Did "dodge" just change radically?

Hi there!

Since yesterday (June 11th 2019) my character doesn’t do a roll anymore when I dodge.
Instead, he just makes a tiny little jump - like a little “skip”.

I can’t find anything about this on the forum.

Have they nerfed dodging, or do I just have a very persistent bug?
If so, I’ll make a proper bug report.

Its because you use heavy armor
only rolls on medium and light armor


Sounds like you have on a piece of heavy armor. Or you need to redistribute perks after patch good luck

Hi there, kanelkarsten!

I had no idea it worked like that - thank you very much for the information!
(Or should I say “mange tak”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I’ll remove this post shortly (if we are able to do that).

Det var så lidt :smiley:

Thank you for the info, sestus2009! Much appreciated!

I am a slow typer GLAD you helped him

U R very welcome.

I’m not sure if it still exists but I did experience a bug where dodging didn’t let me dodge. At first I thought maybe I got stuck on something very small with large “hitbox”, so I ran away and moved to flat/empty space, and same thing happened. I think that maybe my character somehow dipped a bit underground, causing the game to think that I’m hitting a wall I try to roll. Note that I only wear full set of light armors, which I made sure each time I got “stuck” while dodging. This happened maybe six times so far, but I haven’t been playing as much lately so haven’t encountered the same issue for few days. Never reported the issue either.

Sometimes it happened to me, but I always related it to lag with the server because it happened only when the lag was high.

Heavy armor makes you do a hop instead of a roll. Medium armor is a short roll, and light armor is a long roll.

There is a perk that lets you use one armor class lighter’s dodge (40 agility - Nimble Tumbler). Stat points were reset with the latest patch. If you were doing the medium armor roll when wearing heavy armor, but now you aren’t, its most likely because you had 40 or more agility and now you don’t.

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