Trying the new dodges - what do we think?

Please keep this thread to feedback from those who actually tested the new dodge in game.

My thoughts . . .
Combat: It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I gave medium armor a try with my standard agility attributes level (10) and i found that i was still able to dodge attacks in a mob of about 5 npcs. I was worried i would feel the need to add a bunch of attributes to agility to make this work but that is not the case, thankfully. The damage reduction buff while dodging was a good call as well. Makes it viable to use in a mob attack.

Aesthetics: The forward dodge looks pretty normal, so do the forward left and forward right dodges. The rest do not imo. They need help!

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I’m not a fan of the animation, it starts off as a regular roll and then ends in a very weird odd unrealistic movement, making slightly too slow…

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( I still need to test this more thoroughly but having a mount is just so fun! )

The first impressions I got was it makes combat more difficult, along with the slower start to sprint buildup if you get stun-locked by more than 2 npcs you are pretty much dead. So stamina management just got really REAL.

I tried the heavy armor dodge 1st with agility up to the second perk (so 20?)
Game play wise it makes sense that the con for heavy armor would be slower dodges, at least we have them now. My main issue with the dodge is it does not go far enough to get out of harms way from a 2 handed sword fighter. If this is what was intended than I will have to just git gud :rofl:

I think if FC can maybe increase the I frames this may help allot. Like I said more testing is required but this is my first impression.


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I had a totally contrary experience, but I will put that down to me having a lower skill level. I found that I couldn’t get out of the range of the lunge. That being said, I also found that I could now kill them with the spear without them managing to get a lunge in?

I’m starting to feel however that my objections to the dodge are more aesthetic than practical, so I am happy with whatever we end up with.


What about against bosses and dodging some attacks?

I am mostly OK with the new dodge system. If anything, the thing that bugs me under the new system is the somewhat unresponsive feeling when moving in general. I get that the goal is to add a feeling of momentum and “locking in” one’s actions, but right now it feels like my character has glue on their feet.


Well I kinda like that you cannot dodge out of everything, but on the other hand I found that I can no longer defeat the 1-skull bosses in the Wine Cellar dungeon, they now kill me in a few seconds.
It’s not like they couldn’t before, but I always used to be able to get some distance to them after hitting them, now it is like if they hit me once, the next 2 hits comes so fast(3rd is lethal in flawless medium armor) that I haven’t found a way to survive a fight with them, also the slippery floor which in this testlive seems to have spread outside this dungeon to several other parts of the world makes fighting a lot harder.

I think the combination of slippery floor, so many ground stuff to get stuck on, new dodge and slow player start movement makes fast and hard hitting npc’s like them a lot more difficult to handle, but I still like the new dodge system better than the old, just have to either find a different way to defeat such bosses or just ignore such places/dungeons :slight_smile:

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Thats why I asked for dodges against bosses…

The 3 shadow Giant kings at warmaker are also kinda fast. And lets not forget the skeleton in UC with its starmetal 2h hammer… That guy is just insane - The Watcher!

What about the strong Champion of the Arena? Can be dodged?

Here’s a tip from my experience with the new dodge. Don’t think about getting away from the attack with it. It’s new intention is to time your dodge to not get hit by the attack.

In my experience with the new dodge a well timed roll will grant no damage from the attack even if you are in the hitbox. Though you are not able to create space anymore you can avoid the damage from the attack with good timing. I still need to do more testing with it but there appears to be a short period of time where you don’t take damage while dodging. If that is truly the case speeding the roll up would make that window shorter.


I think firespark also mentioned sth like that in one of his videos. Calling it “iframes” or so… Where he didnt get any dmg at all (while roling/dodging).

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good feed back. I had to find my lap top game pad (consoel palyers here) to test on my pc version (bought it a while back just for testing and some modding things i like to do).

But from your description, it seems it is more akin to a true platform boss fight, where once i engage, i need to dodge hits, not for distance, and counter attack to take it down. Interesting change for Funcom. I will keep your post in mind when i log in tonight to mess with test live.

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It is okay if they adjust archery (blunted arrows especially) and remove claws from the game.

Are claws again bad in PvP?

This, exactly.

it’s just my opinion, which im told im entitled to but,
animations used to feel somewhat fluid in this game and with every animation change i’ve seen since the ridiculous superhero jump and land/ fist to the ground, things are regressing.
in other words, yeah, i think it needs work
just my opinion again

It could be your mouse, if you have a lower number of buttons. Assigning the roll to my thumb wheel has made it very easy to do multiple rolls quickly, in order to escape danger. With modest points in AGI, interestingly, a three-roll stint costs almost exactly as much stamina as the current Live roll with 10 points in AGI. The distance we get now in Live is slightly greater than 3 successive rolls on TL.

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Aye. Starting to run feels too slow, as if the character is hesitant to start jogging. The first few steps may need a slight increase in speed so as not to feel like a Monday morning every time.

As for dodging, it’s not bad, actually. The response time after a roll without any points in Agility feels sluggish. Not useless, but definitely not getting you out of hairy situations every time. Especially combined with the slower movement thingy dodging away and walk-kiting an NPC is a lot harder than before.

I then tried with Agility 25 in light armor, and everything was just fine. There was no noticeable difference in performance compared to the old dodging system (ie. I still suck at this game and drain all my stamina with repetiti…ti…ti…tive dodging).

Note that I didn’t try with heavier armor than light because that’s where I feel a proper dodge is the most vital matter - but at least now I feel like my character is going to survive the change without too many tears (both in the sense of water in her eyes and in the sense of pieces getting torn off her).

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I’m coming back to Conan just to see how well this works out in pvp. Though I wonder if throwing axe spam will be even more OP now that dodges will be slower. Either way it’s nice to see the meta change.

It certainly is easier to hit slow moving targets

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I tried both sets of claws and while they still require an acceleration from stop, with only 20 GRT you can run and slash extremely effectively from Level 40 up. I tested them just now vs two players, and at 40 I could hold my own with 328 Armor (Light armor category with two medium pieces) vs two higher-level players in medium and heavy, respectively. Lobster for heals.

Is there some way to lunge and use less stamina? Because they seem on-par with sprinting, otherwise.

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Eh, in my opinion it’s more a side-effect of momentum effects being applied to movement than anything specific to do with the animations. For a while now I’ve been an advocate against putting in things like inertia for character animations unless the game really calls for it like platformers or something. When a core part of the game is centered around needing to take stuff like that into account it’s great, but in other stuff it ends up making movement feel a bit sluggish. I’ve seen it happen in plenty of games and the most recent one where it was pronounced enough to be bothersome for me was RDR 2.

I’m getting away from the main topic at hand though.