Old dodge system


It was a good way to get out of a bad situation, but it was also a good way to catching up to players, if u timed it correctly.

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You dont think we have. Had to give up 2 handed weps, to include my fav wep, the katana.
Now its boring hack and slash sword and shield.
Im a meat shield for a thrall.
Who’s the slave and who’s the master?
When you can not play what you want, why play at all.

well I had deathfest for a while after new dodge got introduced, but it’s matter of adjusting tactics,
plus there is no unlimited get out of jail card now, you screw, you die and I prefer it that way, old dodge felt like a cheat to me

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Honestly the new dodge is fine until you take into consideration that alot of CE servers have bad lag… And that if someone was attacking me with a sword you can betcha booty that I would be rolling 20 feet away hella damn quick! Not slow motion rolling away like Im taking a casual stroll =D

Only comfort I have in this terrible betrayal Funcom has forced upon me is that the modding community is amazing and if its possible they will fix it xD Which reminds me! Now would be a good time to go check that out!

PS to the original poster, there is zero chance they will change it back. Every poll I have seen on this subject has had more players say they wanted the old system back vs neutral or the new system, it’s not gonna happen :slight_smile:

@ShinsaiX - I think this may be what you are looking for :wink: (to be clear, I haven’t actually tried it, but it’s a fairly recent addition to the workshop that’s already got fairly positive looking ratings )

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No. Old dodge was trash. It was sonic the hedgehog. Spear stab, roll, spear stab… roll… spam repeat.

No. Just no.

If you want to dodge, invest points in your agility trait. You know… actually have to have to pay a price to dodge instead of getting sonic the hedgehog for free.

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@DanQuixote YES! That is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! Dont like something just shove some mods in and ya good to go hehe =D

@auticus But but what if I wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog? D= Just kidding! I actually didnt see that the original post was under PVP! Modded PVE player here !

To be honest it isn’t that bad, my main issue is its a bit of a problem for players with lag or high ping (< I’m from AUS but play on NA servers with friends from US/Canada) which since this is an online mutliplayer game I assume is pretty common and lag is definitely common, cant even scroll down the forums here without seeing someone mention it, the old roll made up for that by sonic hedgehog flying you across the map away from the enemies that were now somehow right in front of you again xD

Other than that it just comes down to personal opinion xD Personally I like fast paced hack and slash styled fighting, quick rolls, quick healing, able to get back into the action quick! LEMME AT EM! XD Other players prefer slower paced more strategic fighting and thats okay too! Funcom cant keep everyone happy! =D But if they do go through these forums at some point, Ima be over here like TEAM OLD ROLL!


Doing it that way would made u out of stam pretty fast. But so what, u like it better now when people running around on horses 1 hitting people? back in the days while u got the old spear and old roll meta, u actually needed some skill atleast. But I guess that’s why people that didnt put enough effort in to learning it didn’t like it. Wich later made FC doing the stupid mistake with make the skill gap smaller.

Every time I read comments like this it makes me smile, because back in the day when spear+dodge was king of PvP, people used the same argument “it requires no skill” they use with horses these days.

Even horses require some skill. I should know, I’m very bad at driving a horse in this game. I’d probably lose to a PvP player on foot because I have trouble with a stupid hyena.

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Okey? It’s true tho, old spear and roll had the highest peak skillwise. All the best players that played, was so much ahead of everyone else, but now days they are not ahead atleast not at the same level.

Ofc, if u cant controll ur W A S D, or joystick ofc u gonna be worse then someone that can use them, even with horse. But thing is, skill between horse vs horse is almost non consisting. The one who hit the other guy first, is most likely gonna win.

Back in the days, it was possible to win 1v3-5 on ground, if u were good enough. Now the only possible way to do that is to use a horse, and only reason it works is because they do to much damage.

You know the damage output from the horse+lance has little to nothing to do with the new dodge system, right?

It’s true that Combat on horse needs some tweeks and fixes but the old dodge is not one of them.

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Im not saying they should go back to old roll. Im just saying what’s different. Im talking about 2 different metas. Im talking about that you needed skill back then, and not as much now days. Im not saying they should bring back the old roll to be able to fight the horses, im just telling the guy that old dodge wasn’t a problem. Since he said old dodge was trash and was only about stab, roll and stab.

Personally, I like the New Healing and the New Dodge. I would not want to see either reverted back to the old ones.