Do you want to keep the new dodge/roll mechanic?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • I won’t support Funcom anymore because of this.
  • I will continue to support Funcom in the future.

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Know a poll was already done, but it was pre-update, I think. So here is one now that it’s out.

Let the devs hear your thoughts by voting, maybe something will change or be fixed, eventually.

Edit: Made it a double poll.

I voted “yes” and “will continue to support”. I like the new dodge. I find it fun and useful both.

Changes to the running? I still loathe them. I might get used to them eventually, but I think they should make it faster. I’m not saying “get rid of the momentum based movement”, just don’t make it so slooooooooow.


I like the Dodge but the run feels like I’m running in oil

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I like the dodge rolls now, it makes agility useful. I will continue to support Funcom because I am still having a blast with the game.

I do like it but i think they should reduce the cost of dodge by a lot

I have a hard time voting, because while I’ll continue to support the game and play and I have gotten used to the new dodge, i think it needs work. I want to keep the new mechanic, but tweak it. make the difference in armor class a little more noticeable. not back to the way it was because light roll was a bit ridiculous, but I’d like to actually notice the difference. It basically made light armor useless because it has butt defense.

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Just give us our game back with mounts and thralls changes.

It looks awkward, like something a toddler would do. Way to slow. I think there must be a better way to balance it through debuffs or a cooldown. Making it less responsive just makes the game slower and less fun imo.

The whole new movement thing has kinda soured me on the game. I’m not having fun so i doubt i’ll buy any of the cosmetics.

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i like new IDEAS, but realisation needs more polishing and tweaking, roll and movement way to slow, i can get why peps upset, but if you ask me old or new dodge - totally new one, old is pvp cancer and to easy in pve, people just roling away from any battle, and from visual side its look awfull, breaks a lot of immersion

I can understand toning down roll distance in combat, but the way they went about it, i.e. completely removing it in favor of a glorified block, just doesn’t work and isn’t fun. The roll wasn’t just useful for combat, it was a way to speed up your movement out of combat, especially when over encumbered. I can understand reducing the distance based on armor type/agility/encumbrance, but at present it plays badly. Frankly, Funcom tried to fix something that wasn’t broken.

I know devs usually don’t like to go back on their design decisions, but in this particular instance I genuinely think the only fix is a hard revert. Solo just isn’t enjoyable with these changes.

I’m not going to vote in the second poll, because I don’t know whether or not I’ll continue to play with the dodge roll as it is. Right now, I’m finding combat incredibly boring. That might be enough to kill the game for me. It might not. I might keep playing, but not as long as I would if the combat wasn’t as bad.

I’m honestly not sure how they expect us to PvE now. While leveling, with the best heavy armor possible for your level, you still die extremely quickly to normal enemies, and even faster to bosses. The roll from light and medium isn’t much better than heavy, so there’s no point in wearing those. The roll doesn’t get better enough with Agility, and the stat offers nothing else worthwhile, so there’s no point in investing in that, either.

If you get two enemies on you now, I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do other than to run and hope one of them tethers so you can fight one alone.

We went from a skilled surgeon to a sumo wrestler.

and I dont look good in at over sized diaper

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Yea if that dodge doesn’t get fixed the game is done for me. It’s a very funcom thing to “fix” something that doesn’t need fixing, ending up with something so much worse than it ever was. And it’s also a very funcom thing to be stubborn and not revert terrible changes, because that would mean they had to aknowledge that they made a mistake. So i don’t see any chance they revert it to a playable state.

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