Why did Funcom break the Dodge

Yeah… I have over 2000 hours logged playing Conan I own 90% of all DLC … I would likely be closer to 8000 hours today and 100% DLC if it were not for the crappy “Slow Motion” new dodge mechanic/ animation… Literally translates to a death sentence if one were to even think about trying to dodge “ANY” attack … I stopped playing Conan after 15 mins of testing the new way of dodging I did not even care to test the mounts after seeing what happened to the dodge “Mounts” just are not worth it … It absolutely broke the game for me, and neither I or my group will return to Conan Exiles until this is made to reflect what we paid for just before the change to the dodge… One of my favorite games is now a damn paper weight.


If having “Mounts” messes with my combat dexterity then I would just as soon not have mounts.

I love new dodge… way better than old dodge. Old one was i get away … the lighter the armour the further i travel… New one ads up to armour value and the timing of the dodge making it more of a tactical solution, rather than a “i hit and get away” option… As for horses they r great addition but u will get bored of them pretty quick… So maybe play instead of telling us that u stopped cause of dodge…


Build agility to roll faster. Wear lighter armor to roll faster. It’s not realistic for someone in full platemail to do a leaping roll and stand back up in 0.5 seconds. If you want to be agile, build for agility. If you want to wear heavy armor, invest in a shield to block the hits or vitality to tank them.


My test was done with being naked and with light armor … I played for 15 mins after the update my dude what I saw was a broken game… I understand the logic behind heavy armor rolls but the change is way to dramatic even for light armor. It was difficult enough running from a pack of 10 hyenas now it is impossible.

I stopped playing because of the new dodge… I only created a forum account to post my concern about the new dodge… And yes posting my reason for not playing anymore is a good use of the forum…

I was never any real good at PVP anyway my dude… and that is likely due to major changes in the way combat has evolved in Conan Exiles… If mounts are not that great and changes the dodge mechanic in a major way. There is nothing tactical about trying to dodge a gator attack and being slowed so much that the dodge feels as if my toon is just waking up from 12 hours of sleep after a long night of drinking…

You can love it all you want, but by asking me to play indicates that the game has seen better days my dude.

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It sounds like you have 15 minutes of knowledge over the new roll dodge rather than any significant time in real circumstances. You might want to consider giving it a chance, but that would require you to invest more time.

Personally, I’ve been in some PvP scrums since the new dodge and really like it. But again, that’s just my preference.


So you had… 0 points in agility? Okay, and?

It may just be your nostalgia talking, but it’s always been impossible to deal with that many when you’re first starting out. I’d be bold enough to say I’m a seasoned player myself and even I wouldn’t be able to handle that enounter.

You’ve now spent more time complaining about the dodge than you have actually using it. Like previously stated, you need to build agility if you want to dodge a lot. You’re essentially quitting because you aren’t invulnerable at level 1 anymore.


man… from my point of view as a veteran pvp player, the new dodge roll is way better.
Now you can choose to play with light, medium or heavy armor rather than having to wear light.
Light armor still have advantage on dodge roll, but heavy armor is inteded to soak more damage.
there are other things that they messed up with new updates, but dodge roll isn’t one of them.
I can still fight against multiple enemies as before. And now that you can roll while wearing heavy armors, it’s easier to fight bosses. and mobs.
The old dodge made some weapons useless, you were able to roll more than 2 foundations of distance.
It’s very easy to run away from a fight in this game, with the old dodge it was easier. there’s no need for this. Almost every fight is a hit and run.
Believe us, the game is way better than before… They balanced things well, ofc there are unbalanced things, but at least you can have a good range of weapons choice.
Mounts play a more supportive role. they are not meta, but they are quite useful and functional in many situations.
You should listen to what people said and try to play the game and see how it really is now.


Because they drive Fords.



you came too late for this discussion, sadly for you, this dodge mechanic is here to stay, so, good bye :^)


Getting used to the new dodge may take more than 15 minutes. Getting used to anything new takes more than 15 minutes. If you’re not willing to dedicate more time to try out new things, you’re not going to like change.

I admit, I’m still getting used to it. My initial feeling after 15 minutes was “oh, this is so going to suck”. But I tried it out some more, invested some stat points in Agility, let other players give solid feedback to Funcom, who fixed some of the Momentum delays. So now I’ve evolved from the “this is bad” phase into the “I need to learn and get used to this” phase. I’m still not very good at it (I was never very good at dodging with the old system either), but I’m getting the feeling that what needs to be fixed is me, not the game.


Absolutely disagreed. They did break stuff with the new dodge, namely, the armour system. It just made light and medium armour worse and don’t even try telling me to level agility, it barely does anything. We need agility to do more for light and medium armour, namely, increase DISTANCE of the roll itself. As for those that think this is not realistic - combat itself in the game is not realistic. Dodge, armour designs, like almost all of it. I’d rather have ability to dodge better with light and medium amour (thus making them more viable) than fake realism or heavy armour and shield spam.


You’re wrong. This isn’t a matter of opinion either. The dodge, no matter what armor, sucks now. To the point where it’s way more beneficial to simply walk away from an attack, or use the 1 Handed axe leap to move away. Meaning the dodge is irrelevant. The problem is it’s too easy to avoid pretty much all attacks or just power through them. Kill them before they kill you.

So you may have had trouble dodging before buddy, but its not you who needs work. Its combat as a whole. Oh and to further add on to my point. Now a days about 80 or 85% of the time I dont even lock on to whatever I’m trying to kill because when you’re not locked on, you can walk around attacks, since you move faster without locking on, or do a short sprint in whatever direction is necessary.

So you tell me how the dodge doesn’t suck or isn’t useless if merely WALKING is a better alternative a huge amount of the time? And it’s not even skill on my part. I tend to be a good Dodger in a lot of games but anyone can do what I’m talking about.

So instead of fixing the a.i. to fight better, they slowed and ruined the dodge. Honestly I feel silly thinking how much I used to dodge before when, apparently, you never needed to xD.

But this is by no means an easy solution. I know funcom doesn’t like criticism. At all. But i dont trust them at all to try and implement ANYTHING new, especially a major rework of the combat system. Whether they like to hear it or not, they are pretty bad with coding or programming or w/e it is. There are so many bugs, so many performance issues, and so on.
I love the game. I really do. But the devs leave much to be desired.

Il end it on this note, if conan exiles ran smoothly, didnt have huge game breaking bugs, and everything worked as it’s supposed to, this game would skyrocket in popularity. I mean like I can see this being the most popular survival game, if not at least as popular as minecraft.

But sadly, funcom censors criticism instead of working on the problems.


They don’t censor criticism. There’s a difference between “I liked the old way better” and “Funcom sucks!” One gets a thread shutdown as unproductive and one is actually a polite opinion on the change for discussion.


They didn’t break the game with the New Dodge roll … Their biggest mistake is about armor penetration, overpowered weapons and the bows, not to mention the game bugs like undermeshing.
Besides this, I can 3 shots you down no matter armor you wear. Melee weapons attack range are small and Buggy. If someone jump into you with axe first heavy attack for example, you can Just walk away as the other Guy said. But this always been there. Remember the days that the only useful weapon was the spear because of it’s attack range and damage.

Actually, the mods remove posts that are nothing but “tHiZ gAem bAd i h8 u”, because we’ve heard it all before and they don’t add anything constructive. There’s a difference between criticism and whining. If you wanted to bring up an issue, you can actually do so without the underhanded jabs making them less likely to care about it.

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I would definitely rather the old dodge roll just because it had a higher skill cap in pvp. Back when there was the old roll dodge, a skilled pvper could take on 2-5 players on at a time and if they knew what they were doing and had the experience, they would have a chance of winning. Now if you get swarmed, you are dead. The new roll dodge can’t get yourself away from anyone’s thrall in pvp and has heavily screwed over anyone that isn’t a full 10 man clan. A low clan cannot defend against high up clans anymore. As far as PVE goes, you can’t solo many of the high up dungeons or bosses anymore as it’s neither engaging or time efficient. Bosses like the ones from warmaker and wine cellar can easily burst you down with 3 hits and have extremely high reach due to their size. You can’t dodge away or even out of their attacks to try and avoid atleast one hit.