Old dodge system

Where is feed back on old dodge system they say they will let this new one for a while and will do something. Too make all happy. New dodge system are trash bring back old one and make heavy Armor roll like now and and rest like old. Many have stop because of this change


i’d rather have old healing back than old roll.

new healing is doggy ■■■ and funcoms reasons for the change are rubbish :slight_smile:


They can never make everyone happy. Some liked the old dodge, others prefer the new dodge, yet others don’t really mind either way.

The old dodge was undoubtedly stronger than the new one. That’s one reason why Funcom felt it had to change - it was basically a “get out of jail, free!” card for every situation. With the new dodge, you need to think how and when to use it, and time it right to make it work. I actually find it more fun because it takes more skill to use, and therefore there’s a feeling of success when you manage to beat a boss without taking damage.

The new dodge was already fine-tuned based on player feedback. It’s also much more dependent on the character’s Agility than the old one, so investing some stat points into Agility may make it more playable for you, too.

Just to make it clear: Funcom is not going to revert the dodge system back to the way it was a year ago. If that’s what you’d like to see, it’s better to move on and learn to love the new dodge.


When you hit the move button the delay in combat is not only stupid but gets you kilt.
Id put up with the new dodge, my nose is up in the air over the new heal system.
The move delay has sucked the entire time.
So now you cant roll, cant heal, and still have a delay in movement.


I don’t bother dodging. I just swing until 1 or 2 hits, unlock the lock on and move away sprinting :confused:

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I prefer the new dodge, Same reason as Kapoteeni above. I don’t much like the new healing at all but I can work with it as it adds a bit more of a challenge as well. I find these type of changes always require a bit of getting use to and you may need to change up your fighting style a little but it does keep things interesting.

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Effectively means: Put 20 in AGI, and use Potions instead of Bandages in combat.

Now you can dodge and heal.

Or Dodge and Attack. The number of people who don’t know an attack can be ‘queued’ with a dodge and comes out quicker the higher the agility. But the issue is people are still putting points in SAVAGES as if it was prior to May 2018 and wondering “wah happun?”


Yup - the only major issue I haven’t quite adapted to yet is there seems to also be a slight change to dodges (at least with some weapons) - it definitely feels like I get a bit more locked into some attack animations and won’t dodge till it’s finished (which can go badly :wink: ). But even there, if you’re actually picking your attacks rather than just clicking, you can maintain the control you need. (Also part of why I like my big stupid hammers - either my timing is better with them, or the dodge is less locked, because I definitely seem to find them more reliable currently.)

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My humble opnion is allmost anything is connected to eachother unless the player has perfect connection and wearing heavy sets and using thrall/pet spam while fighting and healing.

The real deal with the perfromance is the Lag monster effects all animations , adds delay and can ruin the timing of attacks or dodge rolls.

It is pretty hard to balance the issue without introducing extra passive reduction and avoidance to th character, which may cause other issues when the lag doesnt effect the performance.

I’m seeing lag and delay being used alot. What is the server FPS when you encounter these delays?

At 55-60 I don’t see these delays. For a frame of reference.

This is spot on. People used to charge in clicking and spamming heals, and now you have to actually think about your tactics. (I was guilty of it myself). I never used shields as I thought they were just taking up space, but now I am using them effectively, and blocking and rolling, then hitting the annoying spear users from behind. The fact that you can block forever without using Stamina makes it more of a battle and less of a spam war.


Please no, the old dodge was rubbish. So far, all the changes have been a welcome addition and i expect to see more of them.


Yeah, I used to avoid shields too. I was darn glad to have one the other day after a poorly thought out ‘picking up the sabretooth kitten’ moment - tried fighting back against the parents and quickly realised how badly that was going, but was able to get the shield up and very slowly (oh, so slowly…) back up until I could fall off a cliff :wink: They still made their way down, but the shield (and fall) bought me long enough to finally use a much-needed potion and dump some of the other stuff I was carrying so that I could actually fight back.

I’m enjoying the new combat paradigm, at least in PVE - makes me think more and work a little harder, but that also makes it more interesting :slight_smile: That said, I do worry a bit as to how it impacts new players (it took me a while under the previous system to get to the point where I had time to think without just button mashing); hopefully the learning curve isn’t getting too steep.


Another factor (based on a few Fighters i play with) is the enximbwrwnce meter. When it is red (not overcumbered but 90%+ full) it effects movement. May be effecting roll and other timing. Have never fully tested to make sure it is actually a factor myself.

Don’t know what it is you have been drinking(or eating), but can I have some? :rofl:

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lol. I am 6’4" 240…so fingers not meant for smartphone typing…plus maybe a handful of Dos XX fine lager.


Shield is amazing blocking the entire hit at first but then there is Strafing which also works amazing to bypass attacks and hit the opponent from side. It takes some practice but you may like it aswell. Simply by stepping aside gives you an (as if) invisible shield. It doesnt drain stamina aswell.

The main issue with the shield block is, it is only usefull for blocking the direct and frontal attacks, when the npc digs in the hit box it can still hit you. Also If there is two npcs the other one will hit you from side and back.

You can imagine how it goes at pvp against moving opponents especially when the opposing player is an experienced pvper using mobility as a tool.

Other restrictions at shield combat is the reach of the main hand weapon and getting stamina locked by other players. Also shield block may drop by itself at times once after you make an attack (it is a known issue)

Strafing, dodging and sprinting.

Eventually stun/staminalocking (especially with reach weapons and any weapon that applies a fast direct hit animation right after you dodge, strafe or sprint) players and keep moving on usually gives better results with its own postivies and negatives.

It was a good way to get out of a bad situation, but it was also a good way to catching up to players, if u timed it correctly.

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You dont think we have. Had to give up 2 handed weps, to include my fav wep, the katana.
Now its boring hack and slash sword and shield.
Im a meat shield for a thrall.
Who’s the slave and who’s the master?
When you can not play what you want, why play at all.

Honestly the new dodge is fine until you take into consideration that alot of CE servers have bad lag… And that if someone was attacking me with a sword you can betcha booty that I would be rolling 20 feet away hella damn quick! Not slow motion rolling away like Im taking a casual stroll =D

Only comfort I have in this terrible betrayal Funcom has forced upon me is that the modding community is amazing and if its possible they will fix it xD Which reminds me! Now would be a good time to go check that out!

PS to the original poster, there is zero chance they will change it back. Every poll I have seen on this subject has had more players say they wanted the old system back vs neutral or the new system, it’s not gonna happen :slight_smile: