge roll on PVE is:

  • You can use it to negate an attack. I love that.
  • It doesn’t give you as much distance as the old one, so you can’t spam it to disengage. However, you can still disengage by rolling to negate and then running away.
  • You can’t use it to speed up overencumbered movement anymore. However, equip some daggers and use the light attack for that :wink:

All in all, it doesn’t seem to have taken away anything and it’s given me new things that allow me to fight better. :man_shrugging:


My guess is: The light armor users are pissed off… All others not so :smiley:


I’am afraid you need to clarify why the dodge is horrible for you.

Is it too hard?
is it not usable? (again is it unusable because of lag? difficulty, or mechanically useless

The reason I ask those questions is because, the reason PvPers like it, is because it rewards skill, and punishes screw ups. Because the dodge has always been a “Oh noes, I messed up, ill just smash my face on the keyboard without thinking about any real consequences and all is good”. And that is bad. its bad for PvP and its bad for PvE.

This is because Conan’s PvP has historically (after the animation update) been a game of infuriating, and unpredictable Tag. it would take a very long time just to catch someone and hit them, and that is not even talking about killing them. that is a whole other form of difficulty. dodge was just too much of a get out of jail free card.

And this honestly goes for PvE as well. You don’t even need to dodge half the time vs most monsters, and when you did it made encounters pointless? might as well just auto kill the monster and move on.

I cover a lot of good reason for the changes, and i offer some suggestions, you guys can read it here if you haven’t seen it allready.


I understand where you all are coming from. You make valid arguments for it’s benefit. For me, it just seems very wrong that all armor classes move the same i a dodge now. Why wear light armor or medium? just for RPing or managing weight a little better. It just confounds me how they can all behave the same now.

Then for me, there is the immediate slam to slow motion. I’ve played a lot of games before, where you get hit with a web spell, that slows you down to 1/2 or 1/4 of your normal speed. Dodge now feels like that to me. Very abrupt and it looks terribly off. Not quite as much so when doing it from a stand still, but still feels so wrong to me.

Even if they don’t make it an official PvP vs PvE setting on their servers, I sure hope they allow for it as an option of SP and private servers.

Oh, I agree that it looks somewhat jarring to slow down like that and that there should be bigger differences between armor classes. But you were calling for an option to completely disable the new system and reinstate the old one. The issues you raise are completely valid, but they can be solved by tweaking the new system :slight_smile:

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One day i was playing in a pvp server and i was farming ‘us usual’. Admin send me message to tell me that he was bored. So i propose him to go to the’ new dungeon’ wine cellar without thralls. Being in a different clan, without thralls and to a new dungeon sounded challenging to him and so we went. He builded full strenth with darfari armor and i went full vitality ‘tank’ with silent legion armor. The plan was i drow the opponents to me and he kills from behind. The plan was not so good because until the final boss we died several times. At the final boss we decided to play tottaly nude and it was the easiest fight in the dungeon. All this story is just to agree with Alex the lead designer of conan exiles about his statement that they had to change dodge because pve was to easy. Yes it is true, armors before the update was something to fill you wardrobes or dazzle new players. If you wanted to kill the hardest boss in the game you where going nude and your biggest fear was bleeding or lag. I agree with ALEX, THEY DID WELL TO CHANGE DODGE and us i say before ‘THIS IS IT’

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Then you were on at the wrong place :smiley:

Try this one: Half-Child of Dagon - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

But Funcom balanced his health, so now he should be easier. That guy killed end-game T4 thralls quite fast, if you didnt spam healing arrows at them.

I would agree with @jot29 on who’s likely to like and dislike the changes. Right after update, it was probably like… Heavy armor users: “wow, we have a roll-dodge!”. Light armor users: “shucks, we don’t have a roll-dodge”. :smile:

But just to note, they did mention in the stream that momentum, at least, will be a server setting.

Still the hardest boss was not that child, it was difficult, yes, meaningless to kill it, yes, the hardest no way. The lady at the dungeon made 10 times the damage he did and stuck you tones of bleeding. If you want me to tell you wich ‘for me’ is the most dificult boss all you have to do is open another window of dialog and i 'll tell you.

I made the dungeon 1-2 week ago. The endboss is easy, but I didnt bother with him.
Well I tried, until my thrall was <50% life and he still had 90% left…

Just give it a try and without any thrall :wink: Or your friend, if he wants some challenge.

He hits hard. Very hard… Same as arena champion. Hard to say, if I get hit by either of these 2, i just run away while healing :D. Has an AoE attack and his health pool was in no relation to anything else in that game (this was patched).

So what was/is the most difficult boss for you? And please dont say arena champion, you can stun lock her…

I did the Sunken City, several times, without any thralls, back when it came out. Didn’t trust a new dungeon with my thralls :smiley:

But here’s why that doesn’t count at all: it was before the LBS nerf :laughing:

So who was for you the hardest in this dungeon?

Because I made it the first time with my clanmate (and 2 thralls)… So it wasnt that hard. But when I farmed some pearls and stuff and I came again to him… Oh, boy… He nearly killed me and then I ran away from him :smiley: :smiley:
And the result was kinda the same 2 weeks ago.

Je voulais rappeler quelques sondages parmi les autres pour appuyer le fait que l’extrême majorité de la communauté est contre les nouveaux changement, notamment en ce qui concerne la roulade!

et encore, je n’ai pas eu le temps de déterrer tous les sondages! Si cela ne suffit pas, il appartient à tout à chacun de regarder ses amis et leurs temps de jeu sur Conan Exiles. Je ne sais pas pour vous, mais de mon côté, les temps de jeux varient entre 4 minutes et 1 heure, et sont de moins en moins nombreux…

Et ce qui est malheureux dans tout ça, c’est que Funcom semble avoir adopté une position inhabituellement autoritaire et spécifiquement au sujet de la l’esquive/roulade. Ce qui signifie peu de chance de progrès…

A la lecture de cette page, je trouve assez sensé l’argument selon lequel les joueurs en armure lourde, sont les grands gagnants des dernières évolutions, et cela transcende la vision pvp / pve. Quant aux grands perdants, ce sont bien sûr les autres. Le choix d’une armure légère et donc une plus grande vulnérabilité aux dégâts ne paye plus! Ceux qui choisissaient l’armure légère, choisissaient littéralement un autre jeu! Et ce choix n’est plus possible puisque Funcomn à littéralement cloturé tout un pan de son jeu

Et je voudrais ajouter ceci, l’esquive n’est pas seulement un acte défensif parmi d’autres. C’est tout une philosophie par laquelle on appréhende un univers martial. Et de ce point de vue je citerai bien des jeux aux grands défauts dont l’esquive permit de les sauver, comme Dévil May Cry ou State of Decay…

Après, oui, pour tous ceux de la colonne vieille esquive, je vous l’assure, malgré beaucoup d’amertume, il y a une vie après Conan Exiles…

Avec malgré-tout, toute ma profonde reconnaissance à Funcom pour ces années de plaisir!

google traduction:

I wanted to recall a few polls among the others to support the fact that the vast majority of the community is against new changes, especially with regard to the roll!

and again, I did not have time to dig up all the polls! If that’s not enough, it’s up to everyone to watch their friends and their playing times on Conan Exiles. I don’t know about you, but for my part, the playing times vary between 4 minutes and 1 hour, and are less and less numerous …

And the unfortunate thing about all of this is that Funcom seems to have taken an unusually authoritarian stance and specifically about dodging. Which means little chance of progress …

Reading this page, I find it quite sensible the argument that players in heavy armor are the big winners of the latest developments, and this transcends the vision pvp / pve. As for the big losers, it is of course the others. The choice of light armor and therefore greater vulnerability to damage no longer pays! Those who chose light armor, literally chose another game! And this choice is no longer possible since Funcomn literally closed a whole section of his game

And I would add this, dodging is not just a defensive act among others. It is a whole philosophy by which one apprehends a martial universe. And from this point of view I will cite many games with big flaws whose dodging allowed them to be saved, like Dévil May Cry or State of Decay …

After, yes, for all those in the old dodge column, I assure you, despite much bitterness, there is life after Conan Exiles …

Despite everything, all my deep gratitude to Funcom for these years of pleasure!

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Honestly, the hardest bit was the final room, where the portals are to go back. It’s not precisely because of any individual boss, but rather how they would gang up on me and I would have to be careful about my health management, because some of them hit really hard and others would keep setting me up for the hard-hitting bosses :smiley:

So there was a lot of running away in circles with the LBS equipped and the Yakkety Sax playing in the background :crazy_face:

And then the first ones would respawn while I was trying to finish off the last ones… :rofl:


As always, I totally agree. I’ve started playing Destiny 2 now which is almost as good as Conan WAS imo. It was a great time here, more than 1000 hours (I know, that’s nothing, compared to some others xD), but with Alex as Lead designer, I think it’s time to move on.

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