New dodges - please re-consider these changes

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While I can understand wanting to balance things a bit, but entire overhauls of systems that have been in the game since the start purely for pvp reasons seems remiss, please re-consider this change.

Perhaps consider tweaking it by making it a mix, say new med roll for heavy armor vs the hop and keep the quick one for super light as an example. Or even make the light roll a perk instead, thus making choosing your stat points something with more weight in pvp situations. It would also negate any potential issues with world ai that won’t be changed to reflect the changes to the new animations and slower rolls.

These mechanics have been a core piece of the game and it’s identity since it was released, why continue to remove or overhaul things that make the game what it is and have not only brought in, but also kept the audiences? The weapon changes were a good example, it would have been more simple to just speed up hammers a little.

Rp and pve are the bigger audiences (last I knew), the roll mechanic and the look were important as is for those 2 community groups for a variety of reasons.

Edit: Thanks to Shadoza for waking my brain up a bit more. I should really be saying, this change needs to be balanced for -all- the communities, not just the pvp group as it’s a mechanic that is important to pve and rp as well. Here are some examples as to how it helps with pve/rp.

Some examples,
If you would like something added to this list as to reasons this should be reverted or at least re visited, please ping me!

  • The roll helped balance the weakness of light armor vs even mini boss mobs, which many will 2 shot even in the best lights. You add on popular mods like AoC and this becomes even more important, and tends to even make light armor useless for pve.
  • It was a helpful mechanic to get away from mobs that still have broken leashing from patches 6+ months ago
  • Without a party mechanic, it helped balance issues involving ff on bosses that were smaller then dragons(which still have ff issues) when you have more then one person.
  • You often get stuck to or in mobs still, the light armor speed and length gave you a better chance of “detaching”.
  • Without the quicker roll it is potentially easier to get pinned into a corner without ai changes to npcs, which are now smart enough to path around long distances, and even jump ledges.
  • It looked better(and no crotch shot), smoother vs awkwardly slow and stiff, even for heavy armor that roll was super stiff and out of place with the speed chosen, much like the 2 handed axe changes.
  • It was one thing that can help make pvp battles with rp involved a little more interesting too, especially when a lot of us build to our characters vs min maxing. Someone in lights can have a decent spar with someone in heavy vs it being a quick 2 shot. An Arena event has longer battles without resorting to iron weapons

Thank you for your time,


Perfectly fair point, though I personally find this to be a sweeping change and on the stream they specifically noted this was a pvp decision vs an overall.

We’ll just have to test it and see how it goes.


Having watched this I will probably finally give heavy armor a chance. Can not stand that stutter step. Normally wear medium armor


I feel the same way. I had a very ambivalent reaction while watching the stream: on the one hand, it’ll be great to be able to dodge bosses in heavy armor; on the other, all of the dodges, including the light armor, look slow as molasses.


Yes, I’ve got one. If you’re outnumbered in PvP (which has happened to me several times) the light roll is your only way to dodge several hits at a time and take them out one by one. I’m definitely not looking forward to these changes. Might get the dinos for christmas

I only have very limited data on my ‘internet’. Could someone please do me the kindness of sharing a timestamp of this from the Mounts dev stream where this change features? At this stage I am quite hesitant to embrace this change. As the saying goes:

“If it ain’t broke dont fix it”.


The new roll effect looks more realistic to how real people might roll.

It also looks a bit frumpier. (Ugly!)

Having said that, if the intention is to prevent people from cheesing things, kiting other players, and forcing ugly fights with ugly consequences, I can get on board.

With the advent of horses, dodging out of the way of a horse will be a “do it right the first time” type thing. And then it affords you an opportunity to run for cover, or knock off a rider.

I do have concerns about big mobs, and packs of mobs ruining players day.

As someone mentioned, it’s EZ in this game to get surrounded by (skeletons especially) and trapped in a unwinnable situation. With as fast as skeletons can lunge, vs how slow and clunky this new dodge is… and considering I WON’T be raising agility, and WILL be using heavy armor.

I could see this totally ruining me while I farm Fragments of Power.

My only thought here is, bow’s, and support a super phat thrall.

That, or perhaps new pets will get a quality boost.


The new roll looks to be as bad for offline play as the new weapon timings. FC put in arrows / javelins etc to cripple folk so they cant run away so why are we having a core mechanic changed so drastically? If PVP folk can’t get there head round that mechanic why should the rest of the community suffer?


Here you go man. Have not read through it myself but it should be complete as usual with Multigun’s work.



Thankyou my buddy! :smiling_imp: :metal:

GENERAL OBSERVATION (not directed to you Necro):

Wow that looks underwhelming and absurdly SLOOOW. At a time when we will have to engage opponents charging towards us at full-gallop on Horses, we are to slow down the dodge animations!? Am I the only person who is baffled by this change? I predict that this will only push PvPers (and other modes for that matter) even further towards Light armour so so that they actually remain competitive. I am already contemplating it. On the surface at least, this makes me think I will have my work cut out for me even dodging a World Boss or the Red Mother in Medium or Heavy armour, let alone faster enemies such as Wights, the Albino Bat or the Werewolf in the Midnight Grove dungeon. Players from ALL modes have had to learn to master the games dodge and counter system, and we have all succeeded and prospered with it. Look, I am prepared to eat my words and rebuke myself should the changes prove me wrong come crunch time. But at this point; I am sorry, I still and will always respect Funcom and love Conan Exiles. But I cannot in good conscience support this change. I am opposed.



Don’t be afraid of change, try it first then give feedback.

As they say during stream, evveryone was not happy about this change at beginning but after 1 weak they can’t g oback.

So we gonna see soon

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That pretty much summed up a sizeable amount of my concerns.

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The dodge looked slower for Medium and Light in general. The Light looks to be closer to the current Medium. The Medium looks too slow for more agile opponents. Well for that matter most enemies.

Much more so I feel personally. Heavy Armour is open to deliberation. However, Medium and Light…most certainly is I feel. It is shown here in the recap (dodge changes). Tell me if you think so too, or if Croms_Faithful is simply off his rocker.

While I can understand that rolling in Light Armor vs rolling in Heavy Armor should have a distinct difference, more than anything this seems like just something to baby the PvP crowd and be a pain in the ■■■ for the PvE crowd.


I’m not happy with the new dodging that they showed, either. I don’t like the way it looks and it seems soo slooow.

Despite the fact that agility is being changed to work alongside this new dodging system, I really hope that they will do us a solid by adding a server setting to disable this. Might be too much to ask for, but man does this look bad.

I’m thinking of how much of a drag it’s going to be moving resources from one side of a build to the other, or carrying lots of tier3 mats to upgrade a build, without being able to roll quickly.


Haven’t watched the stream yet fully, this might have been adressed.

The new rolls are very ‘low’, as in you get right down to the ground. Is this to avoid swipes from a mounted player? If so, heavy armor users wouldn’t be able to dodge at all, so I welcome that change if so!

The animations themselves are really nice too, if a tad weird witht the sudden drop off in speed.

Also; NO KEEP THE LIGHT ROLL FAST I LOVE SPEED ROLL IN GAMES!! 90% of the combat for me is speed rolling, its an art form to be mastered. Yes it takes 3 hours to kill a boss but hell is it fun flying around with the frame perfect rolls (…not really but I like to think so).


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Thank you everyone for your replies and input, I’m really hoping funcom takes a look at this and finds a better way to go about this for all of the communities involved as it stands this will be a determent to pve, more so when you add in popular mods like AoC. As noted by @darkspire there are ways to counter the fast rolls in pvp in a variety of ways(arrows, javelins etc), and of course light armor in itself is very weak.

I will update the main post to reflect some of these points when I have a chance.

Very well said, exactly what my migraine addled brain was attempting to get at. Thank you so much for the post!

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