Dodging in the next patch

I honestly like the new dodging changes. It means that people won’t be able to roll away from every single attack. But for the love of god, speed dodging up a little bit. Dodging should be slower than it is now but faster than what we saw on the stream.


Dodging I would say is good as it is already. Problem is that devs made weapons slower and they do it again.

The problem with dodging right now is that it changes too much between armor classes. The light dodge is multitudes better than the medium dodge for little trade off.

Ofc, rather that then not changing during classes at all, u have to choose. U want to roll shorter and able to make more hits or roll longer and able to take less hits? Making heavy armors rolling is just making me laugh. Devs dont know what they are doing. Changing a thing that havent been a problem after 2 years. Good job.


it is a problem, people just adapted on how it is.
making this changes should make the heavy armor a more viable option, it should be even be the best option for direct combat, leaving light armors for traveling or gathering or sneaking gameplay, and medium in a trade between those two.

If it is, it’s not because you cant roll with heavy. You are more tanky, and if u know how to play pvp u can probably do some good stuff with heavy, but thing is that light is and should be more flexible and it makes it more fun to play.

The duck and roll animation looks a bit naff. You’re fighting hand to hand in heavy armour, do you really think you’re going to be hitting the deck on your back and rolling over? Some of these animation changes in recent months are seriously questionable, like the animator hasnt been out of a basement in years and isnt aware of real human movements.

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The “Mobility in Medieval Plate Armor” video 3 posts up would like to say “Hi, please watch me.” :wink:

Many years ago I took part in some Wars of the Roses re-enactments, and from my own personal experience I can say that under the right circumstances plate armour is no real hindrance to a surprisingly large range of movements (especially evasive ones)!
The only hindrance to unrestricted movement was the lack of peripheral vision that the helm caused, colliding with things/people became a problem when moving rapidly to the side.

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Verrry slow motion. It would probably be more effective to simply run around ones opponent at the new full sprint now as a means of ‘dodging’.

My thoughts also went in that direction. We’ll have to wait and see but I agree it looks SLOW AF.


Thanks Necro, me too buddy I do REALLY hate to complain. But Asura or not, I owe my fellow forum members an honest take on this game and my own honesty and integrity too. And at this preliminary stage at least, based on my perceptions, this is what it is for me. It looks like a step backwards and a change which weaken all players. Although I really do hope that time proves me wrong though. And I really do mean it man…


Not sure whether this is something I like. It looks weird and slow.

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FUNCOM shows us combat system changes with HUGE impact on gameplay dynamics and at the same time doesn’t show us any real combat :rofl:

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Besides changes in dodges, I see another big change in the control. During the stream, although @Jens_Erik used a controller (gamepad), the character did not turn in the direction of movement as it does now.
It is a situation when we attract the left analog (down) to ourselves. The character walks slowly backwards. :snail:
If this is how the characters will move, we cannot rotate the camera while running to check if someone is chasing us.
This worries me more than slow dodging. :cold_sweat:

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they better not massacre my boy(controller style movement)

I hope a developer confirms whether they changed controller style movement or not.

Wish they would invest more time fixing pvp hacks and exploits.

Bomb pvp scripts
Lag switchs

not liking what i see so far on the rolling.
i always wear leather armor and rely on the roll A LOT.
this makes it look too slow for some of the swings that npc’s can do.
if someone has a spear and is attacking me , do i completely dodge the attack? or do i still get hit and then stunned while i am in that motion and then the glitches appear? like half standing and then i will crouch the rest of the fight?

thank you zerog