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Not trying to diminish your good effort in anyway, but perhaps we should not lump the momentum movement system with the dodge roll? I absolutely hate them both, but for the sake of objectivity and clarity, perhaps there are those who love one but hate the other, so a poll for each might be more appropriate?


Hate is a strong word for it, but strong dislike for both momentum and dodge is pretty accurate for me. Been using it on Testlive for several days and still feels terrible to me.

Will I rage quit over it? No. But I will play on, remembering fondly of the good old days when movement and dodge felt amazing.

Most games increase capabilities over time. Higher level caps, more content, smoother graphics with more pixels, more fluid animations, etc. Putting this in perspective, this feels like dropping the level cap from 60 to 40, removing attribute points and feats. Turning armor protections down, reducing the buffs and dropping the display options to 640x480. Yes kids, good old VGA picture tube monitors that serial pin connectors to connect to the PCs. But we did have a turbo button back then, so that’s cool.

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I agree. Hate is indeed a bit too strong. I don’t hate the new changes. I just really, really, really dislike them. I will not rage quit, either… but I am temporarily spectating the situation. As soon as they revert the movement / dodge change, I will jump right back into this game that I used to love so much.


just tried new stuff…well sh** now roling really hard, imp king beat my ■■■, well, i really hate old rolls (10 meters every 1 sec), people just get use to abuse this, so voted + about both changes… but devs should TWEAK new dodges and movement in some appropriate way, so both sides (like\hate) stay pleased

The new roll is a bit slow, the old one was too fast, so try the middle and it will be good.


I can’t vote on this poll, because it lumps together two things I feel very strongly about: I love the new dodge and I hate the momentum-based movement (as it is now).

I did vote on all of these, though:

I hope that helps people who are as conflicted as I am.


Or, how about keeping the old roll, but make it drain more than half of your stamina, so if you roll twice in a row you suffer stamina regen penalty (aka catching your breath.) This way, the Roll can be used to save yourself from a life and death situation, but cannot be abused by doing a few in a row and essentially teleport yourself to the other end?

Thanks for your feedback here :smile:. I removed the monumentum movement from the title/description since there is an official poll by Ignasis.

I’m afraid I can’t change it anymore now. Changing the poll is limited to 5 min.
But thanks to your comment we know what you mean :wink:


Interesting idea, but I think that the effect your idea would bring in, would be quite the opposite of what it is supposed to do. If you lose half your stamina for rolling, it can’t be used as a part of combat anymore. When you get out of your roll, you barely have any stamina left for attacking. This would give the roll only one real use: disengaging. But this also wouldn’t be possible because of the short distance and the long duration of the sushiroll.

I know I might have chosen too strong words in this poll, thanks to @sirvink for pointing this out.
It’s kinda true though. I hate the new sushiroll. But this alone wouldn’t be a reason for me to quit. All together though … Sushiroll, monumentum movement and treb changes … I deinstalled the game on Thursday evening.

True. But the armors aren’t even the important part here imo. They stated that they did this change to “give certain weapons more viability”. In the end they did the opposite. Rn there is pretty much nothing that wins against bow. Maybe claws but other than that … Reaper of chess uploaded a video earlier. He 1v1ed one of his mates who is also known for being a skilled fighter. Reaper was using light (or maybe medium. Not 100% sure) and his opponent tried both light (one of the old meta builds, probably with some more agility) and heavy (godbreaker). He also tried different weapons (hammer and bow, can’t think of the rest rn). The only time he was standing a chance against reaper was when both used bow.

PLEASE DON’T MAKE NEW ACCOUNTS FOR POLLS, GUYS. There are several <3h read time accounts in this poll. Eventhough they support my own opinion (:wink:), they don’t show the actual opinion of the player base and just fake the poll. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!

Personaly, i created my account yesterday. Never felt the need to answer nor comment until the last patch. So they might be some new accounts for the same reason i did one.


the old (light) roll was obviously better, but also stupid.

The new dodge isn’t perfect, but I like it way more.

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I feel the same about the new dodge as I do the new movement: hate it.

I didn’t know about this part of the update until I hopped in, excited to play with the new thrall leveling and mounts. Got into a fight with a few crocs, and nearly died laughing when I saw the new… dodge … in light armor. It’s a slow, awkward turtle looking movement that has very little impact. I thought I had to be wrong and checked my keybinds just to make sure I hadn’t gotten my keys confused with another game.

At best it needs some serious improvement. The whole reason for taking light armor over heavy is mobility. (And well, gathering if you’re on a building spree.) Telling people they have to invest heavily into AGI to make light armor a viable choice would be a bad choice IMO. Armor classes need to have combat based pros and cons that are divorced from stats.


Well said. Fully agree.

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I meant bringing back the old dodge roll, but make it cost way more stamina. So it is used to disengage, yes, but not so OP as before.


no way - old rolls looks like ****** cheap garbage, hate when people roling 10 meters away every sec and healing, jesus, with ability to respec no 1 cares about stamnina cost, totally B grade kind of game with broken physics and net code, now, everything looks more polished, yes im just talking about aestetic and immersion side of the game, not mechanics and gameplay, and i get why people upset about it from playing perspective, this is really gamechanger, and i think must be improved, because honestly new dodge and movement way to heavy
but old dodge give pvp cancer and makes pve too easy - thats why devs try to replace it

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Yeah, of course. I also did some advertising for the forum polls on YT. Still wanted to point that out just because the people who like the change are gonna do it otherwise.

Oh ok, I got it wrong then. Anyways … Interesting idea!

I understand. I have been thinking…

1 - no healing unless you stand completely still for at least 3 seconds. And healing stops when you move.

2 - Drain stamina so if you roll twice in a roll, you suffer stamina re-gen penalty. You cannot roll like a ninja non-stop that way because it will leave you even more vulnerable. Disengagement should be just that - a life-saving roll that can only be used sparingly instead of becoming part of the tactic.

And how do you guys feel about these:

Light armor class: old-style dodge. Roll further. Roll faster. Offers zero protection against arrows. Offers zero health regen bonus. Suffers double bleeding and cripple effect / duration. ALWAYS CRIPPLED UPON BEING HIT.

Medium armor class: Old-style dodge. Roll further, but at normal speed. Offer 25% protection against arrows. Offers zero health regen bonus. Suffer normal bleeding and cripple effect / duration

Heavy armor class: New style dodge, roll normal distance, at normal speed. Offers 75% protection against arrows. Offers 50% more health regen bonus. Suffers half of the normal bleeding and cripple effect / duration.

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