Why is the new dodge animation basically just dodging with heavy armor?

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Ive tried wearing all different types of armor, the roll is just now unified as the Heavy dodge roll. I avoided heavy armor because of the dodge roll, I sincerely hope this wasn’t intentional. Hope to see a hot fix here soon.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. wear any type of armor, or even no armor
  2. dodge
  3. roll two feet in the slowest animation possible.

actually, allow me to correct myself, the heavy armor used to only have a jump, so I guess I can only refer to this roll as a slower medium armor roll. I’m not saying that the light armor roll wasn’t a little ridiculous in distance, but this version just looks incredibly strange especially if you run full speed and then roll.

Hey @blunadz6196, the dodge-roll is currently working as intended, however, we’ll be monitoring feedback as players get more accustomed to it.

As per the patch notes:

  • Dodge now has 2 components, a dodge move and dodge settle. Agility affects how fast dodge settle is played; as in the more agility, you have the faster the character can act after a dodge.
  • In addition to this, the dodges have been uniformed in length and the animation updated to a roll.

FireSpark81 also posted a very informative video regarding the intricacies of this new mechanic:


After watching the video, the point that sticks out to me the most, which is a point he makes as well, it feels like this was geared to make people use heavy armor more than to put points in agility. Mainly because there was no increase in the number of skill points allotted. Without an increase of max skill points, which would allow us to make more use of the different skills in place, making a need for agility without lessening a need for a different skill feels like a backward step.

The new difference in dodging and attacking between armor classes is so minimal now, there’s basically no reason to ever use anything but heavy armor. whereas with the old system, each armor had its own unique properties for dodging, instead of dodging being a skill tied to your player.

I can agree that the combat looks more fluid, which I like, but the uniformity of the roll makes armor classes almost pointless, which I find slightly disappointing because the difference in armors allowed for different playstyles, while this feels way more uniformed.


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