The new movement debate

So, looking through, there are a lot of opinions for both sides of the debate. But instead of entirely dismissing the new mechanics of it, why don’t we, as a community, discuss our problems with it, and attempt to come up with a middle ground. Here’s my thread for just this suggestion.

While I liked the old system better, I don’t think it was without fault, but I also don’t think this new system is completely bad either. a few problems I have with the new system, that I’ve stated in other posts but will compile here:

  1. The total nerf for light armor is unnecessary, it’s almost unusable now. with under a second difference in the amount of time it takes to attack after rolling compared to heavy armor, the increase in defense the heavy armor has completely over-powers light armor now because they attack almost as quick and are relegated to the same dodging properties. the fix intended to help give people being “forced into light armor by meta” is now going to “force people into heavy armor for meta” instead of making all armors and weapons viable. with this change, I have no doubt the new meta will be heavy armor with claws or daggers.

  2. While I can’t speak for the PVP side of things, PVE has become almost too easy. the dodge having I-frames has given the ability to phase through any oncoming attack, including tailspins. however, what I’ve read from the PVP standpoints is that it’s made a “poke-and-roll” technique worthless, which given my experience in PVE, I don’t foresee that being the truth, because a properly timed dodge will roll you past any of their attacks, again allowing for poke-and-roll if only at a smaller distance.

  3. The speed of the animation is so slow it looks completely unrealistic. I know, I know, it’s a video game, things don’t have to be realistic, but rolling that slow and that small of a distance is just laughable to think of. This new dodge roll would have been perfect to just simply replace the heavy dodge roll.

So, now into my fairly simple suggestions,

  1. Keep this dodge roll on heavy armors, with all of it’s added aspects.

  2. Buff medium and light armors new style of rolling to accurately depict a reasonable difference in armor class.

Why do I feel this change would be better?
Mainly because I think players should be able to have their difference in combat styles, which having different dodges gave plenty of abilities to figure out a style for yourself. And from what I had used to hear about the PVP scene before this update is that there wasn’t really a meta. there were a few different combinations of things that were good and the poke-and-roll. I had made a thread of favorite weapon types before, and there were many different PVP only players that had completely different builds. Which I could be mistaken, but from the sound voice of PVP players that answered on my discussion before, there were plenty of viable play styles. which I fear will quickly change with this new dodge mechanic.


It honestly seems dumb, when you think about it.

Rolling in light armor should always been much faster than rolling in heavy armor. They should never be the same speed unless there is some sort of perk to let you roll faster in heavy armor.

Weight matters in situations like this.


I agree, but it was also pretty dumb how ridiculous light armors roll used to be. it was fairly unfathomable, regardless of how much weight you were carrying. I just really think there’s a happy middle that can be found in this whole thing that the developers didn’t see originally. and maybe people can add on to my thoughts and our opinions can be taken into account.

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I got to say, love the idea. However the movement feels horrid.

That’s something I didn’t touch on. While I understand their reasons for adding it, the wind-up on the run is a little ridiculous. Yes, it’s a survival game with a decent bit of realism, but if I wanted to run like a human being, i’d go outside and run around, like a normal human being. I personally feel like there’s a certain point where realism in a video game makes the video game completely pointless.
and while I don’t personally play PvP and the idea that a slower run start up will prevent the person from turning and running is completely sound and reasonable, I feel like this part would have been received better had they not released it along with the changes to the roll as well.
I also understand that adding mounts to the game would call for at least a slight nerf to movement, which is why I think the original light armor roll rightfully deserved a nerf, however, this was to the extreme.

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I have a decent thought of what it looks like to me, but you’d have to have seen the parody Kingdom Hearts Chronicles to know what I meant.

The movements take a lot of getting used to, but I did successfully start using the roll in combat. It wasn’t bad, after I figured it out.

You just look like a guy in one of those blow up Sumo wrestling suits trying to roll on the ground.

I personally have had no issues with the changes. The design goal was to make dodging something you do to avoid AN attack, not escape combat all together. They no longer want you to escape combat so easily. Hence the initial movement nerf as well.


Can we fix walking speed at least? Somehow that got nerfed too.

You can give the ability to “dodge an attack” without completely hindering speed or basically negating the difference of armor class. There are things I enjoy about the update, just as there are things that I don’t enjoy. but honestly, disengaging a fight in PVE has only changed to the point that you just run away rather than roll. Not once did I state that escaping combat easily was a reason for why i dislike the update anyway.
And you’re just as welcome to back the update as I am to want some tweaks to be made. I’d like heavy armor to be viable as well, but there was no reason to take away almost all reason to use a lighter armor. The difference in the ability to attack after roll between heavy and light armor is literally less than a second, making light armor virtually obsolete. The trade off of armor value for speed is much more significant than people seem to realize. I honestly feel like you barely read my original post here, because I touched on understanding a need for a movement nerf after mounts are added for distance travel. and I also stated that I understand that the old light armor roll was a good bit ridiculous, but this update took that to an unnecessary extreme in mine, and a lot of fans opinions.

I have as well, and don’t take this suggestion as me attempting to act like this update is only bad, because it did a good bit right. it just feels like it was taken to an extreme and definitely needs a few tweaks to really be viable as a “balance” to the game. Because all the update did was swap the meta from “rolling around at the speed of sound” to “slow and steady wins the race” instead of making all weapon types and armor types usable.

So if you say it feels like conan exiles in slow motion your post get removed? Nice one ! Freedom of speech I guess.

Yes, so what ?

That seems about right. lmao. the guys face is priceless, like, you really think that worked?

but here’s the vibe I get from it.


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I dont agree about 2 point Pve is not easier now i only play Pve and for me personaly fight with world bosses are harder , i want sey then i fight with them only solo without thrall and in some cases with 2h sword , maybe if they fix hitbox on Giant crocodile and Rhino and some other it will be more fun . I see too noboday say about 20% less dmg from strengh perk now.

I had problem with those two before this update. getting stuck on top of the crocs head, or underneath of the rhinos head. I have yet to fight all world bosses, but I tend to avoid those two altogether because any time I do fight them, the same things happen. I didn’t think a new dodge would change my opinion of those two world bosses. But your timing may not be proper, because I roll directly through oncoming attacks from everything I’ve fought so far.

I dont sey about roll i sey about movement becose of it fight with those 2 bosess seems unfair harder then before , i know then roll give frames and you can avoid dmg . When you roll in to boss you avoid dmg and then you stuck on hes head or else from you can die becose you cannot escape anymore . Sorry for me english.

Just an observation, but it seems like this is a classic “lowest common denominator” change. Instead of bringing the heavy armor up, like you suggest here, they decided to bring every stinkin’ thing down to the bottom. I don’t think slowing movement and combat down is a good thing, it felt really good the way it was. It would have been much simpler to just give heavy armor a faster roll (still slower than light/medium) and nerfed the stamina penalty it has, slightly, to compensate for the slower roll speed. Did anybody else ever play that Barbarian game that came out in 1987 on C64? That’s what the combat used to feel like in CE, now, it feels like I have 2 left thumbs.

As a side note, I don’t think your running speed is any slower, I think it just feels that way on short distances because of the slower acceleration. I didn’t feel like it took me any longer to run between the places I normally do.

It´s absolutely ridiculous, I cant get away from enemies…fair enough, It can be this slow with heavy armor…but with light armor…omg…

Running speed didn’t change, but it now has a “build up” to get to max running speed. which, as I’ve stated, I can understand the “realism” in that, but the point will always remain that these people we are playing as on this video game are literally warriors, barbarians, and gladiators. To act like they aren’t at PEAK physical fitness is just beyond unrealistic. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, there is such thing as “too much realism” in a video game. People that want realistic, why don’t you go outside and get the actual realism? not to mention, if anyone thinks a roll as slow and short as these peak fitness warriors have now is realistic, please go outside and do me a favor, do a few dodge rolls yourself, act like you’re in a sword fight like you would as a kid. How did you dodge? well, for starters, you probably didn’t roll, you probably dodged more along the lines of a sidestep or a back step, like the heavy armor originally had. Rolling away from an attack isn’t actually very realistic anyway, so what makes this roll more realistic?
and before the, “it’s a survival game, it’s about realism” replies come, there’s an extent to how much realism should be in a game, plain and simple.