Light Armor, Daggers and the new dodging

I have been on and off for a very long time while I buy the DLC regardless of playing the game or not simply to support you funcom I find that the suggestion and feedback Inam about to provide you is simply common sense I hope it is obvious implemented.

First and foremost the reason for light armor I tend to run away this helps when I am carrying a load of crap so not being burdened by heavy-medium gear weights are beneficial for me.

Now secondly fighting both in PvP, PvE and PvC the rework of dodging has been good, when you changed it and bungled it you fixed it in it’s current state it’s actually perfect for heavy gear, slightly less for medium and absolutely horrendous for light.

Now my gripe with this is the tumble roll should be for medium gear only, heavy gear shouldn’t have to dodge so simply applying these suggestions should fix it.

While using light armor and daggers or a single handed weapon only, the dodge should be the old back flip dodge at its old speed, there is no reason to dodge a spear user as a small distance tumble roll backwards isn’t enough with out having x3.5 armor during a roll once the agility state is maxed. If it HAS TO stay that ugly back ro with zero distance with light armor and daggers x3.5 armor during the roll is the ONLY way to make this actually work but then what’s the point in playing light just go heavy and or medium. If your using light armor and a sword and shield the dodge should be the roll instead as the shield will be better in most situations and obviously they don’t require any more distance.

Medium armor should be the tumble roll but around about 10% further back when preformed. When using a shield or two handed weapons the 10% extra distance is removed

Heavy armor simply get rid of dodging increase armor values for non legendary armor by 35% legendary by 10-20% more based on the already given values.

Below old dodge.


Below slight suggestion for the tumble roll but a bit reduced as this isn’t a conan exiles example.


Hopefully you will make it worth using daggers again with light armor until then I am back in ugly looking medium and heavy gear my darn love for the Zamurian gear and race and religion/story will take a back seat in order to live and apply bleed safely.

Hopefully all this is coherent if anyone notices my phrasing or spelling is wrong please let me know so I may correct it.

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