Please go back to old movement!

YOU CANT EVEN ROLL AWAY FROM AN FU* SCORPION BOSS! Doenst matter what armor you wear /heavy,medium,light/ you always get the same stupid slow as sh*t roll that goes 1 foundation far.


It appears dodging is now designed to help avoid an attack, not disengage a foe.

I think it’s a needed fix, but will take some practice.


The new moves are great, I put more points in agility.

And bosses we usually kill with traps.


It’s stupid. They changed the roll, and the overall movement, making weapons slower. Most logical for me is to make weapons faster instead of messing up a already working movement gameplay.

U dont wanna fall a sleep in a fight right? Cuz that’s how slow u are moving right now.


I haven’t tried fighting him with the new dodge yet, so I don’t have my own opinion so far.

That being said, have you tried the backflip with the daggers? Also, is there any difference when you put more points in agility and try to dodge his attacks?

Altogether, the fluidity of the combat is about the only good thing to come from this. the minimal difference in the dodge between armor classes is so small now, there’s no reason to use anything but heavy armor.

but personally, i think sacrificing the unique dodges for each armor class isn’t worth the fluid fighting. everybody has a different way they like to play the game, this is just going to make one meta the most important thing., and it’ll be heavy armor with 20 agility, and claws for weapons to increase movement distance.

Personally, I don’t care about using it to disengage or move faster, but the difference between armors was vast and actually mattered to a persons play style, but now you can do everything in heavy armor that you can in light, just the slightest bit slower. Theres a video that shows the differences between armors and points in agility, and the heavy armor vs light armor with the same agility is only a frame behind. So, having the VAST increase in defense between them, a person wearing heavy armor will now ALWAYS win.


Based on what I’ve seen so far, i.e. videos and forum posts, the rolls are too slow (I’m pretty sure my grandma could’ve moved faster), there’s no reason to use light or medium armor now, the horses aren’t significantly faster than running and are limited insofar as interaction goes, and there’s been little to no mention of bug fixes or performance improvements.

I still want to hear from a friend of mine who still has the game loaded and I’ll keep my eyes on how things progress, but for now, there doesn’t seem to be much incentive for me to reinstall the game.


The mount system was added for one reason at best. and that was to instill into some people that Funcom listens to what they want. It’s cute and altogether a fun and interesting idea, but in practice for this game in specific, adding horses to be the only mounts in a game tht you have Rhinos, Elephants, and plenty of other rideable creatures is literally just a, “you guys wanted it, here you go.” It doesn’t seem like there was a whole lot of work or thought put into it.
As far as the dodging goes, I’ve stated my concerns, but I’ve seen people with the opposite opinion, in that it makes for more flexibility, which is just factually wrong, because if the only difference in armor class is a frame difference in attacking from a roll, there’s absolutely no point to not use the armor with the most defense. plus, we’ve got weapons that automatically take that dodge and say “No, you don’t exist” so why wouldn’t the meta instantly change to mot defense and movement possible?


No, do not revert. Thank you.


Yes, you can roll dodge from the scorp boss. I’ve done it, plenty.

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any reasoning why? what was wrong with the original system that you don’t want to go back to? and what does this system offer you that the original system didn’t beside the fluid attack out of dodging? which, the fluid attack out of a dodge could’ve been added to each specific dodge in it’s own way instead of unifying armor class into one roll. They broke what didn’t need fixed.


I would venture a guess that he scorpion boss is problematic with this mechanic because it’s full tail swing goes quite far. Even with the old dodge, it wasn’t a guarantee you could roll out of its range. Dodging attacks is a key part of fighting this boss - not disengaging. I would roll twice when I saw the wind up. So if there are encounters designed with the old mechanics, I would just avoid them at this point unless you just want a thrall to do all the work and heal from a safe distance. Some players may not like that solution.

I’m all for different opinions being voiced, but add something to the conversation other than “I disagree.” Why? why do you disagree? what reasons do you have to defend your stance. this is a discussion page, let’s have a discussion please.

RIP rolling overenc out of a fight :slight_smile:


Agitlity doesn’t help the dodge length or Invincibility frames so much as it helps the movement after a dodge. I.e. how quickly you can attack out of a dodge. So I don’t imagine that would help in his case. but good thought.

While this is something I did often, and I will miss it, it’s not even my personal reason for wanting the change back. lessen light armors roll range, it’s ridiculous anyway. the uniformity of this new roll is just a bad idea. if they wanted to give Heavy armor a roll, that’s fine, do it reasonably, but don’t hinder the other armor classes so drastically. it just kinda limits the variety of play styles of the game.

So I just went in and fought the scorpion boss. Here are my impressions:

  • Yes, it’s not only possible to dodge it, it’s quite easy.
  • As someone else explained, the new dodge is meant to negate an attack instead of disengaging. As a result, you cannot dodge out of the King Scorpion’s range, but you can dodge his attacks.
  • The key to dodging is timing your dodges properly. An unfortunate side effect is that any lag will affect you worse than before.
  • A properly timed dodge will completely negate the tail sweep, which is a tremendous improvement from what we had before.
  • It seems that even an imperfectly timed dodge can decrease the damage taken, but I can’t be sure without more testing.

For completeness’ sake, my attributes for this test were 34/10/34/0/20/21/4 and my gear was Executioner’s Hood, Godbreaker Grips and the rest is Flawless Epic Yamatai Warlord.

I hope the data helps.


Yeah I feel you.

IMO, they should revert the light roll and keep the heavy roll as it is now. Slow but with i-frames.

Increase movement acceleration too.

Add the ability to knock down running players with a spear by hitting them at the legs when they are running at full speed.

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Thanks for the breakdown. I haven’t had a chance to check it out but this clears up some of my misconceptions.

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I am ok with the new movement except the acceleration and de-acceleration is way over exaggerated, tone it down a bit, it’s ridiculous.