Please go back to old movement!

I agree. that’d be nice, even with a small nerf to the light armor roll. medium should be reverted as well, because it was perfect as is imo. but I guess at least for now I’m gonna try to get used to this new roll. though it was entirely unnecessary.

I’m 100% glad they made the dodge roll a dodge roll, but I’m 100% disappointed in the compete nerf to the difference of armor class. approximately 1 frame difference isn’t even worth the ridiculous armor value difference that’d be taken for light armor, but I suppose the one positive I can take from this is that I’ll be able to actually use heavy armors, because I personally didn’t enjoy their dodge capability originally.

What, why use a trap, man up and kill it lol

I can work with the dodge and I understand why they did it. I don’t care for the slow start when running. It’s not bad for long distance but gathering and doing those short sprints from trees to rocks feels really clunky, especially with the stutter this patch brought with mining and chopping.

I think your initial movement speed should also scale with agility to help alleviate that sluggish start. At least we’d have a way to tweak it to our liking same as the new dodge.

I am very grateful they fixed the stutter step while gathering and walking! Now they just need to get rid of it while harvesting.

I haven’t tested this beyond trying out the Darfari Skin armor to compare it with the gear I described above. To me it seemed that there was a noticeable – but perhaps not very notable – difference in dodge rolls. The difference in the speed wasn’t too big, but the difference in how soon you regain control seemed important. I was able to chain dodges much more with light armor.

It also seemed to me that it affected movement in general: getting up to top speed from a standstill seemed faster, the top speed seemed slightly higher and the jump distance seemed fractionally longer. However, I haven’t tried measuring this properly, so these are just my impressions.

All in all, I agree that the difference in armor classes has been nerfed, but it hasn’t been obliterated.

I’ll try fighting the King Scorpion in Darfari armor and let you know what it was like.

Firespark81 on youtube posted a good video that Hugo shared to me from Youtube, I’ll post it here.

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Okay, here’s my report on fighting King Scorpion in Darfari armor:

  • The difference in mobility wasn’t notable. General movement still seemed sluggish compared to what it was like before.
  • It’s obviously much more dangerous to fight in light armor. Certain attacks would take up to half my health.
  • Dodge chaining is possible, but I only needed it a handful of times in the whole fight and only one of those attempts was actually successful.

Same attributes as before, so I got slightly better damage, but at the cost of the 4th vitality perk.

Final verdict: it doesn’t seem to be worthwhile to switch to light armor for this particular boss. I’m not sure if there are other bosses where it works better, but it seems like this might end up making everyone switch from light to heavy armor, instead of encouraging a diversity of tactics.


Try Bear Shaman Medium Chest and Medium Legs so you get 2 points for VIT. With Buff you get to 40 STR and 40 VIT easily. Armor type will still be light.

It all just feels sluggish, like just another attempt at cramming “souls-like” combat/movement into yet another game. Not all of us like Souls-likes.

Hell, new movement is even a hindrance when just moving around (reminds me of the Witcher games, where it was annoying as well), after they messed with (PvE, don’t care about PvP) combat a little while ago I already gave up on fighting anything myself, but this just makes it even worse and to top it off it makes building a pain as well (and just getting around in general).


Honestly didn’t have huge problems with the old system. I just like this better. I like that it is tougher in PvP to evade, I like that it is much more difficult to poke n roll without consequence, but the big one for me is now you can roll while wearing heavy.

Those are simplistic answers. But the subject line of this thread was a simple ‘please go back’, so I’m providing counter voice, as I like the new movement.

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but those are at least reasons, and I can respect your opinion when backed by your own reasoning, whether I disagree or not. but just because the title is simplistic, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide reasoning behind your disagreement is all I was getting at.
but how about I provided a counter idea, slightly nerf the light armor roll, while leaving the medium how it was, and giving heavy this roll. adding the components from this current roll to the light and medium rolls would be a simple middle ground between all of this. I can respect heavy armor users wanting to roll, but I still don’t think the other two armor sets should have to be nerfed and crutched so viciously in order for heavy armor to have a better play style. because all this has done is made it worthless to use any other armor because of the vast loss of defense.

No the new movement and dodge are great, thank you.

also, I come from a PVE stand point, where i think this has made everything I’ve fought so far much easier to dodge, because I can basically dodge right through their bodies and attacks. even when a few things gang up, all it takes now is a simple dodge and you just phase right through any attack.
I can’t comment on a PVP stand point because it’s not what I play Conan for. and as I’ve stated before, the old roll system isn’t without fault, so I don’t agree with “Go back entirely,” but I honestly would prefer the old system while I’d wait for a middle ground. I do however know there are plenty of people that feel the opposite. The old dodge system needed a nerf and rework, but I don’t think this was the right rework.

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It’s funny. This change was motivated by PVP. Funcom said so. A lot of us PVE players were skeptical (at the very least) about it and it looked like a bad idea. Now that it’s out, most of the PVE skeptics seem to be happy about it and a lot of PVP players are complaining loudly. One of those little ironies in life.

What I really hate is the slow running. They really did make it too slow, especially when you consider non-combat situations, such as mining stone or chopping wood.


I agree. Be careful what you wish for.

This is because the essence of being a pvp player is complain, just like soccer players complain when a judge gives then a card in game.
The change is good for the game in all modes.

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For the love of the game… its not change thats bad… its this… how many times has combat been changed… made worse and then fixed later on? Remove the roll key… its pointless now… stack healing, bring large arcing weapons and hope you have enough to deal. PVP? If you get the first hit in… you win… thats it now, no baiting because you’re too slow… no rolling because you’ll just be attacked in the rolls and no finess. Bows and hammers or leave.

I’m on board from PvE and PvP - I play both, and I honestly like this change for different reasons for each way of playing. But in both, it costs more to engage now, from a tactical standpoint. The old roll dodge made it way to easy to get out of sticky situations - IMO of course. The PvPers who are complaining are the ones who’ve lost their ability to cheese with the poke and roll with NO commitment to combat (I’m speculating of course). If you wanna fight, you gotta commit now without an easy cheesy escape.

killed my desire to do any kind of Content in the game since now I know I can’t maneuver anymore. I have 30 points into Agility, 30 points in encumbrance, and wearing Light armor I feel like I’m in heavy armor trying to dodge. It’s unmanageable. And the build up for sprinting? Why on earth would you do this to us? With these changes, I can’t even just do PvE content. (Not that I do any PvP content… I’m on an RP Server.)

What was the reasoning for this? PvP Balance? If you swing a big 2H weapon… yeah, it’s going to be slow. Light fighters will dance around you. That’s their deal. Dance of 1000 blows and all that.

I can understand the wanting for more variation in game play, but bringing EVERYONE down to a crawl like this isn’t going to do it.

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I do not know what your plan is, but do you intend to destroy the game?

I began to criticize it that the spear animation slowed down or that the third attack was interrupted easily and now you roll so slowly? i have more the feeling that funcom has a problem with the pvp community it annoys me much the gameplay is now so slow and boring is it now becoming a strategy game from conan?